10 Best Beard Oil in India

Today beard is the new fashion in Indian Men. Actually, having beard enhanced your look. If you are men loves beards then you should think about beard grooming.

Without grooming beards, you look lazy and unorganized. It is better to keep yourself shaved than an ungroomed beard.

Beard oil, beard trimming, beard shape are involved in beard grooming. Beard oil helps to beard growth, beard shining, beard smoothness.

Here I have listed 10 best beard oil for men. These beard oils are best in quality and popular among Indian men.

Why we shuold care about beard ?

You know looks matter. Your first impression creates a positive thought on your opposite person. And first impression comes from many things. Out of them, your look is one.

Apart from that beard oil have some other benefits. I know you know about the benefits of beard oil that’s why you are here. Here are some benefits of beard oil-

  • Beard oil soften and strengthen your beard hair.
  • It helps to reduce itchi.
  • Moisturises and protects the skin beneath the beard.
  • Looks beards shiny.

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Here is the list of 10 best beard oil brand in India that men love

You will find multiple bead oil brands in the Indian market. Some are best of the best beard oil. You just have to choose the right one for you.

1. Beardo Daily Repair Hemp Beard Oil

Best beard oil for men

Beardo daily repair beard oil is the all-in-one solution for beard.  This antioxidant-rich Hemp Seed beard oil helps you maintain a smooth and youthful texture of your beard.

This lightweight, non-sticky beard oil helps grow a thicker and healthier beard. Beardo daily repair beard oil also contains essential oils. The unique blend of this beard oil promotes uniform growth and nourishment across your beard.

With the beardo beard oil keep your beard freeze-free, smoother and shiny. Also, protect your beard from pollution damage.


  • Rich in Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids that improve collagen production.
  • Rich in antioxidents.
  • Keep bears smooth and shiny.
  • Made with natural ingredients.

2. King C Gillette Beard Oil

Gillette beard oil for men

King C Gillette beard oil is the next best beard oil for men. It used 80-90% natural plant-based ingredients.

Gillette beard oil is a unique blend of avocado oil, vitamin E, tea seed oil, grapeseed oil, soybean oil, macadamia seed oil, evening primrose oil, Jojoba oil, almond oil, argan oil, peppermint oil.

This lightweight and non-greasy beard oil easily absorbs easily into the root of beard hair and leaves soft, shiny and long beard.


  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Have a good smell.
  • Non-greasy formula.
  • Keeps beard and skin nourish and soft.

3. Ustraa Beard Growth Oil

Ustraa beard growth oil for men

Do you have a patchy beard? Want a full-size beard. Then Ustraa beard growth oil is the best beard oil for you.

Lab data shows that ustraa beard growth oil can grow facial hair up to 40% with more hair-growing cells.

It works on volume of your beard as well as nourishes the roots of the beard. Keeps freeze-free hair and makes hair strong.

This beard oil is the perfect blend of 8 natural and essential oil. This formula makes this oil a perfect beard growth oil for men.


  • Specially formulated for beard growth.
  • Useable for all skin types.
  • Provides shiney and freeze free beard with pleasend smell.
  • Protect your hair cells from dying.
  • Vitamin E and other 8 natural oil is blended.

4. The Man Company Beard Oil

The men company beard oil

If your preference is chemical-free beard oil then the men company beard oil will be your first choice. This beard oil is free from paraben, silicon and other harsh chemicals.

Beard oil is one of the most important parts of men’s look. The men company knows the feelings and present their beard oil that is mixed with vitamin E, almond oil, thyme and argan oil.

All of the natural oil have their own work on beard growth and beard grooming. Argan oil prevents drying of hair shafts and provides deep nourishment to beard hair thus preventing frizz and split ends.

Almond oil and vitamin E improve skin texture, boost collagen production, and reduce skin itchy. This chemical-free formula makes this oil one of the best beard oil for men.


  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Chemical free formula.
  • Infused with almond oil, vitamin E and other essential oil.
  • Help in beard growth.
  • Keep beard smooth and shiny.

5. Khadi Essentials Beard Growth Oil

Khadi essential beard growth oil for men

Do you like completely natural beard growth oil? Khadi provides you 100% natural beard oil with pure essential oils like jojoba oil, jaborandi oil, orange oil, cedarwood oil, almond oil, argan oil, vitamin E, coconut oil and many other oils.

It can be the best beard oil for you due to its natural formula with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory character.

