7 Best Kids Multivitamin Syrup in India

Vitamins and Minerals are very important for kids natural growth. Vitamins and minerals are the supportive ingredients that keep body healthy.

Kids do not know about healthy food they love tasty food. No matter how healthy or unhealthy foods are.

So, why do not give your kid a tasty and healthy syrup which is full of vitamins and minerals?

Yes, I am talking about kids multivitamin syrup. Kids multivitamin syrups are tasty and easy to drink.

You may think that why consume multivitamin and multi-minerals as we get them from food, fruits and vegetables.

Yes, you are right. But how do you agree your kid to eat all healthy food which has some bad taste? Also, the sources of some vitamins and minerals are rear like vitamin D and iodine. But they play a big role to strengthen bones and brain development.

So, you have one option which is multivitamin and multimineral. In this article, we will discuss all about kids multivitamin and tell you the 7 most popular and best kids multivitamin syrup.

What is Multivitamin and Multi minerals Syrup

Multivitamins and multi-minerals syrup is a liquid mixture of some or all vitamins and minerals. It is sell as a package of multivitamin syrup on market.

Multivitamins and multi-minerals fulfill daily doses of vitamins and minerals in our body.

For kids they allocate low doses of vitamins and minerals and make the syrup sweeten. Sometimes to make syrup delicious they add some flavor.

Some multivitamin contains all the 6 vitamins(A, B-complex, C, D, E and k) and most of the minerals.

Kids can’t refuse to drink multivitamin due to their delicious taste.

Know the 5 best multivitamin syrup in 2021.

Why choose Multivitamin Syrup for kids instead of Capsule

Multivitamin syrup has several benefits over multivitamin capsules. Multivitamin syrup is tasty which provides the upper hand to the multivitamin syrup over capsules.

Multivitamin syrup is easy to digest than capsules. They are easy to swallow, easy to absorb in gut. That’s why parents choose multivitamin syrup over Capsules.

To know the all benefits of kids multivitamin syrup over Capsules read our article- Benefits of multivitamin syrup over capsules.

List of 7 best kids multivitamin syrup(liquid multivitamin for kids) in 2021

In this article, I am going to suggest you the popular and best quality kids multivitamin syrup which is delicious and approved by the doctors.

If your kid is a fussy eater you must have to consider a kids multivitamin syrup to balance your kids nutritional level. You can choose anyone from here or consult with your doctor.

1. HealthBest Kidbest Multivitamin & Multimineral Syrup for Kids

HealthBest kidbest multivitamin and multimineral is the most popular kids multivitamin syrup in India.

With Healthbest Kidbest multivitamin it is easy & delicious way to Provide your Kids essential Vitamins and Minerals for a balanced diet.

HealthBest Kidbest Multivitamin & Multimineral Syrup for Kids
Most popular kids multivitamin syrup

This multivitamin comes with a box of eco-friendly pencils. Company not only provides the best quality multivitamin but also take care of kids happiness by providing some color pencils with it.

This multivitamin contains 21 vital nutrients for balanced growth and development of kids. It is a rich source of vitamin A, C, E and minerals Zinc and Iodine.

They all together helps kids to develop healthy immunity and also aids in physical and mental growth.

Benefits of Healthbest Kidbest Multivitamin & Multimineral syrup

  • Keep kids energetic.
  • Boost immunity powder.
  • Take care of cardiovascular health.
  • Improve digestion system.
  • Help in brain development.
  • Makes Bones and joints strong and healthy.

2. Wellbaby Multivitamin Liquid for Baby

Wellbaby multivitamin syrup the best kids multi vitamin syrup for age 6 month to 5 years.
best kids multivitamin syrup under 4 years.

Wellbaby multivitamin syrup is the second-best multivitamin syrup for kids. This multivitamin liquid is ideal for babies and young children from 6 months to 4 years, to provide a carefully balanced, comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals.

Wellbaby liquid multivitamins contain 14 essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin D and iodine which is rarely present in multivitamins.

It is a rich source of Vitamin C, Nicotinamide, Vitamin E, Elemental Iron, Elemental Zinc, D-Panthenol, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Elemental Copper, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Vitamin D.

Here is the information of nutrients with proper amount in Wellbaby multivitamin syrup.

nutrients level of wellbaby multivitamin syrup
nutrients level of wellbaby multivitamin syrup

Benefits of Wellbaby liquid multivitamin for kids

  • Delivering Ideal Nutrition for growth and development of bones.
  • Maintaining Cognitive development.
  • Maintaining Immune System Function.

