12 Best soap for men in India 2021

best soap for men in India in 2021

Bath is incomplete without soap. To clean body thoroughly you need a good shop that cleans your skin without leaving skin dry & rough. Men’s skin is different than women’s so, any soap that makes for women does not very effective for men.

Yes, Men skin also needs to treat like women, Even men need to care about their skin more than women as men spend a lot of time outdoor. Soap is a good option to clean skin as well as it is cost-effective too.

Here in this article, I present to you 11 best soap for men available in India. The soaps mentioned in this blog are in sloid form and personally used by me and good in quality. If you want a pH-balanced liquid soap to clean your body then check out best shower gel for men post.

Here is my top 3 preferred soap for you

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Here is the list of 10 best soap for men in India with price list

The price mention in this article taken from the printed price. So, don’t be panic. You will gat a big discount when buying from amazon or any other online platform.

1. The Man Company Charcoal Soap

The men company charcoal soap for men is the best soap for men in india
The king of dirt cleaning soap for men

The men company is famous for quality products specifically for men. This soap is 100% natural handmade soap that exfoliates skin and removes dirt, oil as well as blackheads also. This is the best soap for men own oily skin.

This charcoal soap deeply cleans and takes out toxins from skin due to the powerful cleansing properties of activated charcoal. Its anti-bacterial properties kill germs and fight against acne. After bathing with this soap your skin feels a fresh and cooling effect.

Price- Bar of 125g for 250 rupees.

  • Deeply clean your skin.
  • Removes blackheads.
  • Keep your skin germ-free.
  • Fight against acne.
  • Not for dry skin.
  • Costly soap.

2. Park Avenue Good Morning Soap For Men

Parka Avenue premium soap for men. The best soap for men who love strong fragrance.
Favorite choice of men

Park avenue soap is famous for premium fragrant. This is the best soap for men who love a strong smell. Women and men love the fragrance most. That’s why this is the most preferred soap by men.

Its strong and aromatic fragrance not just bloom while bathing but will stick on skin for a long time and provides feeling of freshness.

This soap enriched with tea tree oil, which is an anti-bacterial and thus ensures 100% germ protection. loaded with shea butter that provides moisture to the skin.

Price– 3 piece(125g each) for 141 rupees. If you buy now you will get one soap free with 3 soaps.

  • Comes with strong premium smell that lasts long on body.
  • Provides fresh feeling for a long time.
  • Clean germs.
  • Take care of your skin moisture.
  • Decay so quick in water.

3. Bombay Shaving Company Menthol Refreshing Bath Soap for men

best menthol fresh soap for men

This Mumbai-based company makes cosmetics for men only. This is a handmade soap made of 100% natural ingredients that refreshes skin when bath with revitalizes and restores your skin tone. It is Infused with menthol to leave you feeling minty fresh.

Menthol Refreshing bath soap contains organic Poppy seeds that help exfoliate dead skin cells where as menthol works to soothe itchiness, redness and sunburn.

Price– Pack of 3 soap(100g each) for 585 rupees.

  • Handmade soap that used natural ingredients.
  • Provides menthol cooling effect.
  • Removes dead skin cells and unclog pores.
  • Price is too high.

4. Fiama Cooling Gel Bathing Bar

Fiama cooling soap for men
Best cooling soap for summer

Beat the scorching summer heat and keep yourself cool with Fiama’s new variant ‘Fiama Cool‘.

Fiama cool is specially made for summer that cools down the body temperature by three degrees instantly. This soap is formulated with a mixture of magnolia and menthol, is supposed to chill & energize. This soap also restores and refreshes your skin while helping you stay cool in the sweltering summer heat. The product is suited for both men and women with an active lifestyle.

  • Reduce body temperature instantly.
  • Keep skin well cleaned and germ free.
  • Work as skin conditioner.
  • Has a mood freshning fragrance.
  • Very soft soap, Decay quickly.

5. Biotique Bio Orange Peel Revitalizing Body Soap

biotique bio Biotique Bio Orange Peel Revitalizing Body Soap is the Best organic soap for men
Best ayurvedic soap

Biotique bio is recently famous for its quality ayurvedic cosmetics. This soap is blended with ayurvedic ingredients like santra, chilika, ritha, jata mansi, akrot dana ,neem chal and Haldi.

The blending of orange juice, orange zest, musk root, makes this soap special. This soap cleans your skin smoothly leaving a good mild fragrance. Its gentle peeling action helps speed up cell renewal.

Price- pack of 150g for 90 rupees.

  • Ayurvedic soap made of natural ingredients.
  • Gentle peeling action helps speed up cell renewal.
  • Work on skin whitening.
  • Leave a mild fragrance.
  • Produce less lather.

6. Liril Lemon & Tea Tree Soap

Liril Lemon & Tea Tree Soap, Maintains Oil Balance For Fresh And Moisturized Skin

You will experience a blast of lemon freshness with liril lemon and tea tree oil. The lemon and tea tree oil ingredients in this soap give you instant freshness after every shower that last all the day.

Liril lemon & tea tree oil soap ensures that your skin gets the best care, stays fresh and maintains oil balanced. It effectively removes dirt and germs from your skin and keeps the skin well sanitized throughout the day.

Price– pack of 3 soap(125g each) for 153 rupees. If you buy now you will get one 75g of soap absolutely free.

  • It keeps your skin well sanitized.
  • Lemon effect fades black spot and helps skin whitening.
  • Gives a good fragrance that lasts all day.
  • Not for very dry and sensitive skin.

