3 Best glucometer in India 2021 with Using Guide

If you are a patient of high blood sugar level then you know how important it is to monitor your blood glucose level. Especially when you take insulin.

In the modern world, people are busy at work & have no sufficient time to go to the lab and test blood glucose level every weak or monthly. Also, the blood glucose test before the meal(fasting) and after the meal is a time-consuming process, you have to wait for 2-hours after the meal. So, you need one of the best glucometer in India to monitor your blood sugar level accurately at home without going any lab.

There are dozens of glucometers available in the Indian market but the biggest question is which is the best glucometer to measure the blood glucose level accurately at your home.

In this article, I will not confuse you by referring so many glucometers available in India for blood glucose monitor. Instead, I will suggest only the 3 advances and best glucometer in Indian market to monitor blood sugar level self at home in an easy way.

also, I will guide you on how to measure blood glucose easily in the proper way by these glucometers one by one.

In this article, I will share my 5 years’ experience of monitoring blood glucose levels with glucometer. My father is a blood sugar patient and suffers from the last 15 years.

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For my dad, I have purchased more than 7 glucometers of different brand and maximum time after purchasing the glucometer I realized this was not the best glucometer. And every time I learn different things which makes my experience so good that the last time I have purchased the best glucometer for my father and after 2 years my father still uses this glucometer.

So, keep patience and read carefully to know the ultimate guide about the choosing best glucometer in India for you and how to take care of your glucometer device so that you can use it for a long time.

6-things you should consider before buying the best quality glucometer in India to monitor your blood glucose level

1. Accuracy of data-

The first thing you have to consider before buying a glucometer is how accurately it presents data of blood glucose level compared to the lab test.

Although it is not possible to 100% match the lab test data, you have to show how closely the glucometer data is?

Always lab test data become somewhere high than the glucometer data. Because in lab test blood collected from your vain & for the test in glucometer blood is taken from your fingertip. And always vail blood contains more glucose than fingertip blood.

Before buying the best glucometer in India you should check is the specific glucometer ISO 2013 or 2015 standard. If not then avoid these types of glucometers.

For checking any glucometers accuracy you can look at the review of this specific glucometer in Amazon or any other online platform where it is sold. Also, you can take feedback from a patient who has already used this specific glucometer device.

2. Have a data storage option-

Having a storage facility of previous blood glucose data is a sign of the best glucometer. Because it is difficult to remember your previous blood glucose level data for a blood sugar patient as high blood sugar level slowly destroys brain memory capacity.

Also, storage previous data will help you to calculate average monthly blood glucose level.

3. Having a data share option-

A smart & best glucometer should have a data share option through Bluetooth or any other wireless connection.

Having a data share option gives you an opportunity to share your blood glucose data with your smartphone as a pdf and you can share your blood glucose data with your doctor in a pdf form through wirelessly.

Also, many smart glucometers have their own android & ios applications. When you connect your glucometer device with their specific application it will suggest to you how much insulin you have to take to counter high-level blood glucose. Also, these applications can store previous 90 days test data.

4. Are the glucometer Automatic or Manually Coded-

Two type of glucometer is available in Indian market. One is automatic and other is manually coded.

In an automatic meter, you do not need to do anything only use it properly & get blood glucose data whereas in a manual glucometer you have to set all standard data manually before using every time.

It is always preferable to buy an automatic version glucometer. So, you do not need to set every time manually before using it. A manual glucometer is best for doctors or experts because it gives full access to set the standard data.

5. Have notification-

A good glucometer should have a notification panel. Notification may be a LED color light or a beeping sound.

If your blood glucose becomes higher or lower than the normal level then a color light glow or a beeping sound occurs and indicates the high and low level of blood glucose data with the display number.

6. Takes less time to test-

A glucometer takes 3-15 seconds to show data. A good glucometer takes less than 5 seconds to show blood glucose data. Although it is not so important because 15 seconds is not a long time if you test yourself at home. And everyone has at least 15 seconds in hand.

