13 Top & Most loving Ice Cream Brand In India

Ice cream a cream-based sweet food grabs its position behind some sweet like Gulab Jamun, Rasgolla, Jalebi by its taste and popularity. Every child in India loves ice cream. And now ice cream not only children but also popular among young and old age people.

Study shows that girls like ice cream more than boys. Ice cream is not only a child loved food, it is a feeling. Eating ice cream with your girlfriend or sister or friends not only makes her feel better also, makes a strong bond between yours by releasing happy hormones.

Ice cream comes in dozens of flavors with different tastes. So that you never bored with one type of taste. Eating ice cream also good for health. Ice cream gives you instant energy. It is a mild source of vitamin-A, B-complex, C, D and E.Eating ice cream provides you some minerals and stimulates your brain to release happy hormones.

There are more than 20 ice cream brands in India and among them, more than 13 brands are Indian origin ice cream brands. In this article, I will tell you the 13 most popular and top ice cream brand in India.

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Here is the name of 13 top ice cream brand in India with the highest selling

1. Amul

Amul ice cream the top ice cream brand in india

When we talk about dairy products Amul is the leader of the Indian market. It is the largest producer of dairy products in the world and in India, it grabs the top position by its fresh, tasty, and affordable products. Amul is one of the top ice cream brand in India. Also, it is the best ice cream franchise in India with the highest market share.

This company is founded by Tribhuvandas Patel at Anand, Gujrat in 1946 when British ruled our nation. First, its name was Kaira District Milk Union Limited and later it was named Amul.

This brand provides us 14 different flavors of tasty ice cream. You can find bricks, cups even cones of Amul’s tasty ice cream at any outlet or store near you. According to 2012 data Amul has 10,000 outlets in India. You can easily find one Amul store in your town. So go and buy any flavor of ice cream you love and enjoy.

You all well known by the advertising theme – “Amul The Taste Of India

2. Mother Dairy

mother dairy ice cream is very tasty

Mother dairy is the 2-nd largest dairy product brand in India after Amul. The original name of this company is Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd. It is established by Indian National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) in 1974 to supply the dairy product in India.

And now this company become a trusted top ice cream brand in India as well as out site Of India. This brand has 3 sub-brand Safal, Dhara and Dailycious. Under the mother brand, Mother dairy sells all milk products like ice cream, milk, dahi, cheese, etc.

Under Safal brand it sells fruit and fruit juice and under Dhara it sells oil and under Dailycious it opens its outlet restaurant. ‘Café Delights’ in Noida is the first restaurant of Mother Dairy brand. Under Safal mother dairy has a plant in Bengaluru which produces around 23,000 MT of fruit annually.

Mother Dairy Sells more than 30 milk products under Mother dairy brand and it serves the whole country with its 35+different tasty ice cream. You can easily get bar and cup ice cream at any outlet. Mother Dairy ice cream is famous for its Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavor.

Their theme is Delighting India.

3. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins the best ice cream brand in the world

Baskin Robbins is an American brand of ice cream. This brand sells its ice cream world wide. It has 8000 outlets all over the world. Among then 3000 in U.S and 5000 in the other 50 countries.

Baskin-Robbins was founded in 1945 by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in California USA. The Parent brand of this ice cream company is Dunkins Brand. The brand name is formed from two founders name Baskin and Robins.

The company first come to India in 1993 through a joint venture with the Graviss Group and the 1-st manufacturing plant was opened in Pune. It was the 1st manufacturing plant of Baskin Robbins after America.

Baskin Robbins is the top ice cream brand in the world. This brand has 31 flavors of ice cream. The company says people can try their different flavors of ice cream every day.

Now this company sells 4 types of product ice cream, frozen beverages., ice cream cakes and frozen treats with 1300 different flavors.

The company is known by its slogan “31 flavors”.

4. Cream Bell

Cream Bell the indigenous ice cream brand of India

This is an Indian ice cream brand launched in 2003 with the collaboration of French dairy company. The parent brand is Devyani Food Industrie Ltd. which leads the Cream Bell brand for selling ice cream in India.

Cream Bell has an approximately15% market share in the Indian ice cream industry. Cream Bell has four manufacturing plants across India and 35,000 retail outlets across the 19 states and 40 major cities in India.

Cream Bell launched the Maxxum Mini range of ice cream with different flavor variants. Among them, Pina-Orange and Chocolate Cookie are the most popular flavor.

Cream Bell offers multiple flavors of ice cream at a very affordable price range. You can easily find Cream Bell ice cream at any ice cream shop even an ordinary market to any fair.

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5. Vadilal

Vadilal the oldest ice cream brand of India

Vadilal is one of the top ice cream brand in Indian. The company is started in 1926 as a soda fountain by Vadilal Gandhi. After he passed away his son turn the brand Vadilal into ice cream and flavored milk brand. This is the oldest and most famous ice cream brand in India.

Vadilal offers various range of ice creams with multiple flavors and packs in the forms of cones, candies, bars, ice-lollies, small cups, big cups, family packs, and economy packs across all over the country. Vadilal also has its Happinnezz ice-cream parlors, which are run through a franchisee model.

Apart from ice cream Vadilal sells 4 more products chemicals, Foreign exchange Ice cream, Processed food, and Real Estate.

6. Cornetto

Cornetto is the best chocolate ice cream brand in India. This is an Italian brand. In India, it is manufactured by the Hindustan Unilever brand. Cornetto is selling all over the world in different sizes ranging from 28-ml Miniatures to 260-ml King Cones, though the 90-ml and 125-ml sizes tend to be the most popular.

