10Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera has a good impact on health history from a long long years ago. Research proved that benefits of eating aloe vera in the human body are huge and amazing. We can get many health benefits by eating aloe vera juice. It is called a wound-healing plant as it is used to treat wounds.

Long long years ago when there is no cosmetics in the world Princes used aloe vera for glowing and healthy skin. It is a well-known plant used for medical purposes. Aloe vera is known as ghritkumari in Hindi and Bengali languages.

Aloe vera is widely used in food, cosmetics, herbal product, and pharmaceutical industries. Nowadays we have many cosmetics and medicines which solve our problems. But there also found aloe vera as an ingredient.

In this lesson, I will be going to discuss the major benefit of eating aloe vera. So, come to the point.

What is aloe vera & aloe vera juice

Aloe vera is a small plant. It is a nearly 100 cm tall plant. Leaves of this plant are thick and wide and gradually it becomes narrow on the tip. They have spikes along the edge of the leaves. Leaves of this plant are fully loaded with aloe gel.

The color of the leaves is green and sometimes it’s gray. They produce flowers in summer. Only gels are used as a drink, not the whole leaves. The leaves of this plant are bitter. First, it was found in Africa but now it is available all over the world.

Aloe vera is the scientific name of this plant. The plant is known as ghritkumari in India. Here is the photo of aloe vera plant.

Aloe Vera juice is made from aloe gel. Aloe gel mixed with pure water and blend to make aloe vera juice. It is slightly bitter. You can add some honey or sugar to sweeten the juice.

aloe vera plant

Benefits of eating Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera has various health benefits. But in this article, I will discuss ten major health benefits of eating aloe Vera as a drink.

1. Healthy & clean skin

healthy skin

This is the first benefit among the many benefits of eating aloe vera. Aloe vera juice makes our skin healthy and clean. Aloe vera contain vitamin-a,vitamin-b12,vitamin-c and vitamin-e. It also contains minerals and most amino acid.

Vitamin-a helps to improve our vision power in low light as well as daylight conditions. Lace of vitamin-a develops night blindness. It boosts collagen production and removes wrinkles from under the eye.

vitamin-b12 helps to produce red blood corpasols and prevent anemia. this vitamin also heals our nervous system and helps to produce DNA.

Vitamin-c is an antioxidant. It removes all the toxic from our bodies. Vitamin-c helps our kidney and liver’s health. It removes all the free radicals from our body which can cause cancer. Vitamin-c boosts our immune system. It also helps to produce collagen and helps to absorb iron.

Vitamin E is again an antioxidant found in aloe vera. It helps to produce cells. Vitamin E smoothes and moisturizes our skin and improves the glow of our skin. It removes wrinkles & prevents aging marks on the skin.

2. Improve blood sugar level

Yes!! Do you know it is one of the benefits of eating aloe vera? Truly aloe vera help to control your blood glucose. It also reduces blood lipid level and reduces the chance of developing heart disease. It is still unknown how aloe vera reduce blood glucose level.

3. Accelerate wound healing

Aloe Vera is known as a wound-healing plant. It is used to heal minor injuries and burns. Aloe Vera gel increases our collagen production and promotes wound healing. It also increases collagens cross binding so that our wound mark remove quickly. Aloe vera has an anti-bacterial property. So it protects our wound from any inflammation.

4. Help to reduce dental problem

Aloe Vera can act as a toothpaste. It fights against the cavity. It has an antibacterial property that prevents tooth decay which is caused by a bacterial infection. aloe vera reduces gum pain. simply apply the area and massage gently and leave. Aloe vera can sort out your mouth ordure. Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it stops the growth of fungus, bacteria, and viruses.

5. Treating Sunburn

Aloe Vera is also called “burn plant” as it is used to treat sunburn. It can heal your skin from mild sunburn. It is not effective for deep sunburn or other burns alone. you have to treat your deep burn with medicine.

Many people use pure aloe gel in burning spot other use aloe vera oil in the spot directly. It has vitamin-e which also help to produce new call and fresh your skin. for a good result, use fresh 100% pure aloe gel in Burn spot and leave it. continue this process at least one week for a significant result.

6. Weight loss

Aloe Vera boosts your metabolism. It has vitamin-b which helps to release energy and helps to reduce body fat. Aloe Vera contains vitamin-c and vitamin-e. These are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants help to remove free radicals from our bodies. Aloe Vera has acemannan which is a complex carbohydrate. Acemannan enhances the absorption of nutrients by the cells.

Research shows that aloe vera enhances weight loss better in the animal. It also works in the human body. still, more study needs to know how aloe vera work in losing bodyweight for humans.

how to use aloe vera for weight loss

Take some aloe gel and mix it with water and blend it. now your aloe juice is ready for a drink. Drink it in the morning to get better results. You can add some lemon juice and warm it. Take a small amount of aloe gel to prepare your drink to prevent any side effects.

