10 Best Coconut Oil for Hair – Use & Buying Guide

Which hair oil you use? Do you ever check the ingredients they use? I am sure if you look at the ingredients you definitely shocked? Most of the hair oil used harmful chemicals that cause hair fall, scalp irritation, dandruff.

You can call toxic perfume to these types of hair oils. So, you will ask why people buy them? Answer is advertisement, people attract by their attractive advertisements.

So, which is the best coconut oil for hair that provides proper nourishment? I prefer 100% pure natural coconut oil and it keeps my hair nourished, strong and shiny. And I also refer you to use the best coconut oil for hair and skin.

In this article, I am going to help you to choose the best quality coconut oil for hair growth and give you a list of 10 best coconut hair oil. But before this, you need to know why you should use coconut oil for your hair? Do coconut oil benefit overall hair health? If yes, then what are the benefits?

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Here are the 5 benefits of using coconut oil in your hair

  • Prevent hair damage and make hair strong from the root- Coconut oil forms a thin layer on your hair and prevents hair from pollution. Coconut oil protects protein loss from hair. It is a rich source of lauric acid which is a medium-chain fatty acid that absorbs easily on our scalp and make hair strong from the root.
  • Help hair growth, grow hair long, Hair thickness- Study shows that coconut oil is more effective in hair growth than sunflower oil and mineral oil. Coconut oil prevents protein loss, remove excessive sebum from scalp and boost fast hair growth from the root.
  • Protect hair from Sun damage- Coconut oil is a natural UV filter. It forms a layer on every hair which blocks UV rays and protects hair damage from sunlight. Coconut oil has SPF 8 power to block UV rays.
  • Prevent lice and control Dandruff- As coconut oil is 100% natural and extract from coconut fruit, contains antioxidants and anti-bacterial property. Dandruff is caused by the overgrowth of fungi on scalp. The antibacterial property of coconut oil treats the fungi and yeast and controls lice, dandruff and give relief from scalp itching.
  • Make hair nourish, soft, shiny and conditions– Applying coconut oil on hair nourish hair from the root. It mak your hair soft and removes the roughness of hair. Applying a small amount of coconut oil shows shiny hair.

So, now it is clear that why we should use coconut oil instead of other hair oil available in the market.

Look at our top 3 picks of best coconut oil for hair

ImageProductDetails  Price
Screenshot_85 Disano Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil Bottle100% Natural
Cold Pressed
Check Price
Screenshot_86Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil 100% Natural
Safe for Eat
Check Price
Screenshot_87Indus Valley Bio Organic Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil100% extra virgin coconut oilCheck Price

Here is the list of 100% pure 10 best coconut oil for hair growth and hair treatment

Here in this list, we will discuss 100% pure, natural coconut oil. We only discuss the specific coconut oil bottle, not the whole brand. It may happen that one brand produces multiple coconut oil but all of them are not equally good.

So, if we suggest one oil bottle then try to use this specific oil bottle instead of any coconut oil of that brand. So, come to the list-

1. Disano Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil Bottle

Screenshot 88

Disano coconut oil is our top pick and I think it is the best coconut oil for hair and skin. Disano virgin coconut oil is 100% pure, natural unrefined coconut oil which is extracted from coconut milk by the cold press method. This method ensures that coconut oil retained all the vital nutrients and natural goodness of fresh coconuts. So, it is our first priority.

Disano pure coconut oil is free from mineral oil and contains 63% of medium chain fatty acid. Which absorb easily by scalp and skin and nourish hair and skin from the root. Present of high amount of lauric acid make this oil great for hair.

This coconut oil is so pure that you can use it in cooking, body massage and direct eating. Eating Disano coconut oil improves immunity, metabolism, weight control, HDL & LDL ratio.

Features & Benefits of Disano Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil

  • 100% natural, pure, unrefined extracted from pure coconut by cold-pressed method.
  • Contains all the natural essential nutrients.
  • No mineral oil
  • Contains 63% medium fatty acid chain.
  • Rich source of lauric acid.
  • Useable for cooking and direct eating.
  • Usable as body massage oil for baby.
  • Beneficial for Hair and Skin.

2. Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil

Screenshot 89

Max Care virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconut. So no doubt on its quality. This coconut oil is extracted by cold press method under 40-degree Celcius. You will know its quality when used it. It becomes solidify under 20 C.

This virgin coconut oil is so pure that you can directly consume it. Also, it is useable for cooking, body massage, hair and skin.

They have 35 years of experience in the coconut industry. Max care coconut oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides which help boost metabolism, lauric acid helps fight bacteria and fungi.

It also contains vitamin E which benefits skin and hair. It helps nourish and strengthen the hair. The anti-fungal properties of coconut oil help fight dandruff and boost scalp health.

Feature and Benefits

  • 100% natural, unrefined coconut oil.
  • Consumeable in raw form.
  • Useable for cooking and baby care.
  • Good for skin and hair

3. Indus Valley Bio Organic Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Screenshot 90

Indus valley bio organic coconut oil is an unrefined and 100% pure virgin coconut oil that retains its unique balance of nutrients. The oil is free from all types of adulterations, chemicals, parabens and other mineral oils.

Natural ingredients and unique nutrients make this oil one of the safest coconut hair oil. Indus Valley offers the highest quality grade coconut oil that is enriched with anti-oxidants, medium-chain fatty acid, lauric acids which makes this coconut oil a perfect oil for your skin and hair care and kitchen.

Applying this coconut oil on hair provides a shiny look. Nutrients present in the oil improve your overall hair and scalp health. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties reduce dandruff, scalp itching and help to repair dry and damaged hair.

It reduces the hair breakage problem, conditions hair, removes hair frizziness and makes hair smooth. These features make it the best coconut oil for hair treatment.

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Features and Benefits

  • 100% pure coconut oil with a unique balance of nutrients.
  • Work best as a hair growth mask.
  • Absorb fast on your skin and scalp.
  • Protect hair fall and hair breakage.
  • Raw consumable and usable for skin, hair treatment.
  • Contains Vitamin E that promotes hair growth.
  • It provides the essential proteins required for nourishing and healing damaged hair.
  • Strengthening the hair follicles.

4. Coco Soul Cold Pressed Natural Virgin Coconut Oil

Screenshot 91

Coco soul coconut oil is 100% pure, unfiltered virgin coconut oil free from vegan,gluten and preservative.

It is edible oil. So, no doubt it is the best quality coconut oil. Virgin Coconut Oil is a rich source of natural Lauric acid C12 and Vitamin E which helps to treat scalp and hair damage.

Coco soul coconut oil contains 60% MCT that helps in weight management and hair treatment.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% pure coconut oil that extrated by cold press method.
  • Chemical and preservative free oil and edible.
  • Improve overall hair and scalp health.
  • Useable for baby care
  • Help weight management and improve immunity.

5. Organic Harvest Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Screenshot 92

Organic harvest cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil is the best all-rounder coconut oil for hair and skin. Organic Harvest coconut oil brand is certified by global organizations like EcoCert, Nature, and OneCert. So, you can trust its quality.

This coconut oil is packed with natural anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory agent which removes lice and dandruff from the scalp. Its medium-chain fatty acid goes deep into the scalp and protects hair damage and booth hair growth from the root.

Its non-sticky and non-greasy formula keep skin hydrate without cathing pollution and its anti-oxidant agents keeps fine line away. Organic harvest coconut oil moisture your whole body from tow to head finely and by delaying aging keep you ever young.

Features and Benefits

  • Best quality natural coconut oil with brand global certified.
  • Work amazingly on damaged hair treatment.
  • Delay aging sigh and keep skin hydrated.
  • Adulteration free herbal coconut oil.

6. Onelife Virgin Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil

Screenshot 93

Onelife virgin cold-pressed organic coconut oil is raw and prepared from the best quality organic coconut by cold pressing method. This method does not involve any heat. So, this coconut oil does not compromise with nutrients and quality.

