5 Best Health Drinks for Growing Kids

Health drinks play a big role to fulfill nutrients that are needed for child growth. Horlicks, complan, bournvita, boost are the most popular health drinks for growing children in the market.

If you look at the market then you will see the dozens of health drinks and every company advartise that their products are the best health drinks in the market for kids. But the ground reality is different.

As a chemist I suggest some parents to buy the right and best health drinks for their kids. But every time it is not possible to suggest everyone or some parents do not know which is the best health drinks for their growing children.

So, here in this article I am going to suggest you the 5 best health drinks for kids based on their ingredients and ground work. Lets begin-

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List of 5 best Health drinks for kids growth with price

In this article I have listed the health drinks top to bottom depending on the nutrients they provide and other supporting ingredients. So, the top one is my most preferred. If your child do not love the taste then you can check out anather flavor or different one.

1. PediaSure

PediaSure the best health drinks for kids

Pediasure is the number one pediatrician recommended health drink brand. It is a nutritional supplement that provides complete, balanced nutrition for children 2 years & above for rapid growth and development.

When consumed in proper amounts, PediaSure is scientifically formulated to provide 100% of the recommended dietary allowance for macro & micronutrients, vitamins & minerals that are required for growth and development.

Pediasure is made by the famous medicine company Abbott. It gives your kids 37 nutrients that help your child’s growth physically as well as mentally. Here is the list of ingredients and nutrients that pediasure provides-


  • Scientifically Formulated Health Drink For Children With 37 Vital Nutrients.
  • PediaSure helps brain development with linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, vitamin B12, folic acid, iron, iodine, choline and taurine.
  • Reduce infection and provides 50% more growth.

How to prepare pediasure drink

preparation of pediasure health drink

Safety Information

Pediasure is not an infant milk substitute or infant food. It is for children of 2 years and above. This food is by its nature gluten free. Not for children with galactosemia or lactose intolerance. Not for intravenous use.

2. Junior Horlicks

junior horlicks health drink for kids

Horlicks is the most popular kid health drink in India. Horlicks provides multiple health drinks for kids with various flavor. It is one of the best health drinks for kids.

Junior Horlicks Stage 1 & 2 contains protein and milk calcium that are known to be important for height gain, along with 6 Immuno-Nutrients known to aid healthy immune function.

By 6 years children achieve approximately 70% of their adult standing height. Junior Horlicks contains High protein and milk calcium important for bone growth essential for height gain.

Here is the list of nutrients that junior horlicks offer-

nutrients that junior horlicks provides

Benefits of junior Horlicks

  • Junior Horlicks contains 6 Immuno-nutrients: zinc, copper, selenium, vitamins A, C, E, known to aid in healthy immune function.
  • Provides balanced nutrients like carb, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.
  • With DHA & Choline to support optimal brain development.
  • Boost body growth by 70%( physically & mentally).

How to prepare Horlicks health drink

  1. Take 200ml of hot or cold milk.
  2. Add 23 g (approx 2-3 heaped spoonful) of Junior Horlicks while stirring to remove lumps.
  3. Recommended twice a day.

Safety Information

Junior Horlicks is safe to drink for kids. It is not a substitute for milk or any other food. So, feed your kids a balanced diet along with Horlicks. Horlicks is only a supportive health drink.

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3. Groviva Child Nutrition Supplement

Groviva child health drink

Now recently groviva started to capture the chield health drink market. Like horlicks, complan, boost it is also known as one of the best health drink for kids growth.

Groviva is a scientifically formulated nutritional supplement with 38 key nutrients to support cognitive function, natural immunity, normal growth and development ,gut health , bone health.

Groviva provides a good combination of nutrients. here is the nutrients value of groviva-

Groviva nutritional value

Benefits of Groviva child health drink

  • Groviva is a nutritional supplement that supports growth and development in children aged 2-12 year.
  • Makes child “Confident Inside and Active Outside”.
  • Provides a total of 38 Key Nutrients in Groviva meets RDA guidelines, that means the right splash of nutrition for overall growth & development.

How to prepare Groviva health drink

Preparation of Groviva health drink

Safety Information

This product is not a substitute of milk or any other food. Not recommended for children allergic to Soy & Milk. Not for children with galactosemia or lactose intolerance. Not recommended for under 2 years age kids.

4. Gritzo SuperMilk health drink

Screenshot 155

Gritzo is the best health drink for 8 to 12 years young athletics children. Gritzo is specially formulated for young athletic & sporty kids to help meet their daily nutrition needs to enhance their growth & development.

Gitzo provides 3 separate health drink for different age group kids. Gritzo loaded with essential nutrients that is needed. It contains calcium, vitamins D3, A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, E, K and biotin with Minerals & electrolytes like iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, chloride.

Here is the nutritional value that Gitzo provides-

Nutritional value of Gitzo health drink

Benefits of Gritzo health drink

  • Gitzo provides 34% of daily Protein and up to 100% of vitamins & minerals needed a 8-12 years kid. That boosts their growth and strength. Improves immunity, speeds up recovery from injury, and increases physical stamina.
  • Support brain development.
  • Makes kids bones strong and healthy.

How to prepare Gitzo health drink

  1. Add two scoops (30g) in a glass of milk(tastes best with cold milk)
  2. Stirred thoroughly until it dissolved.
  3. For best results, serve once a day or after kids are back from sports.

Safety Information

This is not a substitute of any food or drink. Not recommended for kids having galactosemia or lactose intolerance. Because it is made with milk protein.

5. Himalaya Quista Kidz

Himalaya quista kidz health drink

Quista Kidz health drink is scientifically made for growing children. It provides triple benefits to kids. This health drink is manufactured by the trusted brand Himalaya.

Here is the nutritional value of Quista Kidz-

Nutritional value of Quista Kidz

Benefits of Quista Kidz health drink

  • Triple benefits for all-round development in children
  • Supports active growth
  • Helps strengthen immunity
  • Helps improve learning and memory in children

How to prepare Quista Kidz health drink

preparation of health drink

Safety Information

Generally this health drink is safe to drink. But it is not recommend for lactose and galactose intolerance kids.

Q Do Your kid really need Health Drink???

The simple answer is No. It is not necessary to feed your kids health drink. Health drink is a supportive drinks that add some extra value in kids growth. If your kid eat balance diet then your kid do not require any health drink. Focus on your kids diet instead of health drink.


Apart from these five health drinks there are many health drinks and few of them are known as the best health drink for kids. Before buying any health drink check its label that this product is made for your kid.

If your child is lactose or galactose intolerance(which is rare case) then choose any health drink that is free from milk protein.

Don’t forgot health drink is a supporting drink that help child growth. With health drink your child need proper diet to get maximum benefits. Actually if your child eat proper food then he/she do not need health drink.

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