12 solid healthy habits that will change your life practically in an easy way

Every life on this earth wants to live a healthy and happy life including plants and animals. We, humans, are the most intelligent animal on this planet and we also want a happy and healthy life. By implementing these healthy habits in your daily life you can take your life at the next level.

Sounds good. But is it so easy to follow these rules that I will tell you in this article? No, it is not easy even it is hard for it’s initial days to follow these rules to change your life. Research shows that generally, a new something will take 21 days to become a habit. So, although it is hard to follow these rules in initial days but over time it will become your habits. And you know we can do any hard work easily once it becomes our habit.

here in this blog, I will tell you 20 solid healthy habits that will change your life permanently. But he question is, can habits change your life? I can say you, we have no control on our fate but some good habits surely can change our fate. Hope you are excited to know the habits. So, let’s begin-

12 healthy habits that will change your life and make your life healthy and happy

1. Get up early morning

This is the first solid and most powerful healthy habits that will change your life surely. You should start your day journey by leaving your bed in the early morning. You do not find any successful person who weak up late in the morning. So, become successful in life this is the primary habit you should start now.

In modern society, it is a trend to work till late night and get up late. But do you know wake up late is a bad habit and it leads your life in the wrong direction. Rising late has several bad effects on health like obesity, high blood pressure, mental health problems, heart disease, and more.

You can’t enjoy the joy of early rise and morning sleep together. So you have to decide what you want. Overall it is your life and you have to take the decision. Here are some benefits of wake up early-

Benefits of early rise

  • First, early rising gives you a fresh mood, energy, and a long day period to complete your all works.
  • Get up early give you sufficient time to eat a healthy breakfast. Missing a healthy breakfast is a bad health habit and in the long term, this bad habit can cause a serious health problem.
  • Enhance your productivity.
  • You will become more organized.

2. Drink Sufficient Water

Drinking water has an uncountable number of benefits. Our body has 60-80% of water & 97% 0f our blood is formed with water. Now you may understand how important water is in our body.

Normally an adult person with 60 kg bodyweight needs 3 liters of water daily to maintain body function properly. Do not drink a lot of water. Drinking excessive water is not also good. Drinking a lot of water can disbalance your sodium and potassium levels in your body. Drinking a lot of water it means you keep your kidney under pressure to produce more urine. So, drinking the right amount of water can be a life-changing habit.

Benefits of drinking water

  • Water keeps our body hydrated and makes our skin glow & emphatic.
  • Water keeps us safe from 90% of disease.
  • Drinking sufficient water produce red blood cell 10 times faster.
  • Water in empty stomach boosts our metabolism system and helps to reduce excessive body weight.
  • Water removes toxic from our cell and keeps cells fresh and clean safe from the disease created by toxic in our body like memory loss, joint pain, even cancer.
  • Drinking water before going to bed increase our immune system.

3. Eat healthy

This is a habit that keeps you healthy and gives you a long life. Do not miss your breakfast. Add protein to your breakfast. A healthy breakfast keeps you energetic for a long time. Add more vegetables and fruit to your diet. They are the good source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Cut down or stop taking sugar. sugar is bad for our skin. Sugar increases the risk of obesity, blood glucose level, heart disease. Sugar also slowly affects our immune function. so, away from sugar is a healthy habit.

Stop eating microwave food. microwave foods are not healthy. It radiates foods. microwaves destroy vitamins and enzymes in foods. Instead of using microwaves use a gas oven to prepare your food. Eat more plant-based protein like tofu, lentils, seeds, tempeh, nuts, and reduce animal protein like meat as a protein source.

Try new vegetables and fruit that are healthy. You can google to know about the new vegetable or fruit. Who knows, a new one will become your favorite vegetable. You can show videos on Youtube on how to cook this new vegetable.

