11 Effective Home Remedies for Cold and cough that works amazingly

In modern days we go to the clinic and take medicine for cold and cough. But do you know you can get rid of cold and cough at your home without medicine by taking simple home remedies,

Do you know, Still now some Indian families believe that these home remedies help to get rid of cold and cough. And they try these home remedies before going to a clinic. And most of the cases they do not need to go to a doctor after using these home remedies for cold and cough.

Not only home remedies help to treat cold and cough but they also prevent you from cold and cough. Taking some home remedies for cold and cough from this list will reduce the chance of further cold and cough by90%.

In this article, I will tell you about some home remedies for cold and cough and how to use them for maximum results. These remedies are simple to make and easily available in your home.

11 home remedies for cold and cough and how to prepare and use them at home. (step by step guide)

1. Ginger

ginger a home remedies for cold and cough

Ginger is a type of herb that used as a spice in Asia. It is an effective home remedies for cold and cough that works quickly.

Ginger is very beneficial for our body. It contains anti-bacterial agents which destroy germs in our body. Ginger helps to relieve fever, store throat, headache, common cold and coughing.

The anti-inflammatory agent present in ginger kills the ‘Rhinovirus‘ which is the cause of the common cold. Also, it helps to reduce migraine pain and diabetic-related kidney complications.

Ginger contains some ingredients that help to maintain the balance of body temperature.

How to take ginger for maximum benefits

You can eat ginger in three different way. Eat ginger in one way you love otherwise you can try it every way.

  1. Raw ginger has more nutritional value than cooked. So, you can cut the ginger into slice and put it in your mouth and you will get relief from store throat and cough.
  2. Cut the ginger into small pieces and boil them with one cup of water. Filter the water and drink frequently. It reduces the store’s throat problem.
  3. You can also make ginger tea and drink it. For making ginger tea cut ginger into pieces. take a few pieces on a pot add one cup of water and boil the mixture. Now add one teaspoon of tea on it and wait for a few seconds. Filter your tea. You can also add few drops of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey for a better test.

Warning- Over eating of ginger can causes stomach upset and discomfort.

2. Honey

honey makes home remedies for cold and cough testy

There is no match of honey to treat cold and cough. For Children who cough at night, honey is beneficial for them. In this case honey almost reduces the night cough. But, in many cases, it may not appropriate for children below age 14 to eat honey.

Honey soothe your sore throats and give you relief from cough. Honey help to increase your body temperature in cold. Also,honey reduce your dehydration problem and boost your immunity power.

How to eat honey to get maximum result

  • You can eat one or two teaspoons of honey each time in the morning with your breakfast and afternoon.
  • You can mix two teaspoons of honey with warm water and add a few drops of lemon water. Drink the mixture at an empty stomach. It boosts your metabolism system and keeps you hydrated.

Warning– Do not eat more than 5 teaspoon of honey. It will make you unstable.

3. Gargle with slightly warm salt-water

warm salt-water gargle is best for common cold

It is one of the easy home remedies for cold and cough that give you instant relief from sore throat and wet cough. Salt-water reduces phlegm and mucus in the back of the throat which can lessen the need to cough.

A lot of times in winter we feel throat pain and difficulty to talk, it is happening due to swelling of the throat. Gargle with slightly warm water pull out the stored water from the throat by osmosis method. And give you relief from throat pain.

How to make slightly warm salt water

  • Step-1 – Take a pot and pour some filtered water.
  • Step-2 – Place the pot on the oven.
  • Step-3 – Warm the water and add salt.
  • Step-4 – Stirred the solution until salt is melt.
  • Step-5 – Filter the warm water and now it is ready for gargle.

How to gargle

pour a certain amount of worm salt-water into your mouth and start gargle until the water become cool. After water becomes cool throw-out the salt-water from your mouth and pours the same amount of warm salt-water into your mouth and gargle. Continue this process until you feel relief from pain.

4. Spicy Tea

Spicy tea

Spice tea is also a good home remedies for cold and cough. Spice tea is made with tea,tulsi,ginger and black pepper. All the ingredients have its own power to reduce cold and cough symptom.

Tulsi can fight against many infections including cold and cough. Eating 4-6 leaves of tulsi reduces the chance of cold and cough. It also boosts your immunity.

Black pepper also helps to combat cold and cough. Black pepper is enriched with vitamin C, which naturally boosts immunity and works as an excellent antibiotic. Black pepper is also known to alleviate chest congestion. For maximum benefits crush the black pepper and add with tea.

How to prepare spice tea

  • Step-1 – Take one cup of water in a pot.
  • Step-2 – Put the pot on a stove and boil the water
  • Step-3 – Add tea, 4-6 tulsi leaves and some black pepper dust.
  • Step-4 – Boil the mixture for a few minutes.
  • Step-5 – filter the tea and drink.

5. Garlic


Garlic, a spice found in west Asia is also used as a home remedies for cold and cough. Garlic contains a sulfur-rich compound called alliin which transforms into allicin. This active ingredient increases our disease-fighting response of white blood cortisol.

garlic contains an anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial agent that destroys the virus that causes common cold, flue and wet cough.

