10 Best Hand Wash in India

According to who every year 1.7 billion cases of illness like diarrhea are reported which are caused by hand germs. It is more prone to children than adults.

That’s why hand wash is very important to wipe out dirt and germs from hands and maintain good hand hygiene. A good hand wash can save you and your family from several types of illness and help you to maintain good health.

For that, you have to choose the best hand wash that cleans your hand well with care and leaving skin soft with a pleasant smell.

In this article, we will cover all about hand wash. Types of hand wash, how to pick the best hand wash on your own(buyers guide), a list of 10 best hand wash and some FAQ.

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Dove nourishing hand wash

Types of hand wash

Hand washes are three types.

  1. Normal Hand Wash or social Hand wash– There are hand washes which we generally use. This type of hand wash is made with soap and has a good germ cleaning power. They also have a great cleaning power too.
  2. Anti Bacterial Hand Wash– From their name you may undersand that their focus is to clean germs. They are not so effective to clean dirt. Instead they keep the dead body of germs on your hand. This types of hand wash use alcohol, chlorine or iodine as a germ destroyer.
  3. Sergical Hand Wash– This types of hand wash is most power ful for cleaning germs. They are used in medical perpose to clean dirt and germ from the operational instrument as well as hands of medical stuff.

How to choose the best hand wash on your own

Choosing the best and right-hand wash is simple and easy. To choose the right-hand wash you have to consider some points.

1. Skin Types

First, you have to know your skin type. All the hand wash does not make for all skin types. Some are specialized for sensitive skin some are for oily skin and some are for dry skin.

You have to buy the hand wash according to your skin type. If you have dry skin then go with mild and moisturize hand wash. For sensitive skin, use hand washes with fewer chemicals.

2. Cleaning Power

Cleaning power is a big factor for hand wash. Our main goal is to clean dirt and germ from our hands. Having high cleaning power in your hand wash gives you an edge on cleaning.

Hand wash having charcoal or salicylic acid or some other chemical cleaning ingredient is more powerful than those who do not have. But yes, they are slightly harsh in nature.

3. Safe for kids

Most of the hand wash contains chemicals. They are safe for adults. But sometimes they are not safe for kids. Kids have soft and gentle skin. Try to avoid chemicals like paraben, sulfate, alcohol. They can cause skin irritation.

4. Smell

Smell is one big factor you can consider. Having a gentle and mild smell will attract you over a bad and strong smell. Also, your kid will love to use hand wash frequently if it gives a good smell.

5. Value for money

Yes, You should look for a value for money hand wash. Don’t pay much for a hand wash. Rather than look what you are getting for what you are paying.

List of 10 best hand wash available in Indian Market with Price

Dettol pH-Balanced Skincare Liquid Handwash198 for 1500ml
Lifebuoy Total 10 Liquid Handwash179 for 1500ml
Dove Nourishing Liquid Hand Wash187 for 900ml
Palmolive Luminous Oils Invigorating Liquid Hand Wash362 for 500ml
Savlon Moisture Shield Germ Protection Liquid Handwash185 for 1500ml
Santoor Classic Gentle Hand Wash188 for 750ml
PEARS Moisturising Handwash164 for 900ml
Godrej Protekt Masterchef’s Germ Protection Liquid Handwash175 for 1500ml
Himalaya Pure Hand wash149 for 750ml
Himalaya Pure Hands Deep Cleansing Tulsi and Lemon Hand wash90 for 250ml
List of 10 best hand wash with price

1. Dettol pH-Balanced Skincare Liquid Handwash

Detol hand wash the best hand wash in india
Most trusted hand wash in india.

Dettol be 100% sure to protect your skin from thousands of illness-causing germs and bacteria. Dettol is the most trusted hand wash brand in Hindustan. Use this pH-balanced handwash every day and keep germs away from your family.

Dettol hand wash provides soft and rich lather which makes hands clean and leaves a good fragrance. The trusted germ-protection formula acts as a wall between your hands and a wide range of unseen germs.

Dettol handwash contains more than 85% naturally derived ingredients that made this hand wash safe for children.

2. Lifebuoy Total 10 Liquid Handwash

Lifebuoy hand wash for deep dirt cleaning.
Deeply cleans dirt and germs.

Lifebuoy is the World’s number 1 selling germ and dirt cleaning soap. It’s active formula wipes out 99.9% germ from your hands on every wash. Its deep cleaning nature makes this hand wash is one of the world’s strong and best hand-wash.