You can take multivitamins if you needed. Multivitamins are the combo pack of most of the vitamins. If you do not get any vitamin from the food you will get it from a multivitamin. Expose your skin in sunlight. Sunlight helps in making vitamin D3 on skin. Most of the food does not contain vitamin D3 or contain a very small amount. By taking a multivitamin you can fill your D3 deficiency. Do not expose yourself after 11 am and 3 pm because this time sunlight burns your skin and instead of benefit it will become harm.

healthy habits that will change your life. eat healthy

Benefits of healthy diet

  • Healthy eating keeps you healthy, fit, and safe from many sicks.
  • Eating healthy increases your lifetime and keep your skin glow & tight.
  • It helps your body to work with full potential.
  • Eating healthy keep you physically and mentally strong.
  • Improve your immune system.

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4. Exercise regularly

It is a must doing habit among the list of healthy habits that will change your life. Without exercise, you can’t live a healthy life. Without exercise, you become fat and feel tired all day.

There is thousand of exercise you can choose some of them that are easy and comfortable for you. For exercise, you neither need to go gym nor to buy gym accessories. A simple cycling or bike riding, running, push up, climbing stairs, dancing, playing outdoor are good exercises also.

Benefits of exercise

  • Exercise boosts Endogenous digitalis production and makes us feel good.
  • Regular exercise keeps you fit and increase your confidence.
  • Exercise is the best treatment for coping tress.
  • Regular exercise is good for good sleep.
  • Exercise reduces the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin problem, heart disease, strokes, and many others.
  • It improves your BMR(basal metabolism rate).
  • Regular exercise help to quit smoking, alcohol, and tobacco addiction.
  • Daily physical activity increases your life longevity and quality of life span.
exercise regularly. habits that will surely change your life

5. Reading

Reading books actually is a life-changing habit. Every successful person says that they red books a lot till now after achieving success. It is said that a good book is the best friend of a human. Dig books and learn. Never stop learning. If you stop learning then you are finished.

Learning can grow your earning. You can learn from anywhere. A book can be a good source of knowledge, like Rich dad poor dad, Think and grow rich, The power of your subconscious mind and many other books always inspire you. Not only books you can access videos to gather knowledge.

If you have some extra time then do not vest your time in social media. Rather than vast time on social media talk with your friend, partner, colleague, or boss about your and their work experience in their field. It also helps you to gather huge knowledge.

Benefits of reading books

  • Reading books improves your communication skill.
  • Books reading improve our memory power.
  • Reading increases your confidence.
Kids reading book
Encourage kid to read

6. Saving money

Yes, saving money is also one of the best habit. It is a powerful healthy habits that will change your life completely. Man having sufficient income also fail to save money because they are unknown to this skill. Saving money is a skill.

In this world, if you have no money then you have nothing. I am not saying that money is everything but you have to agree that money has a big role in our life, You can invest your saving money and become rich. So, start now to save your money.

Benefits of saving money

  • Saving money Helps in emergencies.
  • It helps when you lose your job suddenly.
  • Saving money gives you financial freedom.
  • You can invest your saved money and earn a good return.
  • It will help you in your old age after retirement from your job.

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7. Analyse your whole days works

Always analyze your whole day’s work at night. Find out where you did the mistake and how you can stop these mistakes and improve. Analyze work helps you to do better for the next time. It is a must doing healthy habits that will change your life and improve yourself day by day. And over time you will become a perfect man of your work.

Benefits of analysing your past works

  • Analyze help to find out the mistake you have done.
  • It helps to improve your mistakes and become an expert in your field.
  • Analyze make you a better person.
  • Analyze help to find different ways of any work and make you unique from others.

8. Don’t forgot to say thanks

Don’t forget to greet anyone who helps you. It is an invaluable habits that will change your life. Saying thank you pleased the person who helps you. Greeting anyone for their good work makes a positive intention towards you in their mind. Also, they will always want to help you & become happy for helping you. Greeting in a proper way connect you socially well. So, start this habit from now.

