Best Milk in India-10 Organic & Commercial Brand

Milk is an essential dairy product for every Indian. It has many many benefits in human body. Milk contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, and many other essential ingredients that makes body strong.

But what’s happen if your milk is adulterated with detergent, caustic soda, urea and paint. Yes! it happens. A few months ago such a milk-producing factory finds out by Kolkata polish where milk is manufactured by glucose, soda, sugar and many other chemicals.

Drinking best milk and pure milk provides several health benefits where as drinking synthesis milk lead to many fatal disease. That’s why we are listed here best milk brand in India who provides pure and organic milk.

Before going to the list of best milk brand let’s know why you should add milk in your daily food. Also, I will discuss about types of milk and which types of milk is more nutritious and why?

Major Benefits of Drinking Milk

  1. Milk is a good source of complete protein.
  2. Milk contains omega 3 fatty acids that reduce bad fat and chance of heart disease.
  3. Milk is a rich source of calcium & phosphorus that strengthen bones and teeth.
  4. Milk is a good source of Vitamin D.

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Types of Milk

Milk Types

Types of Dairy Milk

Depending on the types of protein milk is two types. One is A1 and the other is A2. Milk contains two variants of important proteins – Casein and Whey. A1 and A2 are the two types of Beta-Casein protein.

A1 is the one found in the manufactured pouch milk, A2 can be found in many desi cow breeds, buffalo and goat milk.

Two types of milk A1 and A2
Types of milk depending on protein

List of the Best milk brand in India-Commercial Brands

these brands are well known and famous in India as well as in other big countries like US, Canada, Bangladesh and Western countries. They produce both A1 & A2 milk. Actually, their milk is a mix of two types of milk.

1. Amul

Amul milk
The most trusted and most selling dairy brand in India

Amul the taste of India” This brand is one of the oldest and best dairy brand in India. Amul is first established in Gujrat and now Amul is the highest milk producer in India.

Amul milk is cheap and quality milk. That’s why Amul sold its milk outside of India. Amul produces more than dozens of dairy product that is formed from the milk.

Demands of Amul products are so high that every month in our city new outlets are opened and consumers are happy with Amul’s products.

Amul milk and milk products are safe to consume. Amul products are approved by FDA. Here is the list of various dairy product Amul offer to their consumers.

Various dairy products offered by Amul.

2. Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy is the second largest & best milk-producing brand In India. This is a government-backed dairy company. This company is opened in 1974 in Uttar Pradesh to supply milk and dairy products to all over India.

Today this company sell milk product all over the world. They produce various types of dairy products to fulfill the consumption of dairy products among Indians. Here is the list of dairy products Mother dairy offer-

  • Plain Milk
  • Dahi
  • Lassi
  • Probiotic Milk
  • Flavoured Milk
  • Paneer
  • Butter
  • Bread
  • Ghee
  • Cheese
  • Fruit Yogurt
  • Cream
  • Edible Oils
  • Packed food products
  • Milk Shakes
  • Sweet

3. Nestle

Nestle is a multi nation company who produce food and drinks. Nastle milk is also quality milk. They provides A2 milk as well as A1 milk. Although their A2 milk is costly but good in quality.

Other products they sell in India are-

  • Baby Food
  • Coffee
  • Dairy products
  • Breakfast Cereals
  • Water bottle
  • Ice cream
  • Chocolates
  • Pet foods

4. Dairy Best

Dairy best milk

Dairy bestis famous in India and outside of India for the milk and other dairy products. It is having its head quarter in New Delhi, India. This is a sub-brand Kwality which of established in 1992 officially. It has reached states like UP, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Haryana. It is exported to more than 20 countries from India as India is a hub of animal milk.

They sell other products like-

  • Pure ghee
  • Cow ghee
  • Low colestorel ghee
  • Milk with extra vitamin D and Calcium
  • Flavoured milk
  • Curd
  • Lassi
  • Paneer
  • Butter
  • Milk powder

5. Omfed

OMFED milk brand

This is an Orisha-based milk-producing brand. They provide best milk in orisha and all over the country. It has come into existence to integrate the milk producers in rural areas with consumers in the urban areas with an enterprising attitude. It was established in 1985 and serving Indians with its nourishment and quality milk.

6. Vijaya milk

Vijoy Milk the best milk

7. Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation (PCDF)

PCDF milk

8. Nandini Milk

Nandini milk

Other products nandini milk provides-

Other products of nandini milk

9.  Srikrishna Milks Pvt Ltd

Srikrishna Milk

10. Dynamix Dairy

Dynamix Dairy Milk

Here is the list of Organic Milk

Organic milk are more nutritious and do not contains A1 protein. This milk is taken from desi cow, buffolow, desi cow breeds, cammel, and goats. They are A2 types milk and best for health.

Although they are high in price but you should favour A2 milk over A1 milk due to its taste and health benefits. Here is the list of organic best milk brand who provides pure and organic A2 milk.

1. Akshayakalpa

2. Annam Milk in Chennai

3.  Organic Milk in North Delhi, West Delhi and South Delhi

4. Pure Milk in Kolkata

5. Pride of Cows in Mumbai

6. Kesariya Farm in Mumbai

7. The A2 Dairy in Ranchi

8. Amrit Milk in Lucknow

FAQ’s Related to Best Milk in India

Which Brand Milk is Best?

Organic Milk brans provide A2 milk. A2 milk is the best quality milk. Recently Amul started to sell A2 milk separately. But the cost is high. Here is some best A2 milk bard-
1. Akshayakalpa
2. Annam Milk in Chennai
3.  Organic Milk in North Delhi, West Delhi and South Delhi
4. Pure Milk in Kolkata
5. Pride of Cows in Mumbai

Which is the best cow milk in India?

Desi cow milk is the best. A2 Dairy provides desi A2 milk. This milk is the best milk in India.

Which Brand milk is pure?

No brand provides pure milk. Organic milk brands provide A2 milk which is best in quality and good for health. But they do not provide raw and pure milk. So, you have to buy processing milk but buy organic milk.

Is Amul milk Pure?

No, Amul milk is not 100% pure. But safe to drink. Amul milk is a pasteurized milk that contains some preservatives. Also, Amul separates fat and adds some essential material to increase lifespan.

Which milk is best for health in India?

A2 types milk is best for health. This milk is free from A1 casein protein. A1 casein protein causes lactose intolerance, hard to digest and sometimes creates loose motion. A2 milk is extracted from desi cow, buffalo, camel, goat. Whereas A1 milk is produced by Cross cow and foreign breeds.

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