Ensure Health Drink- Benefits, Nutritients, Age limit & Side effect

Everyone wants a healthy lifestyle. If your body is healthy and fits then you are one step forward in achieving your goal. Our body needs not only protein but complete nutrients to regulate body function properly.

Ensure provides a complete package of nutrients that definitely make your body strong and fit internally. Ensure is the number 1oral nutritional supplement that is trusted worldwide by doctors and adults.

Now in this article, I am going to dig into Ensure health drink and discuss all about ensure powder like ingredients, health benefits, uses and side effects one by one. So, read this article fully without scrolling. And at the end, I will answer some of your questions on Ensure health drinks.

Now let’s start from the basics-

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What is Ensure

Ensure is a balanced and complete nutritional supplement (health drink) for adults. It is a product of Abbott brand that contains a perfect blend of 32 vital nutrients with carb, protein and fat. Ensure comes in powder form with two tasty flavors vanilla & chocolate.

Ensure is scientifically formulated for adults to help them keep strong and healthy. It also helps to support body recovery. Ensure is trusted by adults and doctors of 90 countries around the world.

There is another variant of ensure named ensure gold. Ensure gold is available in America and united kingdom.

Ensure health supplement for adult
Ensure Nutritional Supplement For adult

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Why Ensure rather than other health Drinks?

With the increasing age of human digestion power and nutrients absorption power of gut decrease. So, for old age people, it will be difficult to absorb all the essential nutrients he/she need. Although he/she eats healthy food. Here Ensure works.

Ensure provides the simplest form of nutrients which is relatively easy to absorb for our gut. That’s why adults need Ensure health drink to keep their body healthy even at an old age.

Now you may ask why you should consider Ensure rather than any other health drink available in the market? The answer is simple. No other adult health drink provides you such a complete package of nutrition. It is a high-standard adult nutritional supplement that is most trusted by doctors all over the world.

You will find other supplements, but either they are not for adults or do not fulfill all the nutrition that your body needs. Yes, you will get all the nutrition if you consume several supplements together. But again it will be costly. In Ensure you will get all of them in a form of a bundle.

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Nutritional Information of Ensure adult health suppliment

Here is the chart of nutritional information. Ensure do not disclose full ingredients of their supplement but provides some of their source of nutrients. All the amount of nutritions present in 100g of powder health drink.

Now come to the benefits of these ingredients. Here is the list of 4 benefits of drinking ensure health drink.

Benefits of drinking Ensure health drink(Ensure powder benefits)

Ensure powder is made for adults to supply nutrients. Ensure powder for old age is beneficial to fulfill the nutrient deficiency.

Here you will know the ensure powder benefits and at the end, I will tell you how to use ensure powder to get the maximum benefits from ensure.

1. Helps to Stay Strong and Active

Ensure contains Vitamin B complex. B-vitamin is known as energy factory. It helps to release energy from food and keeps you energetic all day. Ensure is loaded with nutrients like Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K these together make your bones strong.

2. Helps Increase Muscle Mass

Ensure contains15g of high-quality protein that helps increase muscle mass. Milk is the source of this protein. I,e, this is a 1-st class protein that contains all the essential amino acids. Amino acids help in proper body function.

3. Boost Immunity and protects against infections

With increasing age immunity power slowly decreases. Ensure contains Immuno buster nutrients like Vitamins A, C, E, Folic Acid, Zinc, Iodine and Manganese to maintain your immune power at pic level thus, protection against small infections and virus attack.

4. Support Digestive health and helps Metabolism

As I said early when human goes to high age their metabolic system start to weak slowly. contains fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) which supports digestive health & vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and iodine that help in metabolism. Also, they help to maintain the power of the metabolic system.

On the other hand the simplest form of nutrients which provides Ensure is easy to digest and absorb quickly.

How to use ensure powder and Age limit

Ensure is a nutritional supplement in powder form. It can be taken by mixing with milk or water. You can drink Ensure with a meal, with breakfast, as an evening snack or as directed by your physician.

Age limit- Ensure is designed for adults only. It is restricted for kids. People having age 18+ to up can consume Ensure in the above-said form. If you are a diabetes patient then choose Ensure diabetes care instead of plain ensure.

Is there any Side Effect of drinking Ensure powder

No, Ensure powder side effect is rear. No side effect is observed on adults or old age person.

But taking a high amount of Ensure powder at a time can cause stomach upset. Eating ensure with a proper meal for a long time may lead to weight gain as it contains a high amount of calories. Consuming the right amount of Ensure at right time will be best for your health.

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It is not necessary to drink ensure. But yes, if you drink ensure you will get these above-said benefits. I will tell you if your age is above 50 then definitely try Ensure at a minimum of one month. And you will feel the result.


What are the benefits of Ensure?

Consuming Ensure at right time with right amount provides you countless health benefits. Here are the four major benefits of drinking Ensure- 1) Ensure provides you a complete package of nutrients that body needs for proper function. 2) Helps to Stay Strong and Active. 3) Help build muscle mass. 4) Boost Immunity power. 5) Support Digestive health and help Metabolism.

When is the best time to drink ensure

The best time to drink Ensure is in the morning with breakfast and in the evening as snacks.

Can Ensure make you gain weight?

Yes, It may lead to weight gain if you consume an excessive amount or drink it after a meal. It contains high amount of calories. Gathering calories lead to weight gain. So, try to drink ensure in the morning or evening as a snack.

What is the function of Ensure?

Basically, Ensure supplies the simplest form of nutrients that our body needs to function properly. Thus, improve gut health, boost immunity power, and keeps body strong and fit.

Is Ensure good for old age?

Yes, it is effective for old people too. Its simple form of nutrients absorb fast and supply nutrition to our body.

Can I drink Ensure at night

No, it is not advised to drink ensure at night. Ensure contains vitamin B-complex which is known as the energy vitamin. That means this vitamin release energy from food quickly. So, if you eat at night your energy level increases at night which is bad for sleep. I,e you feel difficulty to sleep. Also, ensure contains high calories that lead to weight gain when consumed at night.

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