Boost Vs Bournvita Which is Better Health Drink

In modern days Every parent is aware of their kid’s health. It is a big responsibility of parents to provide their child a healthy life. And here health drink comes to the mind of every parent.

You will find dozens of health drinks in every market all over the world. Each and every company are busy presenting their health drink as the best health drink for kids. But the reality is different!!

In this article, I am going to compare two health drinks Boost vs Bournvita. And at the end, you will find the answer for what you are landing on this page.

So, before starting the comparison of Boost vs Bournvita i want to show you the ingredients and nutrients different of both Bournvita and Boost.

Ingredients Of Boost Health Drink

These are the ingredients that made boost health drink
Ingredients of Boost health drink

Nutritional Value & Nutrients present in Boost

Read the ingredients, nutrients and nutritional value of Boost carefully. It will help you further to understand the comparison between Boost and Bournvita.

Now, it’s time to show you the ingredients and nutritional value of Bournvita.

Here is the Ingredients of Bournvita

Bournvita ingredients
Ingredients of Bournvita

Nutritional Value of Bournvita

Bournvita nutritional Value

Now comes to the main comparison Boost vs Bournvita

1. Ingredients

First, compare the ingredients of both boost and bournvita-

  • For both boost and bournvita the major ingredient is caremal extract. They both contains milk solid, vitamins, minerals, flavour, protein isolate, sugar and coca powder. So, their ingredients are almost same.
  • In boost they use 6% of milk solid whereas bournvita did not disclose the persentage of milk solid. Having higher amount of milk solid better is the health drink.
  • In boost there is soya protein isolate as a source of protein on the other hand bournvita does not disclose which protein isolate they used. Soya protein is not a complete source of protein nor it is a first class protein that contains all the essential amono acids.

2. Energy

When you feed your kid health drink you expect your kid feel energetic all the time.

  • Here from the ingredients you can see that Bournvita contains liquid glucose that means gives some extra energy.
  • As we expect you can see that bournvita provides 391 Kcal of energy which is higher than boost 373 Kcal.

3. Protein

Protein is the key nutrient that builds the body structure, helps muscle building, helps brain development, grows taller, stronger and many other things.

  • As you can see that Bournvita gives 7 g of protein per 100g where as Boost does not disclose its quantity.
  • None of them does not provides the first class protein. According to me you should prefer Bournvita as they disclose the amount of protein. God knows how much protein boost provides you? At lest for bournvita you are aware of the amount of nutrients your child consumes.

3. Vitamins

Vitamins are the most important helping food after energy food. Vitamins have a very crucial role to maintain body healthy and fit.

  • Both Boost and Bournvita contains B vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12. Vitamin C, D, E and K.
  • But Bournvita contains slightly high numbers of vitamins. Also, Bournvita provides you the amount of vitamins they provides.

3. Minerals

Minerals are important to maintain body function properly and Brain development.

  • Both boost and bournvita provides a huge numbers of minerals. But Again Bournvita provides the value of all the minerals not boost.

4. Fat

There are two types of fat one is good fat and the other is bad fat. Fat is essential to cover your body structure and gives them a good shape and look.

Having good fat on the body protects your internal organs. Also, it enhances the look of your skin. Because collagen produces from it which keeps skin lively and glow.

  • Both of them contains low amount of fat which is good for your child. And yes bournvita brovides you hight quality fat than boost.

5. Sugar

Yes, it is also an important ingredient that you should look for in every health drink. Each and every health drink contains a high amount of sugar to sweeten drik.

Lower the amount of sugar is better for kid’s health. Sugar reacts with collagen and breaks down collagen. Also, your child may also addict to sugar which is not a good habit. Sugar provides a high amount of energy that also can lead you kid obesity.

  • Boost and Bournvita both contains sugar. Boost contains only 9.5g of sugar whereas Bournvita contains 37g of sugar which is huge huge amount. It is the main drawback of Bournvita.

My Opinion

I am sure, after reading till here you may not need my opinion.

If you ask me then I will advise you do not to buy any of them for your kid. Instead, go with Complan or Grovita, or Pediasure. Why do you compromise the health of your future generation for saving few rupees?

Complan, Pediasure , Grovita provides first-class protein, high amount of vitamins and minerals, less amount of sugar for few rupees extra. So, why do not choose them?

Read our best health drink for kid article. It will help you to choose a good health drink.

If you want the comparison then read Horlicks vs Complan vs Bournvita article.


In this article, i was trying to show you the reality of Boost vs Bournvita. Now you are free to choose any of them from Boost vs Bournvita.

But ask yourself first, Do your child really need any health drink for a healthy life. Surely not!! Because all the nutrients health drink provides are available on foods like milk, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables.

I am not against health drinks. If your kid needs health drink then provide your kid. It will surely help your kid to stay healthy.

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