10 Summer Health Tips To Stay Healthy In Summer

Summer, the well-known season famous for its harsh weather. Although it gives some pleasure from winter in the first days of coming and brings bright and long days. It is a dislikable season in countries like India, Pakistan, Iran, the West Indies, and most of the African countries due to high temperature and heat weave. Here the big question is how to deal with summer to stay healthy this summer. In this blog, I will tell you the best and easy summer health tips to stay healthy this summer.

summer starts from April and day by day it shows its original look. The shifting of weather brings some common diseases like fever, chickenpox, mumps, and many others. With the increase of temperature some health problems like sunburn, dehydration, diarrhea, sun stoke, weakness occurs. So, to stay healthy in summer you have to follow these summer health tips.

Essential summer health tips you should follow to stay healthy in summer

1. Stay Hydrated

Drink sufficient amount of water to stay hydrated in summer

The most important and challenging to keep hydrated yourself in summer. These are the first tips you have to follow as a rule. Dehydration is the highest problem people suffer in summer. In our busy lives, we are busy at work and forgot to drink water frequently. Especially those who have an excessive sweating problem, need water more to keep hydrated.

Due to excessive sweat, we lose electrolytes from our body and body become tired. Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily to keep hydrated yourself. Drink lemon water with a pinch of salt to maintain body electrolytes. You can also drink an oral rehydration solution(ORS) to keep you well hydrated. Mind it our body functions well if we stay hydrated. Carry water bottoms with you in the office or playground whatever you go.

2. Eat healthy & lite

eat fruit juice to stay healthy in summer

After the first rule, drinking water, your next rule is to eat healthy food. Healthy food helps you to protect from any disease. Add vegetable, seasonal fruit like broccoli, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, lemons, oranges, mangoes, cucumbers onions in your diet.

A healthy diet can reduce your stress level. Eat fruit that has a cooling effect. Eat watermelon. It is full of water and minerals. Watermelon fills your stomach with natural water and you do not feel hungry. Cucumber is full of fiber and water. It will keep you hydrated and fiber boosts your metabolism system to function well. Drink fruit juice.it is good for health. It is preferred to eat whole fruit instead of juice. In the whole fruit, you will get some fiber which is also good for our health.

Eat light. Do not load your stomach heavily. It irritates you. Due to irritation, you will fail to give attention to your work. There is a chance of vomiting if you eat heavily. Vomiting makes you weak and dehydrated.

3. Avoid junk & spicy food

This is the third summer health tip to stay healthy in summer. This is the most common mistake people do in every evening. You should keep away from junk and spicy food in summer. Spicy and junk food are full of oil and spice. It makes your body temperature high. Also, these food are bad for our liver. This food increases your metabolism rate and irritates you and you know irritation in summer how fell?

Eating poor quality spicy food leads you many health problems like diarrhea, obesity, heart disease, stroke, blood pressure increase, type-2 diabetes even cancer. So avoid junk food to stay healthy in summer.

4. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, soft drinks & smoking

Alcohol consumes water. If you take alcohol in summer it soaks a maximum amount of water from your body and makes you dehydrate. Due to dehydration, your body does not work properly. Another big risk is heatstroke. Alcohol consumption increases your internal heal release. Normally this heat is removed by preparation, but due to dehydration, your body fails to release internal heat and cause heatstroke.

Caffeine is one drug placed in coffee. Caffeine also dehydrates and increases your body temperature. It also causes of disrupts sleeping. There is also some long-term side effect of caffeine like anxiety, restlessness, irregular heartbeat, and many more. So, stay away from caffeine to stay healthy in the summer.

Soft drinks bottles are fully loaded with carbon dioxide. When you drink soft drinks your carbon dioxide level in the blood increase and create asphyxia. Soft drinks are rich in sugar, which leads to diabetes in the long term. Soft drinks are alkaline, so it can damage your liver. Some other bad effects are the risk of heart disease, premature aging. Drinking soft drinks for pregnant women is dangerous, it can cause premature birth.

You know very well Smoking is dangerous for health, Smoking increases body temperature, Specially in summer when the temperature is high and you smoke, it increases the body temperature that is irritating you. Smoking kills you silently. It also makes you dehydrate. Smoking in summer cause headache. So to stay healthy in summer avoid smoking.