I know you must test it before reading this article. Because it is a very popular ice cream in the Indian market and easily available compare to other brands.

Cornetto is available in a variety of flavors, including strawberry, mint Chocolate, nut, lemon, chocolate, valentine’s day flavors, and Cornetto soft. Cornetto Soft is sold on the street by vendors and is made on the spot with an ice cream dispenser.

7. Havmor

Havmor ice creams

Havmor is one of the best quality ice cream brand in India. Havmor owns the highest number of awards for best ice cream in the “The great Indian ice cream Contest season 5” organized by Dupont.

Havmor is set-up in 1944 by Satish Chona in Karachi which is located in Pakistan now. But after the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, he cames to India and established a new hub in Dehradun and net it spread in Indore and Ahmedabad.

With the change of season, Havmor introduced innovative new flavors every quarter. Havmor provides 11 types of ice cream like choco-nutty, blockbuster Ice cream, sandwich Ice cream, ice cream pastry & ice cream cakes, kulfi, role cut, etc.

Havmor focuses on quality rather than quantity. They own 11 awards from 2008 to 2019. So, don’t worry about quality. Go and buy Havmor’s ice cream and enjoy the day.

8. Haagen-Dazs

Haagen-Dazs a prenium ice cream brand in India

Haagen-Dazs is an American company established in 1960 by  Reuben and Rose Mattus in New York, USA. This is a super-premium brand that serves premium ice cream worldwide.

Haagen-Dazs ice cream comes in multiple traditional flavors as well as several esoteric flavors that are specific to the brand, such as Vanilla Swiss Almond and Bananas Foster.

At first, it started with 3 flavors of ice cream but now the brand serves 4 types and 17 different flavors of ice cream in India. The name of these flavors are chocolate, coffee, pralines & cream, dulce de leche, mango ice cream, summer berries & cream mango sorbet, vanilla caramel, cookies & cream, etc.

9. Arun Ice Cream

Arun ice cream is a state base ice cream brand in India. It is a Tamil Nadu based brand founded by R. G. Chandramogan in 1970.

The brand become the highest selling ice cream brand in 1985, Tamil Nadu in terms of volume. It has 2,300 parlors as of 2018 in India. Now you can find this brand in Orisha, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh also.

This brand provides us 7 types of ice cream. You can easily get the ice cream in the forms of bars, cups, Ibar, Ibar mini, Icones, specialites and tube also with an affordable price range.


dinshow's tasty ice cream in India

Dinshow’s is another top ice cream brand in Indian. The brand was first established in 1932 by two brothers Dinshaw and Erachshaw Rana. The brand Dinshaw’s was established in Gittikhadan, Nagpur as a dairy product brand. But with time it acquires the Indian ice cream market by its tasty ice cream.

And now it is one of the well-known ice cream brand in India. The brand comes with 8 separate ice cream products with more than 20 flavors.

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11. Top N Town

Top N Town an Indian ice cream Brand

Top N Town is an Indian ice cream brand started from a retail counter in Bhopal in 1969. In 1988, a plant with the production capacity of 3000 liters a day was set up in Bhopal. Slowly they grow up and at present, TOP ‘N TOWN has a strapping distribution network that spans close to 28000 retail outlets and 300 distributors across India.

Top N Town provides 7 types of ice cream in several flavors. Due to the people’s love to their ice cream, they spread 8 states quickly. And now they become a national player in the ice cream market.

But still, now they are unavailable in eastern and southern India. If you visit Bhopal, Maharastra, Delhi you must try the ice cream. The ice creams are so tasty.

12. Hangyo

Hangyo is a flagship top ice cream brand in India

Hangyo is an Indian ice cream brand. It is a flagship company of Srikrishna Group. Srikrishna group is a Karnataka-based dairy product company that lunch the Hangyo sub brand in 2002 for selling the ice cream at a premium level.

Hangyo ice cream offered a variety of presentations like cups, cones and candies. At present 138 varieties of ice creams are available in their outlet.

Hangyo is a flagship brand that provides world class ice cream with multiple flavor. Hangyo is a award wining brand who won 10 awards in its 18 years carrior for quality and taste.

But it is not available most of the stares in India. For tasting Hangyo’s ice cream you have to visit Karnataka or Delhi or Maharastra.

The theme of the advertisement Share A Smile.

13.Kwality Wall’s

Kwality wall's ice cream brand under hindustan unilever

This is last but not least from the list of 13 top ice cream brands in India. This brand is owned by Hindustan Unilever company. The brand sells its products to our neighbor countries like Bhutan, Brunei, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Kwality, the original Indian company, was founded in 1956 and popular in a small time frame. Due to the mass production of this ice cream Kwality marge with Hindustan Unilever.

The brand supply 12 types of products with multiple flavors. You can find the ice cream of Kwality wall’s in any major city of India. The brand also provides new tasty uncommon flavor ice cream at different seasons.

You will get cups, bars, kulfi, vegan of this ice cream at medium price range.


The ice cream sector of India is growing now. And according to experts’ opinion Indian ice cream sector will see a pic point in 2022. Now an average Indian consumes 400 ml of ice cream per year whereas an American consume 3000ml annually.

13 brand mention above are the top and most loved ice cream brand in India. Apart from these brands, there are many small state-based ice cream brands and some unorganized ice cream factories exist all over India. Some of them are-

  • Cream Stone
  • Ideal Ice Cream
  • Karnataka Milk Federation
  • Milma
  • Nirula’s

At present demand of ice cream are rising day by day. Also, it contributes to our GDP. So, eat yourself and share with your loved one. Enjoy your ice cream.

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