7. Boost digestive system

aloe vera boosts your liver function. A healthy liver can absorb the maximum amount of nutrition from food. aloe vera contains some enzyme and most of the amino acid which helps to digest the food that you have eat. A healthy liver also helps to reduce your body fat so that you can easily lose weight.

8. Reduce constipation problem

constipation problem

Constipation problem develops when you do not drink a sufficient amount of water. When you do not drink a sufficient amount of water your liver does not work properly. Aloe vera hydrates your body and improve your water intake so that your liver can function well.

9. Benefits of eating aloe vera for hair

Benefits of eating aloe vera. aloe vera reduce hair fall & make hair strong and long.

Aloe vera has multiple benefits for hair

  1. Reduce itchy & dandruff- aloe vera help to reduce itchy by its mustering affect and reduce dandruff by its cleanser property
  2. Increase hair growth- alow vera contain vitamin-a, vitamin-b, and folic acid, vitamin-e, vitamin-c these promote your scalp to grow new follicle cell and grow healthy and natural hair.
  3. Reduce hair fall- aloe vera has vitamin, amino acid which strengthens your hair from the root of the hair follicle. So that your hair fall reduces.

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10. Keep you hydrated

This is the last but not least benefit of eating aloe vera. it is necessary to keep you hydrated to work properly on your all body parts. Especially in summer when your body releases water in the form of sweat. You will have to face some problems like tiredness, headaches for dehydration. It can hold water in your body. Aloe vera is fully loaded with water. It helps to increase your water intake. You can add some glucose with aloe vera juice for a better result in summer.

Side effect of eating aloe vera

Generally, aloe vera has no dangerous side effects. but if you take it in high amount it can cause problems like-

  • .Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss (long time effect)
  • Kidney damage (taking for a long time)
  • Weakness
  • skin irritation and burning
  • birth complication(for pregnant women)

In the case of diarrhea & vomiting, you have to drink more water and electrolyte to keep you hydrated.

Don’t eat whole aloe vera leaves. Leaves contain latex in their skin. Latex cause pain in your stomach. It also lowers the potassium level in your body which may risk your heart health.

Aloe vera interacts with some medicine. So please consult to take aloe vera juice if you are in some treatment. It is safer to ask your doctor before taking it.

Guide to buy aloe vera

It is always prefer to take 100% natural aloe gel from the aloe vera plant. For this you can grow aloe vera in your house.

If you buy aloe vera gel from market carefully check the following statement in the label

  • Organic
  • Purified
  • Safe to eat
  • Expiry date
  • Decolouarized

Here is some question people ask about health benefit of eating aloe vera

1. Benefits of eating aloe vera in empty stomachs OR can I eat aloe vera every day ?

The answer is yes. you can take aloe vera every day. Taking aloe vera juice in an empty stomach is a healthy habit. In the morning our stomach is empty and when we drink aloe vera juice maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids absorb in our gut. It also helps to release energy and boost our digestive system. Keep in mind that for maximum benefit take breakfast after 30 minutes later of drinking aloe vera juice

2. How much aloe vera juice can eat daily

It is safe to take 3-4 ounces of aloe vera gel in one glass of water. Blend it thoroughly and drink it in the morning. It is the standard amount. you can add or cut aloe gel as you require. Eat aloe vera juice once a day. Otherwise, you have to face some problems.

3. Benefits of aloe vera on face overnight

Aloe vera has vitamin-a,vitamin-c,vitamin-e these are very helpful for our skin.

Vitamin-c helps to produce collagen. Our skin absorbs vitamin-c directly when we apply it to the skin. It glows our skin.

Vitamin E is again an antioxidant. It moisturizes our skin and reduces marks from skin. vitamin E prevents aging marks on our skin.


When it comes to the health benefits of eating aloe vera mind strike is it natural? Yes, aloe vera is a natural plant. Anyone can grow it home. Eating aloe vera is good for health. But every good thing has a bad effect if used badly.

Do not keep aloe gel open for a long time after extracting from leaves. keep your aloe gel out of children’s reach. It is safer to take orally than others. But do not drink it excessively.

When you buy aloe vera from the market check it is decolorized and safe to eat. Aloe vera is found in many forms some popular forms are-

  • Aloe vera gel
  • Aloe vera juice
  • Aloe vera powder
  • Aloe vera oil
  • Aloe vera capsule(supplement)

Hope this session sort out all the question in your mind. Thanks for spending time with us. If you like the article share it with your loved one. Stay Healthy.

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