Coconut oil for hair- Benefits, Using guide, Side effect + tips

Coconut oil is a very popular and easily available oil that is used for hair. Coconut oil is used for hair treatment especially dull and freezy hair from long long years ago.

Using coconut oil on hair can give you several benefits to your hair as well as scalp. The best part of coconut oil is it works for all hair types.

Now the question is what is the benefit of using coconut oil on hair? Can other hair oil give the same benefits as coconut oil?

I am going to answer every question arises in your mind. So, let’s start with the very popular question that comes often to mind-

Why use coconut oil instead of other hair oil when it comes to protect your hair?

When it comes to protecting your hair from damage, protein loss, roughness then no oil can match coconut oil and all in one solution than others like castor oil, sunflower oil.

Study on several oils shows that coconut oil can protect protein loss and makes hair healthy, shiny than other oils.

Another study shows that coconut oil makes dull, freezy hair lively and smooth. Where as mineral oil, sunflower oil, and other hair oils are not so effective as coconut oil.

The main reason behind this outstanding performance than any other hair oil is its chemical structure.

Coconut oil is made up of a medium-chain fatty acid called lauric acid. This gives coconut oil a short-chain structure. Which is more easily absorbed deep into the hair and scalp.

Whereas mineral oil, sunflower oil contains linoleic acid. Due to the much bulkier structure of linolic acid, it is not absorbed easily into the hair.

Therefore oils like mineral oil and sunflower oil and other hair oil only coat the hair, but they aren’t absorbed as well into the hair shaft.

Types of coconut oil and which types of coconut oil is best for hair?

Mainly coconut oil is 3 types. Before you buy the best coconut oil for your hair treatment you should know Which types of coconut oil works best for hair-

Organic Coconut oil

Organic coconut oil is made from pure coconut by some organic coconut process. This oil is free from chemicals but may add some natural preservatives to extend its life.

These types of coconut oils are good for hair treatment.

Cold pressed coconut oil

This type of coconut oil is also 100% pure coconut oil and made from dry coconut by cold-press method. This process does not require heat and generally processes under 20 C. So, all the natural nutrients are present here.

This type of oil is called extra virgin coconut oil and is best for hair. But their life span is limited.

Refined coconut oil

Refined coconut oil is a mixture of coconut oil, mineral oil, and some petroleum products to maintain aroma and texture. They are heavily mixed with chemicals and not for hair and skin treatment.

6- Major Benefits of coconut oil

Using coconut oil will provide you multiple direct and indirect benefits. You will observed some benefits at a short time and some at a long time use.

Coconut oil makes hair strong, long and healthy

Here is some major benefits of using coconut oil.

1. Protect hair from damage

As i say early coconut oil contains mediun chain fatty acid. It coat hair and prevent protein loss from hair.

Loss of hair protein is the main cause of hair damage. Lauric acid contains in coconut oil go depp into the hair stuff. Help hair protein strenghtening and control hair damage.

2. Protect hair from sun damage

Coconut oil has natural UV rars filter ability. Using small amount of coconut oil before going outdoor protect your hair from the hars ness of UV rays.

UV rays bleach hair and fade your hair color, damage shiningness even exposure to sun at a long time permananety damage your hair root and scalp.

Damaging hair root and scalp health can lead excessive hair loss even parmanent blandness.

Coconut oil has at least SPF 8. So, puting coconut oil will definetely help to control hair damage from Sun rays.

3. Help hair growth and support long and thich hair

Study shows that coconut oil is more effective in hair growth than sunflower oil and mineral oil. Coconut oil prevents protein loss, remove excessive sebum from scalp and boost fast hair growth from the root.

Coconut oil contains some essential minerals and small to medium chain fatty acid that is easily absorbed by scalp and promote fast hair growth.

4. Prevent lice

Lice are the cause of growing fungus on the scalp. Growing fungus on scalp damage scalp health.

Lice and dandruff is common one of the main cause of hair loss for most of the people.

Antibacterial properties of coconut oil stop the spreading of yeast and fungus on the scalp thus prevent lice and dandruff that control hair loss.

5. Supply nourishment to hair and keep hair smooth, soft & shiny

Coconut oil is a well of moisture. Applying coconut oil not only provides nourishment to hair also keeps scalp hydrated.