Garlic also helps to maintain our body temperature in cold weather. Additionally, it reduced heart disease risk and risk of mental health problems.

How to eat garlic to get maximum benefits

  • You can eat garlic as a spice with green stuff.
  • I will suggest you eat raw garlic with your meal. (2-3 piece)

6. Onion

onion is a home remedy for cold and cough

Yes, onion can help you to fight against cold and cough. onions contain sulfur compounds that help fight mucus and promote the expulsion of mucus from your airways.

 Onion is considered to be the most powerful natural antibiotics, It contains sulfur, zinc, selenium and many other nutrients. The antibiotic character fights off both viral and bacterial infections and ease the symptoms of sore throat.

Onion juice also works for cough. It liquified the cough and clean your airway. daily eating a raw onion reduces the risk of flu, cold and many other diseases.

How to use onion for maximum benefits

  • You can add onion with your salad or green stuff.
  • You can eat raw onion with your meal.
  • You can drink onion juice with your favorite food.

7. Take a warm bath

take a warm bath for cold and cough

Yes, It is not a home remedies for cold and cough that you have to eat. You can take it as a tips that you have to follow.

Taking a warm bath boost your disease-fighting ability. Warm bath liquified your store cough and help to pull out your cough. It also liquified snivel and clear air-way to pass breath.

How to make warm water for bath

  • Take some water in a big open pot and place it on sunlight, Add a few tulsi leaves on it. Sunlight will do the rest work.
  • You can warm your water on a heater manually and bath on it.
  • If you have a geyser in your bathroom then you have no problem. On your geyser and stand under the shower.

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9. Lemon and Honey mixture

lemon and honey for cold and cough

A mixture of lemon and honey is an effective home remedies for cold and cough. Honey own is a good treatment for the common cold and adding a few drops of lemon juice on it multiply its effectiveness. This one is my favorite drink on every morning.

I will tell you before how honey work against cold and cough. Lemon contains vitamin-c, an anti-oxidant which removes all toxic from our body. Vitamin-c boosts our immune system and helps WBC to fight against the virus. Vitamin-c also increases the absorption of iron, zinc and many other nutrients and boost metabolic system.

How to make the mixture and when to drink

  • Step-1 – Take one-two teaspoons of honey on a cup.
  • Step-2 – Add two teaspoons of lemon juice on it.
  • Step-3 – Warm the mixture if you can and drink it.

Drink the mixture in the morning with an empty stomach for better result.

10. Eat probiotic food


We thought that bacteria and viruses are harmful to us. But it is not true all the time. There are few bacteria and viruses that work for us and help us build our immune power.

Research shows that Lactobacillus may help prevent colds and flu, and possibly reduce allergy to pollen and Bacteriophage prevent influenza virus.

Probiotics improve the body’s immune response. In a word, probiotics help the body be better prepared to fight off certain infections, including the common cold.

Some Probiotic foods

Here is a list of some probiotic food that may help to treat common cold.

  • Yogurt ( known as curd)
  • Kefir
  • Cheese
  • Buttermilk
  • Pickles

Among the above food most of them are made from milk.

11. Drink milk & turmeric mixture

milk and turmeric

This is the last home remedies for cold and cough in my list. Milk is a super drink and mixing turmeric with it boost its power. Milk contains almost all necessary nutrients and turmeric is loaded with anti-oxidant.

Turmeric mixed warm milk is very popular among all Indians and it is a good way to fight against cold and cough. The anti-oxidant removes all the toxic from our body and make our body clean. Also, turmeric boosts our immune system and prevent cold.

How to make the mixture and when to drink

  • Step-1 – First smashed a small piece of turmeric and filter the juice.
  • Step-2 – Take one glass of warm milk
  • Step-3 – Mix the turmeric juice into warm milk and stir gently.
  • Step-4 – Your mixture is ready for drink. Drink it.

Drink the warm mixture of Milk & Turmeric before going to bed for a better result.


All the home remedies say above works effectively. But they do not work as faster as medicine can. So, be patients. If you thought you do not get any result after using these remedies then go to a clinic and say your doctor what you try and your doctor said your further process.

Do not eat/drink so much home remedies for cold and cough to get an instant result. It will harm you instead of recovery. If you have a high fever, cold and cough then do not try the home remedies, immediately go to a doctor.

Tips to prevent cold and cough

Generally cold and cough are cause by virus. So,maintain proper hygiene and start some healthy habits.

  1. Wash your hand frequently with soap or a hand wash.
  2. Maintain a certain amount of distance from sick people.
  3. Stay hydrated.
  4. Take proper rest.
  5. Eat healthy and probiotic food.
  6. Boost your immunity by some immune busting supplies.

When you should go to a clinic

If you have these symptoms together said below or one of them then don’t vest your time, contact your doctor immediately.

  1. High fever ( more than100°F )
  2. Weakness
  3. Brings up blood with cough
  4. Serious breathing difficulties
  5. chills

Stay healthy, Stay happy


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