10 Best Rose Water for Face in India

Rose water called Gulab Jal is a multipurpose beauty product loved by most of the beautician.

After every wash of your face, what will be best than rose water that restores skin pH, hydrate skin, reduce skin irritation and minimize skin pores.

You know what is good for skin is also good for hair. Similarly rose water is also beneficial for hair when applied pure rose water on the scalp.

Experts and beauticians are well known about the power of the best rose water. That’s why they prefer rose water as a toner than others.

If you know the benefits of pure and best rose water for face then you will definitely try rose water on your face.

In this article, I have included 10 best rose water for face also covered a buyer guide that will help you to choose the best one according to your needs.

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Benefits of Rose water on face

As I say early, Rose water can be used for multi-purposes. Here you will know the benefits of rose water on the face.

  • Restore skin pH:- After every wash with soap or face wash skin become rough and togh. Applying rose water balance your skin pH and keep skin natural.
  • Reduce skin Irritation:- Guab Jol has anti inflamatory, anti bacterial and anti fungal property. Applying gulab jol on face reduce skin irritation, skin redness and fight against acne.
  • Tone your skin:- Rose water is a grest skin toner. It works like other skin toners available in market. Applying rose water on face squeeze skin pores and make skin smooth.
  • Hydrate skin:- Gulab Jol is easily penetrate on skin. Thus keep skin well hydrated. A well hydrated skin looks more lively and glowing.
  • Work as a cleanser:- Rose water is work as a good cleanser. It wipe out dirt, oils from skin and keep skin clean. Thus prevent acne and control skin oil.

List of top 10 best rose water for face in India

In the Indian market, you will find many rose water brands. In fact, each and every beauty brand are penetrating this market. Will you trust everyone!!!

Here we list out the best quality, pure and distilled rose water for you.

1. UrbanBotanics Pure & Natural Rose Water

Best rose water for face

This is my first choice when it comes to best rose water for skin. Not only mine, Urban botanic pure rose water is also the first choice of most people. That’s why it is the most selling and highest-rated rose water in Amazon.

This pure and organic rose water is free from chemicals and prepared by the steam distilled method.

It restores skin pH, suck out the excell oil, keeps the face hydrated and reduces fine lines.


  • Chemical Free.
  • Maintain pH balance.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

2. Vedaearth Rose Water for Face

Vedaearth rose water

Vedaearth Ayurvedic rose water is a healing toner for your face. This is one of the best rose water that is steam distilled and enriched by the natural science of Ayurveda.

This rose water is 100% vegan friendly and free from artificial fragrance, silicones and harsh chemicals.

It tightens pores, balances and restores pH levels, hydrates and revitalizes skin, reduces redness, irritation and protects skin damage.

3. Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water

Rose water as a face toner

According to some beauticians Kama Ayurveda pure rose water is best rose water in India.

Beauticians love its purity and simplicity. This rose water is EU certified, and available internationally.

Kama Ayurveda rose water is free from artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, or petrochemicals.

It does all the works that other rose waters do like reduce open pores, smoothen skin, provide a gradient glow on the face, reduce fine line.

4. TNW-the Natural Rose Water Spray for Face

Pure rose water for face

TnW natural rose water is a mixture of rose water, carrot extract and mulberry extract.

After a long makeup throughout the day, TnW rose water will help you to remove all the makeup from your skin naturally at night.

Also, you will get the benefits of vitamin C present in the mulberry extract. This rose water is chemical-free, steam distilled and certified by 5 third-party organizations.

TNW rose water can be used as a toner and makeup removal. This alcohol-free rose water hydrates skin and control excess oil, eliminates impurities, tones up the skin by stimulating skin cells while balancing pH levels.

5. Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner

Good vibes rose water toner for face

Who does not like some extra benefits from rose water? Yes, good vibe rose water provides some extra benefits with all the benefits of rose water.

Good vibe rose water is a good blend of honey and pomegranates then steam distilled. So, you will get the extra benefits of honey like anti-inflammatory, skin glowing, skin moisturizing, and pomegranate prevent the sign of aging.

If you have oily skin and do not want to apply moisturizer after skin toner then good vibe rose glow toner is the best rose water for your skin.

6. AromaMusk Organic & Natural Premium Rose Water

Aroma musk rose water facial toner

This 100% pure and natural rose water is perfect for toning the face, neck, eye area. It balances pH, fight against acne, hand spots, dark spots and provides your skin a radiant glow.