Top 3- best glucometer for measuring blood glucose level with accuracy & instantly

ImageNameTypesMemory storage Price
accu check glucometerAccu-chek instant glucometerFully AutomaticYes(up to 720)Check Price
61gsHZkIMlL. AC UL480 FMwebp QL65Dr. trustFully automatic blood sugar testing glucometer Fully AutomaticYes(up to 1000)Check Price
61jrCXlZZmL. AC UL480 FMwebp QL65BeatO smartphone glucometer kit AutomaticYesCheck Price

1. Accu-chek instant glucometer

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07RMYD9SC&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=IN&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=healthquery38 21&language=en INir?t=healthquery38 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B07RMYD9SC

Accu-chek is one of the best glucometer brand in India. This brand has several glucometers from low to high price range with smart features like data storage, data share and an android app.

The Accu-check instant glucometer is the most accurate glucometer i have ever used for monitoring blood glucose levels of my father.

This glucometer fulfills the ISO 15197:2013 & EN ISO 15197:2015 standard accuracy. This is an automatic glucometer so, you do not have to set it every time before use.

The glucometer has an excellent memory capacity that can memorize up to 720 blood glucose results and show you the last 7, 30 and 90 days average result.

This is a smart glucometer. It has a “mySugar” diabetes management android and ios application. Where you can view all the previously stored blood glucose results. For that, you have to transfer the data from your glucometer device to the application via Bluetooth or other wireless connection.

Also, you can print out all the previous blood glucose data and send it to your doctor as a pdf through this app wirelessly.

By this glucometer, you can monitor your blood glucose instant and effortlessly. It takes less than 4 seconds to show the result in its display.

Accu-chek glucometer has a led light indicator which indicates your blood glucose level normal or high or low by showing a different color. For the normal range(60-140) it shows green light & for the high range(140-Up) it shows blue light and for low blood glucose level, it shows red light.

So, you can easily understand whether your blood glucose level lies high or normal or low range.

This glucometer comes with 10 test strips free with the meter. Strips are good quality and need only one small drop of blood to show results. Even you do not need to drop blood on the strip, the strip himself absorb blood from your fingertip.

What you will get in the box

You will get an accu-chek meter, one battery, softclix lanching, softclix lancets, carry case and an instruction leaflet for use with a 10 years warranty card.

All these amazing features make this glucometer one of the best glucometer available in India. Also, it is my favorite glucometer. So, this glucometer is placed at the number one position of this list of best glucometer in India.

We like

It has multiple factor to like this glucometer most-

  • Fully automatic and gives instant results.(less than 4 seconds)
  • Accuracy of blood glucose measurement.
  • Has a huge data storage option(up to 720 results)
  • Strips are easily available in the market.
  • Has a colored indicator light for better understanding.

We dislike

  • It is not 100% accurate what the company said. And its price is quite high than the normal glucometer but gives you better results and experience over time.

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How to use this glucometer

2. Dr. Trustfully automatic blood sugar testing machine

This is the 2-nd best choice as a smart and automatic glucometer.

It is also ISO standard 2013. This brand is one of the most popular brand in USA for making best glucometer.

The Indian version of this glucometer also best for giving accurate blood glucose results.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07RZ14Q86&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=IN&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=healthquery38 21&language=en INir?t=healthquery38 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B07RZ14Q86

It has some unique features which make this glucometer best. It has a big LCD display with a backlight. Which help to see in low light condition or at night.

Dr. trustFully automatic blood sugar testing machine gives you a warning of high ketone levels in the blood which can damage your kidney. This is an amazing feature build-in in this glucometer which I love most.

This glucometer has a huge memory capacity to store your previous blood glucose data up to 1000 results.

It has 3 modes for blood testing. The modes are Pre-meal(AC), Post-meal(PC) & Gen mode. You can test your blood sugar level in your preferred mode. and according to the mode, it will tell you whether your sugar level is high or normal or low.