3. Dove Nourishing Liquid Hand Wash

The best nourishing hand wash
Best hand wash for dry skin

Dove Deeply Nourishing Hand wash combines a gentle cleansing formula with moisturizing cream to give you soft and smooth hands with every wash. It is specially made for dry skin. But as it is mild hence normal to sensitive skin owners can also use this hand wash.

Dove Hand wash is pH neutral and is a gentle cleanser. It keeps germs away and moisturizes hands with every wash.

4. Palmolive Luminous Oils Invigorating Liquid Hand Wash

Palmolive Luminous Oils Invigorating Liquid Hand Wash
Best smelling hand wash.

Palmolive luminous oils invigorating handwash is a well-semlled hand wash. You will get a natural smell after using this hand wash. It is specially made with a luxuriously rich blend of macadamia oil and peony extracts for your soft hands. This is the best smelling hand wash.

5. Savlon Moisture Shield Germ Protection Liquid Handwash

Savlon Moisture Shield Handwash
Hot Bed of Germs

Keep your family safe from millions of germs with savelon hand wash. It kills 99.99% of germs and keeps your hand safe. Also, its moisturizer formula helps to retain skin moisture.

6. Santoor Classic Gentle Hand Wash

Santoor Classic Gentle Hand Wash

Tough on germs, safe on hand. Santoor hand wash is activated with a Germ Shield and has Tulsi to protect your hands and Sandal to keep them soft. This hand wash doesn’t just clean your hands also its special ingredients keep the sensitive skin of your hands smooth, nourish.

7. PEARS Moisturising Handwash

PEARS Moisturising Handwash

For over 200 years, Pears has created products that are pure & gentle on your skin. Pears handwash is a gentle cleanser that washes away 99.9% of germs and leaves your hands soft, smooth and moisturized. Pears Pure & Gentle Handwash with 98% Pure Glycerine and natural oils for soft & smooth hands.

8. Godrej Protekt Masterchef’s Germ Protection Liquid Handwash

Godrej Protekt Masterchef’s Germ Protection Liquid Handwash

Godrej hand wash is unlike any other hand wash it does not contain harmful chemicals and is naturally derived. It washes the germs and dirt away. The goodness of Glycerin and essential oils leave your hands soft and fragrant full.

This product is 100% recyclable and 100% reusable. Also available in Protekt Masterblaster variant.

9. Himalaya Pure Hand wash

Himalaya pure hand wash
Power of tulsi for pure hands.

Himalaya pure hands wash provides the goodness of tulsi. purifying tulsi has the power of bacterial protection. This hand wash offers 99. 9 percent germ protection. Also, Himalaya pure hand wash has a skin-friendly pH level that keeps skin soft.

10. Himalaya Pure Hands Deep Cleansing Tulsi and Lemon Hand wash

Himalaya Pure Hands Deep Cleansing Tulsi and Lemon hand wash
Deep cleansing hand wash with the goodness of lemon and tulsi.

This is the last hand wash on this list of best hand wash in India. And this time it is from Himalaya. Back-to-back Himalaya hand wash takes place in this list due to its deep cleansing property.

This Himalaya lemon and tulsi hand wash provide you deep cleansing with germ protection. I have personally used this hand wash for last 6-months. And it is far better than lifebuoy hand wash.

It does not leave hands dry but does its work silently. Lemon is a big factor to choose this hand wash for me. It also, leave a lemon smell after every wash.

When to use Hand wash

It is a guide when to use hand wash.
When to use hand wash.

How to use Hand wash to get covered 360 degree of hand

How to use Hand wash 1

FAQ related to Hand wash

Which is the best hand wash to use?

The best nourishing hand wash

There is no hand wash which perfects for everyone. You have to buy hand wash according to your skin type and what types of hand wash you prefer. If you like mild cleansing and moisturized hand wash then go with Dove Deeply Nourishing Hand wash. Or if you like deep cleansing hand wash then go with Himalaya lemon and tulsi or Lifebuoy hand wash.

Is Dettol hand wash safe?

Yes, it is safe for adults as well as kids and old people too. You can use Dettol hand wash as your family hand wash. But keep it out of reach of kids. Kids can wash hand with Dettol with adults supervision.


These hand washes mentioned above are the best hand wash and have at least a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. Apart from these hand washes, you will get few good hand washes in the market. But before you buy them check the chemicals they used which are safe for your kids. And moreover, make sure you are buying a value for money product.

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