10 Best Chemical Free Face Wash in India

We believe all the beauty essential available in nature’s lap. So why do you use chemical-added cosmetics for your skin?

Today, chemicals are everywhere from food to cloth. You should avoid harmful chemicals if you want to keep your skin healthy for the long run.

Chemical added face wash is more powerful and gives you instant results. But actually, they damage your skin tone, flexibility and liveness over time.

Chemical free face wash is rare. So, I have filtered out the ten best chemical free face wash in India for you.

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What is Chemical Free face wash ?

Chemical free face washes are made from 100% natural ingredients. They do not contain harmful chemicals like sulphate, paraben, alcohol, SSL, mineral oil, silicones, phthalates, lead, petroleum, preservatives, artificial fragrance and other chemicals.

Chemical free face washes are chemical free that does not mean they are compatible with all skin types. All natural ingredients do not suit dry and sensitive skin. So, choosing the right chemical free face wash is the key factor.

List of 10 best chemical free face wash in India

Here I have listed the top 10 chemical face wash. Choose the chemical free face wash according to your skin type. Also, I have shared some tips to choose the best chemical free face wash if you buy another one beyond this list in the offline market.

1. Coco Soul Face Wash

Chemical free natural face wash

Coco soul is one of the best coconut oil brand. They also produce chemical free face wash. I love this face wash for its purity.

Skin type- Dry skin

  • 100% natural.
  • Free from chemicals.
  • 100% vegan friendly.
  • Boost collagen production.
  • Provides glowing, hydrated and clean skin.

If you are going to buy a mild cleanser for your face with natural formula then coco soul is the best face wash for dry skin.

2. Brillare 100% Natural Real Neem Face Wash

Best chemical free neem face wash

Are you suffer from acne? Brillare natural neem face wash will help you to reduce acne on the face.

Skin Type- Oily skin

  • Remove excess oil from face.
  • Fight against acne.
  • Deeply purify the skin pores.
  • No chemical face wash.

The mixture of natural neem leaf powder and bergamot oil clean your skin, fight acne and blemishes. Bergamot oil is rich in vitamins and minerals which provides fresh, energised skin.

3. NutriGlow Advanced Organics Skin Whitening Face Wash

NutriGlow Advanced Organics Skin Whitening Face Wash
Best chemical free face wash for sensitive skin

This is another great chemical free natural face wash for glowing skin. Nutriglow organic face wash is blended with cucumber extract, lavender extract and pitch extract. All of them are good for skincare.

Skin Type- Sensitive skin

  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Reduces dark spots.
  • Detoxify skin.
  • Keep skin tone smooth.
  • Reduces wrinkles.

This chemical free face wash is also useable for dry skin. Here pitch extract help eliminates dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Whereas cucumber extract works as a toner and lavender extract removes fine lines.

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4. Organic Harvest Vitamin B Face Wash

Best Organic face wash

Organic harvest vitamin B face wash is the best chemical free face wash for oily skin. This 100% organic face wash fights pimples and painful acne.

Skin Types- Oily and Combination skin

  • Control excess oil.
  • Reduces pimples and acne.
  • Organic and free from chemicals.
  • Eliminates inflammation.

This organic face wash is rich in niacinamide which controls sebum production. Spinach which is an antioxidant kills bacteria that causes pimples and acne.

5. Juicy Chemistry Organic Face Wash

Best chemical free face wash

Introducing you to the new brand juicy chemistry. Their cosmetics are chemical free or less in chemicals.

This organic face wash is 100% natural and cruelty free. This is the dermatologically tested and irritation free face wash.

Skin Type- Normal to Combination skin

  • 100% natural and chemical free.
  • Gently clean skin and retain moisture.
  • Enhance natural glow of your face.

This chemical free face wash enriched with Saffron and Ylang oil keep skin nourished. Rich punicic acid, pomegranate seed oil present in this formula helps to reduce the breakdown of collagen fibres, and fights signs of aging to keep skin youthful glowing skin.

6. Evrycare Manjistha Ayurvedic Face Wash

Organic face wash
Natural face wash

This Rebalancing Ayurvedic gel facial cleanser gently Reduces Blackheads, blemishes and wrinkles.

Skin Types– Sensitive and Normal skin.

  • pH balanced.
  • Chemical free ayurvedic face wash.
  • Provides the goodness of vitamin E.
  • Reduces the sign of aging.
  • Keep skin tight and boost collagen production.

This face wash is blended with aloe vera and vitamin E. The main ingredients of this face wash are Manjistha, Coconut oil, Fenugreek, tulsi extract, Liquorice extract. They all are natural and organically harvested.

7. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing face wash

Chemical free natural face wash

This is another best chemical free face wash in India. This face wash is enriched with anti-bacterial tea tree oil.

  • Fight against aging.
  • Control acne.
  • Boost collagen production.

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8. BSD Organics Herbal face wash

BSD chemical free face wash

BSD organic herbal face wash is a bath powder made of Green Gram, Besan, Orange, Lemon, Neem & other herbal extracts Usage.

Skin Types- Normal skin to Combination skin.

  • Organic and chemical free face wash.
  • Stimulate collagen production.
  • Reduces wrinkles.
  • Keep skin pores clean.

9. Pavitra Organic Activated Charcoal Face Wash

Pavitra organic chemical free face wash

Pavitra organic activated charcoal face wash is made up of 100% natural ingredients and free of any harsh chemicals.

Skin Type- Oily skin

  • Activated charcoal deeply clean your face.
  • Fight against acne.
  • Control oil secration.
  • Deep hydration of the skin by special natural hydrating agents.
  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

10. WOW Skin Science Brightening Vitamin C Face Wash

Best chemical free vitamin C face wash
Best vitamin C face wash

Wow is a famous cosmetic brand for quality products. Their products are free from harsh chemicals. This face wash is natural and chemical free.

Skin Type- Oily and acne-prone skin.

  • Promotes collagen synthesis under the skin.
  • Bring brightness and fade out spots from face.
  • Rich in antioxidants that protect against free radicals.
  • Dermatologically tested.

This chemical free face wash contains mulberry, licorice extracts, vitamin c, lemon and orange essential oils which lightens and brightens skin tone, as well as detoxify your skin.

Last Line

Always use natural and chemical free cosmetics when it comes to beauty. It will suit you over a long time.

Don’t go for the chemical rich face wash to get the quick result. In the end, you will lose your natural skin tone.

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