How to clean your stomach||Here are the 5 ways to clean your stomach at home.

How to clean your stomach

Stomach is one of the most important organ in human body. It digests foods and absorbs nutrients from foods. It is the most important part of the digestive system. A clean colon system performs better in food digestion and nutrient absorption. Stomach upset, acidity, gas problems, indigestion, heartburn, vomiting, and colon cancer are the common … Read more

7 ways to reduce body heat- Keep your body cool in summer

Reduce your body heat

We all experience body heat in summer. Excessive body heat makes you unstable, unfocused and causes pimples, premature gray hair, hair fall, stomach upset and many others. There are many causes of increasing body heat. It can be some medical reason like infection, weakness, dehydration, having some other medical issue or wrong lifestyle like bad … Read more

Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk which is better

Cow milk vs buffalo milk, Which is better

Milk is a superfood that contains most of the vitamins and minerals. From the long long years ago people consuming milk for good health. There are many products that are made from milk and they are equally healthy. In the modern-day, we have two sources of milk. One is plant milk and the other is … Read more

6 Health Benefits of Lassi

Lassi is a cool drink available all over India. Specially in the summer season, you will find lassi in every restaurant even in street shops. A glass of lassi after a long journey is enough to reduce your tiredness. Lassi helps your body cool down in summer as well as provides some health benefits also. … Read more

10 Best Olive Oil Brand in India

Raw olive oil

Who does not want to live a long happy life? If your goal is to live a quality life then why compromise with your health? You probably hear ” Health is Wealth“. Do not you believe this statement? We need oil for various purposes from cooking to skincare. That means we consume oil in various … Read more

10 Best Beard Oil in India

A man with beard

Today beard is the new fashion in Indian Men. Actually, having beard enhanced your look. If you are men loves beards then you should think about beard grooming. Without grooming beards, you look lazy and unorganized. It is better to keep yourself shaved than an ungroomed beard. Beard oil, beard trimming, beard shape are involved … Read more