7. Ustraa Deo Soap For Men With Sea Minerals

Ustraa Deo Soap For Men With Sea Minerals

Ustra deo soap is one of the best soap men for its aroma as well as price tag. This is a triple-milled soap with deodorizers and sea minerals that helps skin in retaining moisture and keep it healthy.

This soap cleans your skin well and gives a fresh aquatic fragrance that lasts long after your bath and keeps skin fresh and energetic.

Price– ustra deo soap comes with pack of 8(100g each) for only 440 rupees.

  • Deodorizing Soap For Men.
  • Keep skin fresh, clean and energetic.
  • Price is undervalued.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • No cons i found.

8. Man Arden Eucalyptus & Spearmint Handmade Luxury Soap

Man Arden Eucalyptus & Spearmint Handmade Luxury Soap for men
Luxury soap for men

Man arden eucalyptus soap is the best soap for men who want world-class skin cleaning experience with soap. This hand-made soap is a blend of eucalyptus and spearmint essential oil that gives the soap a pleasant & rejuvenating fragrance.

This soap soothes, hydrates, nourishes and softens your skin. Antioxidant-rich soap strengthens the skin’s defensive barrier function, fight against bacteria, fungus. It restores the softness of skin from dry and dull skin.

Kaolin clay present in this soap absorbs grease and excess oils thus moisture balance of your skin is restored quickly. This soap is free from harmful ingredients and is useable for all skin types.

Price– 1 bar of 125g for 275 rupees.

  • Handmade soap with no harmful chemicals.
  • Used multiple numbers of essential oil that restore skin health.
  • pH balanced soap.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Best luxury soap for men.
  • Price is too high.

9. AE NATURALS Crystal Q Skin Care Soap For Men

AE NATURALS Crystal Q Skin Care Soap For Men
Best skin whitening soap for men

Ae naturals crystal Q skincare soap is one of the best skin whitening soap for men. As well as it keeps skin clean and germ-free. As it is a skin whitening soap its price is a little bit high.

This soap is specially made for men’s skin, with the perfect combination of herbal formulas like kojic acid, licorice, almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, that makes skin bright and balanced skin moisture.

Price– one bar of 135g for 499 rupees.

  • Men soap with herbal ingredients and essential oil combination.
  • Improves skin texture & makes skin bright.
  • Controls pigmentation, dark spots and reduces pimple marks.
  • Price is too high.

10. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Soap

Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Soap

Wild stone soap is very popular among Indian youth. This soap is made from kokum butter that retains your skin moisturizer. It leaves a long-lasting fragrance on your skin.

Wild stone soap deeply clean your skin and gives you a fresh and cooling feeling.

Price– 50 rupees for 125 g of bar.

  • Deep cleanses pores and removes excess oil and dirt.
  • Adds moisture to the skin.
  • Helps make skin softer smoother after every bath.
  • It decays quickly when contact with water.

11. Beardo Activated Charcoal Brick Soap

Beardo Activated Charcoal Brick Soap
Deep cleaning soap

Beardo charcoal brick soap is a one-stop solution for men who has no time to take care of skin. Its activated charcoal formula go deep into the skin and removes dirt, pollution, toxic from the skin and unclog skin pores.

This soap is mixed with sugar, aloe vera, patchouli oil & glycerin that removes dead skin layer and keeps skin moisture.

Price– set of 2(125g each) for 390 rupees.

  • Controls oil & removes dirt.
  • Deep cleanses skin pores and leaves skin clean and clear.
  • Provides natural glow to your skin.
  • Refines skin texture and exfoliates dead cells.
  • Price is high.

12. Aramusk Force Men Bath Soap by Wipro

Aramusk Force Men Bath Soap by Wipro

This is the last soap in this list of best soap for men in India. And it coming from Wipro who is famous in the informational technology sector. This soap is made for men who works for this company. This soap is also available in market.

Although aramusk men soap is a mild cleanser soap, it clean skin well and leaves a mild fragrance that lasts long on your skin.

Price– pack of five 75g each for 250 rupees.

  • Clean skin without leaving skin dry.
  • An exclusive fragrance that brings you freshness and confidence.
  • Mild cleanser soap.


These soaps mention above are best soap for men, good in quality and tested by me. Apart from them, there are so many soaps in the market which are also used for men and good in quality.

Before you buy any soap please make sure that you pay for what you need. That means choosing the soap according to your skin type. Do not pay much for luxury soap, because in the end, you will find that they are overpriced.

If you have dry or sensitive skin then choose some mild cleansing soap. If you are finding a soap that is suitable for winter and dry skin then read our article best soap for winter season in India. Otherwise, you can go with any soap mentioned above because all are best soap for men.

Which Soap is best for men?

Everyone requires different soap based on their skin type. So, no one can say that this particular soap is best for every man? But yes, if you have normal to combination skin then any charcoal soap will be best for you. But if you have dry skin then choose a mild cleansing soap that retains moisture to your skin.

Which Soap is best for daily use?

If you want to use soap daily then go for a mild cleansing soap like wild stone, park avenue, fiama, dove and others. These soaps clean your skin without leaving skin dry. Also, they provide germ protection and good fragrance that last long.

Which is the best soap for oily skin?

Oily skin is more prone to attract dirt and acne. So, you need a deep cleansing soap that deeply clean dirt, unclog pores and fight against acne. Charcoal soaps are great for this purpose. They have activated charcoal which goes deep into skin and takes out all the dirt & acne from the skin.
You can prefer the men company charcoal soap, beardo charcoal soap or any other charcoal soap from a different brand.

Shibaprasad, chemist and health blogger. Interested to serve knowledge among people. His study in chemistry helps him to dig into health and beauty products. He has 5+ years of experience in handling chemicals and drugs. Share his experience for knowledge and awareness purposes.

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