Benefits of greeting

  • It makes the person pleased.
  • Greeting improves your personality.
  • It keeps you engage socially well.

9. Take sufficient rest

Taking sufficient rest is one of the most important habit in your life. Like, one engine can’t serve for a long time without proper maintenance and rest, our body also can’t serve us without proper rest.

An adult needs 5-8 hours of good quality sleep during night. Sleep keeps our mood good and gives energy in morning. In day time we also need some rest after some work. The rest time depends on how hard work you are doing.

Benefits of taking sufficient rest

  • Taking sufficient rest keep you healthy and energetic throughout your life.
  • Rest keep your mood well so that you can work or interact with others in a good way.
  • Without sufficient sleep your memory power slowly reduces
  • Taking proper rest help you to maintain healthy body weight.
  • .Sleep reduce stress.

10. Don’t watch TV

You thought is it right! We need to know the news of the whole world but I saying you to stop watching TV. Yes!! I say you to stop watching TV. Television shows us what they want to show they do not show what we want to show. It is a bad habit.

On TV they will show you some attractive serials, shows and divert your mind. It is better to watch anything on a computer that you want. If you show any TV serial the first day it will attract you the next day to show it and over time you will become addicted to this serial. So stay away from these attractive bad things. And trust me there is nothing good in the TV serial. If you want to show a movie or any other show that is really good then access your computer and after showing stop the notification of this show. Because notification divert your mind and you can’t concentrate fully in your work.

Bad effect of watching TV

  • First TV show you what they want not what you want.
  • TV shows attract you to come every day to show.
  • TV shows consume your time by showing advertisements.
  • Watching TV for a long time by sitting increases the risk of developing weight gain, cholesterol, heart problem, type-2 diabetes.
  • Watching TV without a workout can reduce your memory power.

11. Always think positively

always thik positive. it will change your life

It is again a powerful life-changer habit that few people have in this world. Surely this is the habits that will change your life and make you a successful person. If you can think positively, can believe that you can do it then you surely can. Only a hard amount of work is needed but if you thought negative and believe that you can’t do then you can’t no matter how much other help you.

Here I am not saying you to thought the bad result of failure of any work that you are going to do. It is better to thought a backup plan if you fail. But do not quit the work by thinking that what happens if you fail?

In ODI(one day international) tournament before Sachin made 200 runes no one believes that it is possible to make 200 runes in a 50 over match but Sachin makes it. And now everyone believes that it is possible. Don’t say impossible thought how can you make it possible.

Benefits of positive thinking

  • positive thought gives you energy from internal and always motivated you.
  • It will change your mindset.
  • Reduce your depression
  • Positive thinking increases your life span and quality of life span.

12. Try something new

Don’t fear to try something new. Who knows something good is waiting for you. Doing a new work always excited you and keep you motivated to work. If you are doing the same work that you are doing from a long time then the enthusiasm for this work is not alive for you and your feel bored while doing this.

It is always recommended to do something new on your holiday. Doing something new increases your creativity and give you a wide experience of different work. Do not fear about the result. The result may be good or bad but you can learn from this. This is the last but not least habits that will change your life.

Benefits of trying something new

  • It shows your creativity and the result tell how creative you are?
  • It always keeps you excited to learn new something.
  • Doing something new over time build your confidence.
  • It helps you to think positively.

The last-minute suggestion

Habits that I say in this article are the most powerful healthy habits that will change your life. These are not all habits to change your life, but there are sufficient to make change your life. If you really want to change your life and want to become a successful person you have to implement these habits in your life. Overall it is your life and you are responsible for any sadness as well as happiness. It is your responsibility to lead your life to happiness. And I can tell you that make something habits that will change your life in an easy way.

Mind it God send you on this earth to make something new and something different and you are committed to doing it. But you have to decide what you want to do. So, don’t vest your invaluable time and start what you want.

Stay healthy. Stay safe

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