hallow friends! i am shibaprasad. it is glad to show you here.

shibaprasad. about me

thank you for showing interest in me & my blog. here I provide you health tips and some amazing factor which is probably unknown to you. also I give some amazing beauty tips that will really help you.

for the last 2 years I work as a chemist. before I work as a chemist I worked in a private hospital. so I nearly see the patient who does not follow healthy life and suffer a disease, which can control in its initial stage with healthy eating and some exercise.

recently i also work as a health consultant. I have many satisfied happy family are here in my city.

I hold a b.sc degree in chemistry from the University of Calcutta & a master’s degree in the same subject from the same university. later I achieved a master’s degree in digital marketing.

hope you enjoy it with me. please subscribe my blog for the latest update. share my blog with your loveable one to update him/her. see you soon in my post. STAY HEALTHY, STAY SAFE.

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