Another great feature is enzyme technology. This glucometer has an enzyme technology that avoids interference from blood oxygen variation also, prevents galactose and maltose interference in the blood sample.

This glucometer has a date and time setting. You can set an alarm(up to 4 alarm) with date and time. This glucometer comes with 10 strips free. The strips quality are good and needed only 0.5µl blood sample and gives you an instant result. It takes less than 5 seconds to show results in its big display.

These unique features makes this glucometer one of the best glucometer brand in India and US.

What you will get in the box

You will get one blood sugar testing device, 10 tasting strips, one digital thermometer with one user manual guide and a one-year warranty card. You can extend the warranty for up to 6 months with some extra money.

We like

  • Fully automatic and gives instant result and need a small blood sample.
  • Has an early warning system if ketones are rising in your blood.
  • Prevent galactose and maltose interference in a blood sample with enzyme technology.
  • Has up to 4 reminder alarm system with date and time.
  • Has a huge memory storage capacity up to 1000 results.
  • Has 3 testing mode. Pre-meal, Post-meal and General mode.

We dislike

  • Only one function is missing which is wireless data sharing option.

How to use this glucometer

How to use the best glucometer in india

3. BeatO smartphone glucometer kit

This is the last glucometer in this list of the best glucometer in India. Actually, this is not a complete glucometer machine. Instead, it is a smartphone glucometer kit only. By this kit, you can turn your smartphone into a glucometer.

For testing by this device, you must have an android or ios device which is compatible with the application that the company provides.

Screenshot 75

Nowadays almost all people use smartphones with the latest android or ios versions. So, for them, it is a great choice for measuring your blood glucose anywhere anytime without carrying a bulky full glucometer device.

This is a compact device that fits anywhere from your pocket to the bag so that you can carry it easily. The compactness of this device makes it the most favorable glucometer in India. Also, it gives you instant and accurate results.

It has notification light in their app with three different color to better understand your blood glucose level.

It has a 3.5 mm jack like an audio jack or a type C jack which you have to put on your phone and open the app. The app automatically detects the input jack. When you add one drop of blood in its strip it automatically shows the result.

BeatO glucometer kit along with 50 strips free. One user manual guide and one warranty card.

Also, it has memory storage and data share option through wirelessly. You can share your blood sugar data with an expert using these features and store your blood glucose result for use later.

According to your blood sugar data, this application suggests the best food, lifestyle and exercise that you need.

What you will get in the box

We like

  • The size is very compact.
  • You can instantly share your blood glucose result with an expert.
  • It suggests some food, exercise and a healthy lifestyle according to your blood sugar data.
  • Has different notification colors for a high, low and normal blood glucose level.

We dislike

  • It is not a complete glucometer. You need a smartphone to monitor your blood glucose. If you are not a smartphone user then this kit is not for you.

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How to use this glucometer kit

How to use glucometer kit to measure blood glucose


The data of blood glucose level measured by a glucometer can vary from 10 to 70 compared to lab data. So, for an accurate check of blood glucose level, you have to test in the lab. These 3 best glucometers available in India also show different blood sugar levels when tested at the same time of my father’s blood. So, it is always good to test blood glucose once a month in a well-reputed lab.

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Some FAQ Related to glucometer

Which Brand is best for Glucometer?

Although many glucometer brands are available in market but when it comes to trust issue then people go for the two brands 1) Accu-Check 2) Dr. Trust. And I am sure most of the person even in hospital or doctor’s chamber this two brand’s glucometer is used. So, you can buy any of them.

Which glucometer gives accurate results?

No glucometer can give you an accurate blood glucose result. All glucometer gives you some approximate result. Yes, some glucometer gives result which is nearest to the accurate result. If you ask the name then I will say it is Dr. Trust glucometer. I have tried more than 10 glucometers but Dr. Trust gives me the closest result.

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