This lightweight beard growth oil is made extra potent with SWISS ACTIVES. That boosts your beard growth.

The natural bend of best beard oil is absorbed quickly into your beard and leaves beard instantly fuller and softer with an amazing smell.


  • 100% natural.
  • Boost hair growth.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Keep beards smooth and strong with good smell.

6. Bombay Shaving Company Beard Oil

Beard oil for men in India

Bombay shaving company is another brand that provides the best beard oil. This beard growth oil help in beard growth as well as keeps your hair smooth and clean skin pores.

This non-sticky and non-greasy formula can be applicable at any part of the day or night. It is enriched with 10 essential oils that keep your beard hydrated and nourished.

Onion oil present in this beard oil enhances blood circulation which in turn increases the diameter of the hair fiber and linear hair growth rate.

Bombay shaving beard oil is free from mineral oil, SLS, Paraben, silicone. Also, it has a pleasant natural smell.


  • Chemical free.
  • Useable for all skin types.
  • Present onion oil that help beard growth.
  • Keep hair soft and nourish.

7. Man Arden 7X Beard Oil

Best beard oil for men in India

Man Arden beard oil is not only for your beard hair. It also treats your skin under the beard from the inside out. That’s why I have added this oil to the list of best beard oil for men.

This beard oil stimulates hair follicles for fast growth. Keep healthy beard while fighting against itching, dandruff, irritations and split ends.

Man Arden beard oil is 100% natural & pure. Infused with 7 super-powerful ingredients that keep beard moisturized, soften and condition your beard.

It is non-greasy and lightweight that absorbs easily. If you are searching for a premium quality beard oil then you must consider Man Arden beard oil. It will be the best beard oil for you.


  • Premium quality Beard oil.
  • Infused with 10 super power ingredients.
  • Not only treat beards also treat skin from inside.
  • Have a good natural smell.
  • 100% natural beard oil.

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8. Spruce Shave Club Beard Oil

Beard oil in India

Spruce Shave Club beard oil is another 100% natural beard oil that is made with pure essential oils.

This beard oil increase blood circulation to the beard that helps faster beard growth. Not only it helps in beard growth also nourishes the roots of your beard to strengthen them and support a shiny organized beard.

The unique blend of essential oils rich in Vitamin A, B, E, K, Omega 9,6,3 and linoleic acid promotes healthy hair with healthy skin.

Spruce beard oil reduces hair fall and fills in patchy spots in the beard so your beard is thick and soft. Antioxidant and antibacterial properties of this beard oil reduce beard irritation.


  • Chemical free.
  • Rich in vitamins and omega fatty acids.
  • 100% natural beard oil.
  • Boost hair growth and fill out patchy spots.
  • Keep beards nourish and soft.

9. MensXP Mud Beard Growth Oil

MensXP beard oil

ManXP is another big brand for men grooming products. Their beard oil is also one of the best beard oil for men with patchy beards.

Applying this beard oil help cover the patchy area of your face and works on beard volume.

MensXP beard oil also nourishes the roots of your beard and keeps it breathable. Thus reduces itchy and irritation.


  • Promote beard growth.
  • Have a good smell.
  • Keep skin and beard moisturised.
  • Reduces patches and breakage.

10. BALBO Beard Growth Oil For Men

Beard growth oil for men in India

This is the last best beard oil on our list. Like other beard oil, it is also 100% natural made with pure essential oils to keep it active.

The natural essential oil is rich in vitamin A,E,B,K and omega fatty acids. These vitamins not only help in faster beard growth also keep your beard and skin hydrated, smooth. Support strong and long beard.

Balbo beard oil helps reduce beard frizz, beardruff and provides an extra shine to your beard so you are on the top of beard grooming game.

How to use beard oil

Using beard oil is as simple as oiling on hair. Follow these 3 steps to apply beard oil properly on your beard.

Step-1. Pour a few drops on your palm.

Step-2. Gently apply on your beard and skin.

Step-3. Enjoy soft and shiney look.

The best time to apply beard oil is night or rest time. Beard oil attracts dust and pollutions. So, Do not use beard oil before going outdoor.

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Apart from these beard oil, you will find very few best beard oil in the offline market. If you want to buy offline then choose the natural and cost-effective beard oil that fits your skin type.

Don’t go for the premium one. Our preference should be a value for money product. Take care of your beard and look like a hero.

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