Aroma rose water is made from rose flowers, like the red roses you’re familiar with. Rose Water contains gentle and natural antioxidants that remove pollutants from the skin and balance excess oil.

Aroma pure rose water works as the best skin toner, helps in sunburn, soothes and prevents razor burn.

7. Juicy Chemistry Organic Rose water

chemical free best rose water from juicy chemistry

Everything we need for healthy and beautiful skin is available from Nature’s lap. They produce organic rose water from the natural rose by direct steam distillation immediately after harvesting the natural roses.

This rose water is pure, fresh and is one of the best rose water for face. It hydrates and revitalizes your skin, balance pH, control excess oil, tightens skin pores and control skin damage.

This chemical-free rose water comes with a mild amazing smell and gives you results within 15 days of use.

8. Forest Essentials Pure Rose Water Facial Toner

forest essential rose water for face

Forest Essentials is an authentic skincare brand. This brand provides quality skincare products. Gulab Jol is not an exception. Rose water of forest essential is always counted as the best rose water for face in India.

This made-in-India rose water guarantees the luxury of purity. It rehydrated the skin and minimized the skin pores.

9. WishCare Pure & Natural Rose Water

wish care rose water for face

Wish care rose water is again 100% natural, pure, steam distilled best rose water for skin in India. Rose used to make wich care rose water sourced from Kannauj, which is famous for cultivating the finest Roses in India.

Wise care rose water is free from added preservatives, chemicals and alcohols. It hydrates, revitalizes & moisturizes your skin naturally thus looking glowing skin.

Wish care pure rose water clean your skin, control oil production and maintain pH balance of your skin.

10. Organic Netra Rose Water Face Toner

Pure rose water

This is the last best rose water in our list. This time it is from the organic Netra brand. This pure rose water is pH balanced, alcohol-free toner enriched with vitamin C.

Organic Netra rose water face toner absorbs quickly without irritating the skin. This lightweight rose water face toner help balancing skin pH and provides instant hydration to your face and neck.

Enhance your original glow with the power of rosewater toner. Minimize open pores, make skin smooth, fade out dark spots and help collagen production which keeps skin tight.

How to choose the best rose water for face

Choosing the right and best rose water for your skin is simple. Just follow these points during buying any rose water for you.

The best thing is that rose water is compatible with all skin types. So, don’t worry about your skin type.

1. Choose the pure rose water

Not only rose water but for all the skin products this golden rule applies. Choose pure and natural rose water.

Pure Rose water is colorless, not pink. When you buy any rose water check the label written steam distilled rose water.

Steam-distilled rose water is the pure form of rose water that works best and has a long self-life.

2. Make sure all the ingredients are written in the lebel

Sometimes brands use chemicals. That’s why they do not disclose all the ingredients. Instead, show you the key ingredients.

Stay away from these types of rose water. They are loaded with harmful chemicals that may cause skin damage for long run.

3. Make sure rose water is not mixed with rose oil

Rose oil is an essential oil and good for skin. But do you know to make 1ml of rose water 200kg of rose is used?

So, what will be the price of rose oil? Whereas for 1 lit rose water 5 kg of rose is used. Though, how they will give you rose oil at the price of rose water?

Always there is a doubt of purity if the brand says they used rose oil. So, always try to avoid these types of rose water.

4. Price

Price may not be a factor for you. But actually, it is a big factor. Choose a value for money product. Don’t go for the premium rose water.


There are many rose water brands in the Indian market. Out of them, some are good some and bad. Apart from these rose water mentioned above, you will find few of the best rose water for face.

Before buying the best rose water make sure they meet the above requirements. If you follow these, I am sure you will definitely pick the best rose water for yourself.

Some FAQs

Is Dabur rose water 100% pure?

No, although most people use Dabur gulabari rose water but it is not 100% pure.
You will see the color of Dabur rose water is pink. Whereas pure rose water is colorless. Also, it contains chemicals and may not be steam distilled.

Which rose water is the best for face?

A pure and natural rose water which is prepared by the steam distilled method is good for face. If you ask the name of the brand then I will take the name of two brands that I used personally. One is UrbanBotanics rose water and the other is Kama Ayurveda rose water.
They are 100% pure, steam distilled and colorless. Also, useable for all skin types.

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