Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk which is better

Milk is a superfood that contains most of the vitamins and minerals. From the long long years ago people consuming milk for good health. There are many products that are made from milk and they are equally healthy.

In the modern-day, we have two sources of milk. One is plant milk and the other is animal milk. In developed countries, they talk about animal rights and slowly moving to plant milk. But in developing countries like India, China, Bangladesh we consume animal milk.

Animal milk is tasty, nutritious and cheap than vegan milk. We have few animals like goats, cows and buffaloes for supplying milk demand.

Here in this article, I am going to discuss cow milk vs buffalo milk. Which one is more nutritious, tasty, and good for children, adults and old age.

Before I started I want to say you again that all milk is nutritious and good for health. Some milk is good for children, some are good for adults. Goat milk is good for children less than 5 years old.

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Nutritional Information-Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk

Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk

First, I want to show you the number of nutrients with amount that cow milk and buffalo milk contains. All the nutrients are present in 100ml of both milk.

NutrientsCow MilkBuffalo Milk
Energy66 Kcal110 Kcal
Vitamin ALessHigh
Vitamin ELessHigh
Nutritional chart of cow milk vs buffalo milk

Now compare them one by one. And at the end of this article, you will find out which milk is good for you and your family. Let’s start comparison with each nutrient-

1. Energy

milk contains energy

As you can see from the chart that 100g of cow milk provides only 66kcal of energy whereas buffalo milk provides 110kcal.

Now first think do you need high-calorie diet? Do you a slim person want to gain weight or a healthy person want to retain your bodyweight or an overweight person?

Lower energy food is good for a healthy person to a heavy person. On the other hand if your goal is weight gain then choose buffalo milk.

2. Water

Water is very important for every living being. That does not mean that we will drink too much water and watery food.

The base of every milk is water. As you can see that cow milk is less denser than buffalo milk.

Frankly speaking, I don’t care about the water content in food. Because it does not play any role if you consume right amount of water.

3. Protein

Protein in milk

Protein is the main nutrient for what vegetarians consume milk. Milk protein is a complete protein. It contains all the essential amino acids.

Protein is very important for building body structure, muscle, hair, nails and many other parts.

You can see that buffalo milk contains higher amount of protein than cow milk. So, in terms of protein content buffalo milk is superior to cow milk.

4. Fat

When it comes to fat people thought fat is bad for their health. But do you know? there are two types of fat. One is good fat and other is bad.

Both cow milk and buffalo milk contain a significant amount of fat. Buffalo milk is denser than cow milk. So buffalo milk contains double the amount of fat that of cow milk.

Buffalo milk contains higher amount of monosaturated and poly saturated fat than cow milk. As good fat is healthy and contributes to skin production and nice appearance you can choose buffalo milk over cow milk.

5. Cholesterol

Milk contains cholesterol

When it comes to cholesterol the opposite things happen. Cow milk contains14g cholesterol which is much higher than buffalo milk 8g.

Cholesterol is bad for health. Bad cholesterol jams your blood vessels and create pressure on heart.

6. Vitamins

Milk is full of vitamins. Milk contains all the vitamins except vitamin C. Buffalo and cow both milk contains nearly same amount of vitamins.

Cow milk contains more vitamin E, whereas buffalo milk has more vitamin A. So, we can’t cleary say which milk is better for vitamins.

Yes, you can consume both milk alternatively to get the most benefits from milk.

7. Minerals

Calcium and phosphorus are the highlighted minerals that are present in milk high amount followed by magnesium, potassium, sodium and others.

Buffalo milk contains the same minerals as cow milk with slightly high amount.

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8. Lactose

This is the last parameter for comparing both cow and buffalo milk. Lactose is a type of carbohydrate contained in milk.

Lactose is hard to digest. Child intolerance of lactose should not consume cow or buffalo milk. Buffalo milk contains high amount of lactose than cow milk.


Both Cow milk and buffalo milk are nutritious, tasty and cheap. Both milks are good sources of protein, fat, vitamins, calcium and phosphorus.

Buffalo milk is slightly more nutritious and contains more calcium, phosphorus, protein, good fat, vitamins. Buffalo milk has less cholesterol than cow milk also buffalo milk provides 110kcal of energy which is higher than cow milk.

Buffalo milk contains high amount of lactose carbohydrates. As I have said early lactose is heavy to digest. So, person having digestive problems should not consume buffalo milk.

Children having lactose intolerance should avoid cow and buffalo milk. Instead, children can consume goat milk. Goat milk is far better than cow and buffalo milk for children under 5 years.

Choosing the cow milk vs buffalo milk also depends on your priority and availability.

Do you want to gain weight

If your goal is to gain some extra weight then buffalo milk will be your first choice. Buffalo milk contains more fat, more protein. It will help you to achieve your goal fast.

Do you want to loose weight

If you want to loose some extra weight then cow milk will be better for you. Cow milk provides the same nutrients with less amount of energy.

For Whole Family

I know we Indians love to live with family. And we take care of all of our family members. In our family, there are children, adults and old people.

You know different age people need different amounts of nutrients. Always it is not possible to buy separate milk for each family member. So, what do you do??

In my opinion, choose cow milk. Many doctors advise cow milk as family milk. Cow milk is same as nutritious as goat or buffalo milk as well as provides less fat, less energy and less lactose.

In the end, I will advise you to choose what milk is available on your doorstep. Milk is very very nutritious and you should not avoid it. It does not matter what milk it is cow or buffalo. Also, it is a daily consumable product. So, it will save your time if you get it at your doorstep.

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