10 Best Tea Brand in India 2021

In modern life tea becomes a part of daily life. From office meetings to family conversation tables tea is present everywhere.

Tea is a good drink for refreshment and energy in your boring work. Sometimes it is an emotion for old age people.

There are handsful reasons to drink tea. If you know the health benefits of drinking tea you may be started drinking tea.

Do you know India is the second biggest tea producer in the world after China? And Darjeeling tea is famous for its taste and aroma.

Per year India produces nearly 13.7 lack metric tons of tea. So, why do we consume bad quality tea? As a producer, we should consume the best quality tea.

Depending on the harvesting, Chemical composition, place of growing, pesticide use, color, aroma tea are different types. Here is the list of 10 best tea brand in India.

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Benefits of drinking tea

Drinking the best tea powder from the best tea brand delivers the benefits like-

  • Keep you active, alert and energetic.
  • Tea contains antioxidents that prevent cancer.
  • Reduce the harmful chemicals in your body.
  • Help in weight loss.

Here is the list of top 10 best tea brand in India

In India, you will find some organic and inorganic tea packets from different brands. Some are really good and some are not. Here I have covered some of the best tea brands among them.

1. Organic India Tea Brand

best tea brand in India as a organic tea
Best organic tea brand

I love organically grown tea. It is free from pesticides and chemicals. Organic India is my first choice for the best organic tea in India.

You can expect natural flavor and aroma from this best tea brand in India. The added tulsi, ginger, turmeric will give you some extra benefits as well as the aroma.

  • Country of origin- India.

This organic tea reduces all types of stress and makes you feel relaxed, energizing. The blend of tulsi and tea boost stamina, improve metabolism, strengthens the immune system.

Organic tea is rich in antioxidants that help fight illness, common cold and cough, joint pains.

2. Red Label tea Brand

Red Label tea brand

Red label is a famous tea brand in India. Most of the people in India drink their tea. They have a 7% market share in India.

Red label tea brand in under HUL. Red label provides quality tea with actual aroma.

  • Have a big market share.
  • Provides quality tea.
  • Perfect blend of fresh green tea leavs.
  • Packed with antioxidents.

3. Taj Mohol

Taj Mahol tea brand in India

Taj Mohol is another HUL product. This brand operating in India since 1966 and own the trust and love of Indian peoples.

Taj Mohol offers a wide range of tea flavors with a great Hindustani taste.

  • Unique flavor and aroma.
  • Perfect blend of tea powder.
  • Comes with different flavors.
  • High quality tea.

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4. Tata Tea

best quality tea brand is tata tea

Tata the Sun of India. This multi-billion brand is present everywhere to serve Indian people. From kitchen to producing building they produce each and every quality product with expertise and love.

Tata tea is one of the best tea brand in India. This top tea brand provides fresh tea leaves and green tea with the natural aroma.

  • Assam and dargelling tea.
  • Provides actual fresh tea.
  • Less chemical is added.
  • Good in taste and aroma.

5. Lipton Tea Brand

Best green tea brand in the world

Do you love green tea? If yes then you know the brand and their tea. Lipton is famous for its fresh green tea.

Lipton also produces normal tea with highly fortified tea leaves. They provide tea powder as well as tea solid.

This Uk based brand comes to India in 1890 and spreads their business quickly.

  • Provides best quality green tea.
  • Tea with Zero calorie.
  • Best tea for weight loss.
  • Packed with antioxidents,

Lipton is now workig under Hundusthan Unilever in India. And HUL itself holds 27% of the market share of Indian tea market.

6. Wagh Bakri Tea

best tea brand in India

Wagh Bakri tea brand is an old tea brand in India. But their business is limited in Gujrat, Delhi, Uttarpradesh and other few states of India.

They use Assam tea to produce their tea powder. Assam tea is famous for rich antioxidants.

  • Rich taste and color.
  • Fresh leaves and less chemcals.
  • Affordable price.

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7. Tea TrunkĀ 

Tea Trunk tea brand

Tea trunk is a young tea brand in India. It is started in 2013 and still, now they have sold millions of tea packets in India.

Although this tea brand does not have a presence in many big cities but won the heart of tea lovers by its true taste and aroma.

  • Organic tea brand.
  • Provides rich aroma tea.
  • Good in quality and package.

8. Glendale Tea

Glendale Superior Black Tea

Gendal tea is one of the best tea brand in India. They provide good tea solids and powders.

Glendale tea is of high quality and has medicinal effects. It can protect you from cold, cough and provide relief from throat irritation.

  • Good quality tea.
  • Raw tea powder.
  • Strong aroma.
  • Anti aging tea.

9. Pataka Premium

Pataka premium tea attracts with its aroma. It is started in India in 1952 and serves millions of people in India.

They use western ghat tea to produce tea powder. These tea are naturally grown and good in overall quality.

  • Western Ghat tea.
  • Rich aroma.
  • Overall rice is resonable.
  • Quality is good.

10. Tetley

Tetley tea

Tetley tea is the last best tea brand present in our best tea brands list. You will find Tetley was a salt company in its beginning phase.

This Uk based tea brand is most famous in Uk and Canada. In India Tetley tea sells under the big umbrella of HUL.

This tea brand owns the Indian hearts for its good flavor and overall quality. You will find Tetley tea in every big city in India.

  • Good quality tea.
  • Good aroma and taste.
  • Rich in antioxidents.
  • Works as energy booster.

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Types of tea in India

You want to buy the best tea in India. But do you know which type of tea is best for you? Or which types of tea do you love? Do you want a rich aroma or want a good taste or want the medicinal property?

For each purpose, there are separate types of tea. Now, let’s know the types of tea available in India.

1. Green tea

Green tea is the pure form of tea leaves. It has a bitter taste. Today, green tea become the most popular tea.

Due to its medicinal property and high in antioxidants health experts and fitness enthusiasts are consuming green tea.

Green tea helps in weight loss, reduces free radicals, and slows down aging problems.

2. Masala Tea

Do you love the rich taste and strong aroma? Then masala tea is the best tea for you. You will find many masala teas in India.

Mosala tea is added several herbs to increase its taste, aroma and make it more healthy. Herbs like tulsi, ginger, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, etc.

Masala tea is best in winter and provides relief in cold and cough. Taz Mohol is one of the best masala tea brand in India.

3. Black Tea

Black tea is the common tea in India. Most of the people drink black tea. Black tea is prepared from the dry leaves of the tea trees and is in pure form.

Black tea is available in the market in powder and solid form.

4. Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is also like masala tea. Here in herbal tea some herbs are blended with tea powder to boost its energetic power.

Adding herbs not only boost the tea taste and aroma also increases the healthiness of tea.

Drinking herb tea help fight some common diseases. Herbs tea are more strong which keeps you alert in every situation and helps reduce stress.


In India, you will find huge tea brands and most of them are good in quality. Just choose the types of tea you want and pick the best tea brand whom you trust.

Choosing the best tea brand in India is not difficult. Look at the level for the composition. Choose the organic tea which is best for your health.


Do not drink more than 2-3 cups of tea every day. Tea contains tannin which is good in small amounts. Drinking more than 3 cups of tea every day can cause sleeping disruption.

Also, tea contains some natural agent which prevents nutrient absorption in your gut. So, drink tea in limit.

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