5 Best oil for Penis Growth in India

Do you suffer from low confidence due to your short size of penis? You are not alone. Most of the people in this world do not satisfied with their penis.

A long penis is not all to satisfying your partner in bed. It also depends on other factors. The average size of penis is 12 to 14 cm.

But, the majority of men wish they were a larger penis that helps in satisfying women. The most important thing with the length of penis is hardness, erection time, power of you and the thickness of the penis to satisfy your women.

Mind it, It is all about game of satisfaction. All women do not satisfy in the same way. Some want gentle sex and some like rough. So, keep your penis ready to deal with each situation.

Although penis growth oil does not grow your penis too long. But they help in improving the hardness, erection time and power of your penis. That makes a major difference from ever before.

In this article, I have shared five best oil for penis growth in India. Also, shared how these penis growth oils are beneficial to you?

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5 Best oil for penis growth in India

In Indian market, you will find dozens of penis growth oil. But, which oil is best for penis growth? Do you trust all penis growth oil?

Surely not, Here I have filtered the 5 best oil for penis growth that is recommended by experts.

1. Dr Vedic 100% Pure & Natural Oil For Male

Best oil for penis growth
Best choice for penis growth

In this list of penis growth oil Dr vedic pure and natural oil is my best choice. It is 100% natural and works best on penis enlargement.

It is a completely satisfying product for penis enlargement. Not only penis growth, it also works in penis hardness, improves ejection time and strengthens your penis.

This brand gives you a 20-day result Guarantee. This penis growth oil absorbs quickly and improves blood flow on penis that helping in penis growth.

Using Guide: Take 3-4 drops of Vedic natural penis growth oil & massage gently For 5-10 minutes Once A Day. To get the best result use this penis growth oil daily for at least 20 days.

2. Zidella AK-47 Ayurvedic Power Oil For Men

best penis growth oil

Zidella massage oil is formulated with key nutrients which has the ability to increase your confidence. It is the game of confidence.

This is one of the best oil for penis growth with ISO certified and completely free from chemicals.

Zidella AK-47 penis growth oil delivers you a good performance, Keeps you calm & relaxed, Increases blood circulation on penis, and makes your penis stronger and taller.

Its ancient Ayurvedic formulation works best without any harm. Zidella power oil is clinically tested for safety. You will get your confidence back after massaging on your penis.

Using Guide: Take 10 – 15 drops of zidella power oil on your palm and gently massage on your penis at bedtime.

3. Rudhfit Oil Make Longer and Stronger Herbal massage Oil for Men

Rudhfit Oil for penis growth

Rudhfit oil is again one of the best oil for penis growth and strength. It is very effective in treating male problems.

Rudhfit penis oil has herbs and no side effects on your body. Its main ingredients are Akarkara oil, Clove Oil, Virvahuti Oil, Malkangni oil.

The best quality ayurvedic herbs are used to make this penis growth oil. With the help of this ayurvedic oil you can easily make your penis longer and stronger.

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4. Herbal Veda Kama Sutra Gold Oil

Kama sutra oil for penis growth

Kama Sutra gold oil for penis growth is designed for men to experience a smooth glide, intense sensation and mental satisfaction.

The powerful ayurvedic ingredients of Kama sutra power oil makes it one of the best oil for penis growth.

This penis enlarging oil contains Kaunch Beej, Ashwagandha, Jaiphal, Akarkara, Sesam Oil and other high-quality herbs extract.

This special formula of this penis oil gives a hardcore build of your penis when erect.

Using Guide: Apply kama sutra penis oil twice a day. In morning & bed time.

5. Dabur Shrigopal Tail

Dabur penis enlargement oil

This is the last best oil for penis growth on our list. And this time from Dabur a trusted and well-known brand.

Dauber shrigopal penis oil is a mixture of five herbs. Til tail, Shatavari, kooshmanda, amlaki and ashwagandha.

This oil increases blood flow and strengthens your penis. Applying Dabur Shri Gopal penis oil makes your penis smooth and helps grow length and width.


We understand your daily life is stressful which causes you poor performance. Do not expect overnight magic by using these penis massage oil. But these oils will help you experience smooth glide and will boost your confidence so that you can deliver your best.

Choose the best oil for penis growth with no or minimal chemicals. Penis growth oil boosts your confidence and you will perform well in bed.

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