Healthy and nourish hair looks shiny and smooth.

6. Prevent premature hair graying

Hair bleaching and hair damage is the main cause of premature hair discoloring. Applying coconut oil protects hair from hair discoloring by coating a layer on every hair from top to bottom.

Right way of using coconut oil to get all the fits of coconut oil

Benefits of coconut oil are amazing. Want to get all the benefits of using coconut oil?

Follow these tips. Otherwise you can miss some goodness of coconut oil.

  • Cocosoul pure coconut oil
  • Organic virgin cold press coconut oil from Harvest brand
  • 100% pure virgin coconut oil
  • Fresh coconut oil is best for hair treatment

1. As a Hair mask

Using coconut oil as a hair mask is a smart choice. To use coconut oil as a good air mask follow these steps-

  • Slightly warm coconut oil
  • Rub coconut oil on hair
  • Leave it for few houes or over night.

Don’t forget to wash your hair with mild shampoo before going outdoor. You can also mix some powder to make a paste with coconut oil.

2. As a Conditioner

Natural coconut oil is a good substitute of chemical hair conditioners. It restores moisture to hair and scalp after washing with shampoo.

  • First wash your hair with shampoo
  • Then apply coconut oil on hair thoroughly and leave for few minutes
  • Wash off your hair

3. For Scalp Treatment

As you read early coconut oil works on treating scalp Itachi, lice and dandruff. Slightly warm coconut oil. Apply on scalp. Leave it for few hours or overnight. Wash your hair next morning.

4. As a pre wash hair protector

Do not want to lose hair nourishment or do not want to put your hair harsh. Apply coconut oil before cleaning your scalp with soap or shampoo. It protects hair damage from the inner.

5. As a sun Protector

You know coconut oil has its UV rays protection power. Apply coconut oil 30-60 minutes before exposure to sun. You can also apply mixture of sunscreen and coconut oil on skin to protect skin from UV rays damage.

How much oil you require depends on your hair volume, Hair size means how long and short your hair is.

Give some time to absorb oil to your hair and scalp after applying coconut oil.

Is there any bad effect of applying coconut oil on hair and scalp?

Using coconut oil for hair and scalp treatment is safe.

But applying excess amounts of coconut oil can cause problems.

  • Don’t apply much amount of coconut oil for a better result. It will attract excess polution and make your hair dirty and freeze.
  • Excess oil make your scalp oily, clog the hair roots, Produce excess sebum that is not good for scalp health.
  • Use coconut oil as a skin protector with mixting sun cream if you have a dry skin. Don’t try it if you are a woner of oily skin.

Tips For better use of coconut oil for hair

As I promise, I am going to share some tips with you that surely help you to better handling coconut oil for hair treatment.

1. Use Small amount of coconut oil

Before every use of coconut oil on scalp or hair make sure you are using the right amount of oil. I suggest you, use slightly less amount of oil than you require.

It makes you comfortable to carry oil on hair overnight. Also, applying small amount of oil boosts hair shine.

2. Leave coconut oil for overnight

Although it is said that coconut oil is made of small fatty acid chain and absorbs quickly but it takes few hours to absorb completely.

So, after applying leave overnight to absorb it better.

3. Use pillow cover

Before putting your head on pillow cover it with a pillow cover. Pilows are not washable. It is sure that some oil will go to the pillow and make it dirty. Covering pillow by a cover prevents it and can wash your pillow cover.

4. Warm coconut oil slightly before applying

Warming coconut oil will active all the ingredients on it. But do not overheat coconut oil. Also, do not use hot coconut oil on hair and scalp.

5. Use coconut oil #3 times a week

You do not need to apply coconut oil every day on your scalp or hair. Using 3 to 4 times or even 2 times a week gives you a better result.

6. Wash your scalp and hair throughly with shampoo

Yes, it is mandatory to wash your hair and scalp with shampoo after every time you apply coconut oil. Coconut oil attracts some pollution from hair. To remove them you need to wash your hair with shampoo.

Which coconut oil I use to treat my scalp and hair

Best coconut oil for hair and skin

Yes, I also use coconut oil on my hair. It is a very good and extra virgin coconut oil that fulfill all the requirement I need.

  • Free from mineral oil.
  • Contains 63% of medium fatty acid chain.
  • 100% pure and cold press oil.

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