Recommended Dosage :

  • Babies – (6months – 4 years) – 5mL daily (1 teaspoonful).
  • Children – (4years – 8 years) – 5mL twice daily (1 teaspoonful)

For convenience and to avoid spillages, we recommend that the liquid can be mixed into your baby’s usual milk or water.

3. HealthBest Infabest Drops | Multivitamins with Vitamin D3 & Zinc

Healthbest drop multivitamin with vitamin D

HealthBest provides a unique formulation of tasty multivitamin with mixed fruit flavor. INFABEST not only helps kids develop healthy immune systems but also aids in their physical growth and healthy development.

This multivitamin is best Vitamin D source. Doctors prescribe this multivitamin for a newborn baby to feed dropwise to provide baby vitamin D.

Not only vitamin D it is also a good source of zinc, iodine, folic acid. Infabest multivitamin syrup is free from gluten, yeast, soy and added flavor.

Benefits of Infabest kids multivitamin syrup

  • Provides strong bones.
  • Help absorb calcium to body.
  • Make teeth strong and healthy.

USAGE INSTRUCTION: 1 ml for toddlers full of vitamins and Minerals, Easy to administer with a dropper.

4. Natures Aid Sugar-free Multi-Vitamin and Minerals Drops

Natural aid sugar free multivitamin and multimineral for children

During their first years of born, children have a very high nutritional need. Natures aid sugar-free multivitamin and multimineral drops carefully balanced the nutrients with its 9 essential vitamins and minerals to ensure children’s growth and development.

Natural aid multivitamin syrup is ideal for infants and children aged 3 months to 5 years.

Natures Aid Multi-vitamin drop is a balanced combined formula of 9 essential vitamins like A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and D. This multivitamin drops are formulated without the use of sugar, artificial colors and artificial flavors.

Benefits of natures aid multivitamin syrup

  • Support immune system
  • Help in brain development.
  • Makes bones and teeth strong.
  • Support collagen formation.
  • Boost calcium and iron absorption.

5. Livogen kids multivitamin syrup

livogen kids multivitamin syrup

Livogen kids multivitamin syrup is a prescribed multivitamin syrup for children. It is a combination of various vitamins and few minerals.

It is generally used to increase the hungriness and boost energy level of kids. Livogen is a combination of Vitamin B9, Folic Acid, Folate+L-Lysine+Elemental Iron+Protein Hydrolysate+Niacinamide+Zinc Sulphate+Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine+D-Panthenol+Vitamin B12 , Mecobalamin, Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin.

Benefits of Livogen

  • Help to produce red blood cell.
  • Help in brain development.
  • Help maintaining blood glucse.
  • Keep kids energrtic.

6. Allvita kids multivitamin Syrup

allvita kids multivitamin syrup

Allvita multivitamin and multimineral syrup is best for kids 3 to 5 years old. This multivitamin syrup contains 6 B vitamins and vitamins A, E and D.

It contains copper and zinc as minerals. These vitamins and minerals together help kids to grow healthy.

Benefits of Allvita kids multivitamin syrup

  • Keeps children energetic.
  • Improve digestion system.
  • Makes bones and teeth strong.
  • Help mental development.

7. Seven Seas Kids Syrup

seven seas syrup multivitamin for kids

Seven Seas Kids Syrup multivitamin is an orange taste multivitamin for kids with cod liver oil that provides 8 essential vitamins and DHA for the important formative years of children.

This multivitamin is important for the growth and development of the child. It contains vitamin A, D, C, E, B1, B2, B3 and B6.

Benefits of Seven sea kids multivitamin syrup

  • Helps build strong immune system for optimal health
  • Contributes to a child’s healthy growth and development
  • Helps with the development of strong bones
  • Helps with the development of healthy teeth
  • Helps to maintain good vision

Directions For Use:

Generally Seven Seas Kids Syrup is taken mixed with milk or water.

  • For 1-12 months old: 2.5 ml (half teaspoon), once daily
  • 2-3 years old: 5 ml (one teaspoon), once daily
  • 4 years old and above: 10 ml (two teaspoons), once daily

Use half of the above-recommended dosage for babies on infant milk formula.


Multivitamin Vitamin syrups are not an alternative to healthy food. Feed your kid healthy food first then go for the kids multivitamin syrup.

If your kid is a fussy eater then you should go with any multivitamin mentioned above. For better information about any multivitamin or a suitable multivitamin for your kid visit a doctor.

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