You will get the natural texture with natural aroma. This coconut oil is free from any chemicals and preservatives.

Onelife is an ISO certified coconut oil brand and this coconut oil maintain the proper balance of antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory ingredients. Which keeps your hair and skin healthy.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% pure coconut oil from the ISO standard brand with chemical-free.
  • Contains natural aroma, texture and flavor.
  • Processed by cold-press method which retains vital nutrients in the oil.
  • Useable for cooking, direct eating and skin care.
  • Take a major positive role in hair damage, hair growth treatment.

7. HATHMIC Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Screenshot 94

Hathmic raw coconut oil is 100% natural coconut oil made from the natural and organically grown coconut by cold press method. This method does not require heat. So, this coconut oil is full of micro and macro nutrients.

This natural coconut oil does not contain any chemical, preservative, transfat, cholesterol, lactose and gluten.

Hathmic coconut oil is the best coconut oil for hair, skin and body treatments. It contains more than 50% MCT’s and lauric acid which is best for hair treatment. Applying this coconut oil help to control sun damage.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% pure and free from any chemicals.
  • Useable for cooking, massageing even direct eating.
  • Contains more than 50% MCT and lauric acids that beneficial for hair growth.
  • Keep skin hydrated and smooth.

8. Vedaka Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil Bottle

Screenshot 96

Vadaka cold press coconut oil is 100% pure coconut oil with adulteration free. This coconut oil is specially made for cooking but it is useable for hair treatment as no nutrients are extracted from this oil.

This is the only coconut oil that amazon promotes on their site. This coconut oil is loaded with all the natural ingredients with natural texture and natural aroma.

Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties clean your scalp and prevent growing fungi and dandruff. Also, it works for skin.

Benefits and features

  • 100% pure and eadible oil, free from chemicals.
  • Contains all the natural neutrients with natural aroma.
  • Best for cooking and skin care.
  • Beneficial for heart health

9. WishCare Premium Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Screenshot 97

Wishcare cold press virgin coconut oil is a premium quality,100% pure extra virgin coconut oil free from vegan, and GMOs. This coconut oil is made by cold-pressing the fresh white coconut kernel meat. That’s why this the best coconut oil for hair on the list.

As this coconut oil is made from white coconut kernel meat it contains all the micronutrients which are needed for hair treatment. This coconut oil works as a hair mask and smoothens your frizzy hair.

This coconut oil moisturizes your skin thoroughly and makes skin soft and glow. also, it works as a body cleanser. As it is a premium quality coconut oil its price is something high than other pure coconut oil. My sister uses this coconut oil and according to her, it is chemical-free best coconut oil for hair care as well as skin care.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% natural and premium quality coconut oil.
  • Free from adulteration and chemicals, preservative.
  • Work best for scalp itching, hair damage, hair fall and lice.
  • edible and useable for skin and baby care.
  • Useable for all skin types.

10.Good Vibes 100% Pure Coconut Cold Pressed Carrier Oil 

Screenshot 98

Good vibe coconut oil is a perfect oil that works best for hair and skin. It is specifically made for the hair. Good vibe coconut oil is a power house of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

This coconut oil moisturizes skin, increase skin elasticity, makes skin soft and smooth and its anti-aging property keep skin young and glow.

Good vibe coconut oil promotes hair growth, prevents hair breakage, strengthening hair follicle and conditions hair.

Features and benefits

  • 100% pure coconut oil without preservatives.
  • Useable for hair and skin
  • Help hair growth and prevent hair damage
  • Protect hair and skin from UV rays.

Wait, this is not the end of this article. Now I share some harmful chemicals which are bad for our hair as well as skin. You should avoid these chemicals. Don’t worry the above mention coconut oils are free from these chemicals.

If you are buying coconut oil from a supermarket or any other market read the label on the bottle carefully.