5. Stay indoors

These are the middle summer health tips on this blog. And in this tip I say you to stay indoors at a maximum time as you can. If you have some work outdoor try to do it in the morning or late evening. Show a weather forecast and fix your outdoor work accordingly. You can go for walking or playing before 10 am and 4 pm. Stay in sunlight in summer can cause sunburn and heatstroke.

6. Care eye, skin and hair

apply sun screen to protect your skin from UV rays.

You are now healthy enough from inner side of your body. Now it”s time to look at your outer body parts to stay healthy in summer.

Wear good sunglasses to protect your eye from harmful rays of the bright sun. A sunglass also keeps your eye cool and please your eye. Harmful rays of the sun damage your eye cell that enhances your eye problem. also, sunglasses keep your eye safe from dust.

Now it is time to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Wear full sleeves shirt and pants so that most of your body parts are covered by them. Apply sun sunscreen on your uncovered areas like face, head, neck, and hand with at least 30 SPF which prevents UV rays and protects your skin from burning by creating a layer. You can buy SPF 40 or above. Mind it that when you buy a UV protective lotion check its PA. Having PA+++ is the most strong UV protection and keeps you protected from UV rays for a long time.

In summer you also have to protect your hair. Otherwise, sunlight damages your hair and can cause hair fall. Wear a hat when you are going outdoor. Hat not only protect your hair from damage also it keep away your hair from dust.

7. Take sufficient rest & sleep

After eating healthy food it is the most important part to take some rest or sleep to stay healthy in summer. Generally, it is hard to sleep in the summer when the temperature is high if you do not have an air conditioner. During sleep, our body releases temperature and wants to become cool but the body can’t due to the high temperature outside.

Lack of sleep can badly affect your mood, health, attention, and learning ability. you will become weak due to restlessness.

8. Wear well fitted cloth

Wear cloth that fits you well. do not wear very tight cloth in summer. Tight cloth restricts air to pass from your body and it causes sweating. It also fell you uncomfortable. Tight cloth restricts your mussel growth. Wearing a tight cloth puts pressure on your joint and end of the day joint starts to pain.

9. Take cold bath

take shower to stay healthy in summer

It is also a summer health tip to stay healthy in summer. Generally, Shower makes you fresh and cool your body. It has many other good effects on your body. You can take shower twice in summer. Once in the morning and one in the evening or night.

  • Waling you up
  • Boost metabolism & weight loss
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Give you a clean outlook
  • Fight against normal illness

10. Workout everyday

workout regularly to stay healthy

It is the last but not least summer health tips to stay healthy in summer. You can ask should I work out in summer? Yes! you should work out every season even in summer. Workout in the coolest part of the day like morning and evening.

Workout reduces your stress level. It increases your blood circulation and makes your mood fresh. You can walk, play badminton, skip, or any other light game. but do not play a heavy games like football. Daily workout strength your heart. It increases your oxygen level in blood and reduces cholesterol saving you from the risk of any heart disease. Workouts also lower your blood pressure. some other benefits of regular exercise are-

  • Workout helps to reduce excessive weight.
  • It is good for your bones and muscle growth.
  • Increase your energy level.
  • Boost your memory power and brain health.
  • Increase your sleeping time and sleeping quality.
  • It slows down your aging problem.
  • Boost your immune system.


Here I say you ten essential summer health tips to stay healthy in the summer season. But these are not all for better health in summer. You have to follow some basic rules to maintain your body healthy in summer. In summer you will face some common problems like irritation, headaches, colds, sore throat, diarrhea, and many others. The common cause of these problems is eating unhealthy junk and spicy food, lack of sufficient water intake, and drinking frozen water.

Do not panic if you suffer any of these problems, These problems are treatable. Contact your doctor and ask for some treatment. IF treatment is needed your doctor will prescribe you. Do not take medicine without doctors’ permission. You can drink an oral rehydration solution for any problem in summer to keep you hydrated.

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Some question people ask for summer health

1. Summer health tips for skin

please read the article carefully. Number 6 point is for skincare in summer.

2. What should I eat to stay healthy in summer

Eat healthy food to stay healthy. In summer you can add some fruit that has a cooling effect like watermelon, cucumber, coconut water, and some seasonal fruit like mangoes, banana, orange, litchi, etc. Add vegetables to your diet. cut down or avoid fatty fish, red meat in summer. For protein, you can eat egg and ghee, nuts.

Do not eat street food and spicy food which has several bad effects. Stay away from soft drinks, alcohol, caffeine, and smoking. These are very bad for your health.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

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