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Here are the 7 chemicals you should avoid when buying Coconut oil for hair treatment

  1. Mineral oil or LLP or lite liquid paraffine– These are petroleum products that used in coconut oil to lower down the price of the oil. Mineral oil and petroleum products are cheaper than pure coconut oil.
  2. Artificial fragrance- Artificial fragrances are seriously damaged our hairs root. So, try to avoid this every time. Artificial fragrances are used to give a special fragrance of coconut oil.
  3. Phenoxyethanol- It is an alcohol. It is used as a stabilizer in cosmetics and used as an antibacterial or preservative agent in oils. It slowly affects our brain and nervous system also it can cause skin irritation.
  4. BHT(butylated hydroxytoluene)- BHT is a lab-made chemical that used as a preservative. It has almost no side effect on our skin but if you continuously eat this preservative with food it can cause liver damage, thyroid, kidney problem.
  5. TBHQ(tert-butyl hydroquinone) is used as an antioxidant in coconut oil. It can cause skin irritation.
  6. Isopropyl Myristate- It is used as a moisturizer in coconut oil. It enhances skin penetration. Used this chemical causes slight skin irritation.
  7. Piroctone Olamine- This chemical has an anti-fungal property. It is used in coconut oil to fight against dandruff. It can cause scalp irritation, wrinkling of skin, swelling, skin pain, bleeding, etc.

How to use coconut oil for hair growth & other benefits?

You can use coconut oil as a hair mask, hair conditioner, lice and dandruff treatment. But for each treatment, you have to follow different process.

a. Hair Mask

Coconut oils are best for hair. And study shows that coconut oil as a hair mask works effectively on damaged hair. Follow these 3 step to use coconut oil as a hair mask.

  • Heat coconut oil. If you want you can mix hot coconut oil with fenugreek powder and make a paste.
  • Apply it on your scalp and hair and leave it overnight. If you apply the past then keep it for 10-20 minutes.
  • Wash your hair in cold water with shampoo. Use it twice a week.
Screenshot 99

b. Hair Conditioner

Coconut oil also used as hair conditioner and it works equally well as conditioner does. Here are the 3 steps to use-

  • Wet your hair.
  • Apply coconut oil to your hair.
  • Wash your hair with cold water. You can apply it on daily basis.

c. Lice and Dandruff treatment

The antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil help to remove fungi that causes dandruff. Here are the 3 steps to use coconut oil for treating scalp-

  • Warm coconut oil slightly.
  • Apply this warm coconut oil on your scalp with the help of a comb and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Wash your scalp with shampoo. You can repeat this process twice a week.

Which Types of coconut oil You should use for your hair

Mainly 3 types of coconut oil is found in the market

1. Organic coconut oil

This coconut oil is made from pure coconut fruit by organic process and they are free from any chemicals and preservatives. These types of coconut oil are best for hair treatment.

2. Cold pressed coconut oil

This type of coconut oil is also 100% pure coconut oil and made from dry coconut by cold-press method. This process does not require heat and generally processes under 20 C. So, all the natural nutrients are present here.

This type of coconut oil also best for hair. But before buying a coconut oil bottle from the market read the label carefully that the coconut oil does not have any preservative. Sometimes brands mix some preservatives to extend the life span of coconut oil.

3. Refined coconut oil

This type of coconut oil is a mixture of coconut oil, mineral oil, and some petroleum products to maintain aroma and texture. They are heavily mixed with chemicals and not for hair and skin treatment.


Here in this article, I have tried to explain all you need to know about coconut oil for hair treatment and its use. Actually, you do not need other oil instead of coconut oil for hair treatment like hair growth, hair breakage problem, dandruff problems, etc.

Every coconut oil of our best coconut oil for hair list is actually good. And you can use them without any hesitation.

Apart from the list, you will get a few brands that provide 100% pure coconut oil. And they are also best coconut oil for hair treatment. You can buy them from the market. But keep it mind that they are chemical free and good quality.

If you have any doubt feel free to ask me. I will be more than happy to help you.

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