9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chicken in your body

chicken is a very nutritional and delicious food available all over the world. It is a great source of lean protein(high-quality protein) for nonveg people. It is not so costly and eaten in various dishes like butter-chicken,chicken-tandoori,chicken-kima,chicken-biriani,chilli-chicken,and many more. But do you know chicken benefits our health?

Athletics eat chicken every day to supply protein to their body. But is chicken healthy to eat every day for normal people? Is there any side effect of eating chicken daily? And how chicken boost our health? Here in this article, I will clear all the doubts in your mind about eating chicken. So, let’s start with the health benefits of chicken-

9-Health Benefits of chicken that you should know before stop eating chicken

Benefits of Eating Chicken in human body
Benefits of chicken in Human body

Eating chicken has multiple major and minor benefits. Among those, we will discuss 9 major health benefits of chicken. Here is the chart of the nutritional value of chicken(source-nationalchickencouncil.org).

nutritional value of chicken
source-national chicken council

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1. A great source of lean protein(high-quality protein)

Chicken is a good source of high-quality protein with low fat. It supplies 24-31g of protein in 100g of chicken depending on the quality of chicken. Due to high-quality protein, it absorbs fully and supplies the demand of daily protein in our body.

The protein contains chicken is called first-class protein or complete protein. First-class proteins are more effective than 2-nd class protein and contain all the essential amino acids.

Benefits of Protein In our body

  • Body building – The role of protein is essential for the formation of a living body. The existence of life without protein cannot be imagined. The structure of the cell consists mostly of proteins. Muscle, cartilage, tendon, brachial, cuticle, bird feather, Horn all are made with protein. Protein makes up 50% of the body’s dry weight because cell structure and functions are regulated by proteins.
  • Synthesis of Enzyme – Enzyme act as biological catalysts in the living body. Enzymes are made with protein. Enzymes are required for the various chemical reactions of the body i.e. synthesis of various complex compounds or breakdown of complex compounds.
  • Synthesis of hormones – Hormones act as chemical messengers in the body. Hormones play a significant role in keeping the body healthy and normal. Certain hormones such as insulin, somatotrophic hormone(STH), lutitrophin hormone(LTH), etc. are made up of protein.
  • Production of antibodies – Protein is needed for the synthesis of antibodies needed for the body to build immunity.
  • Synthesis of hemoglobin – Blood hemoglobin is a type of joint protein. It is made of a protein called globin and a pigment called him. It plays a key role in the transport of oxygen, carbon-dioxide in our body.
  • Source of energy – Protein works as a source of energy in the body. One gram of protein generates 4.1 Kcal of energy.

2. Eating chicken boost immunity power-

Chicken soup is used as a home remedy to treat common cold, flu, and other common infection. Chicken soup is feeding to a sick person for quick recovery.

Protein contains in chicken build antibodies and prevents common antigens that cause infection in human body. Chicken contains mild mild anti-inflammatory agents that also help to combat infections.

3. Boost testosterone(male sex hormone) level

Another health benefits of chicken are it boosts sex hormone in male body. Chicken is a zinc-rich food. Zinc helps to secretion testosterone in male body that boosts sperm production.

This male hormone is responsible for muscle building and forming male body structure. This hormone increase sex power of male, strengthen bones, distribute fats in body properly and help in production of red blood cells(RBC).

4. Keep bones healthy and strong

Apart from the protein chicken contains various vitamins and minerals like vitamin-D, Calcium, Phosphorus, selenium and many more.

Vitamin-D3 is the active form of vitamin-D that strengthens bones whereas calcium is the mineral that placed in the inner part of bones and makes bones healthy and strong.

On the other hand selenium reduce the risk of bones loss that is called arthritis.

5. Boost metabolism system

Chicken is a source of vitamin-B6 ( a part of vitamin B-complex) and other B-vitamins. Vitamin B-complex is known as an energetic vitamin. It keeps you energetic all over the day by boosting your metabolic rate.

Vitamin B6 in chicken also help to keep your blood cells healthy and help to contain more oxygen in red blood cell(RBC).

Vitamin-B-complex boost overall metabolic rate and help to loose fat and promote to maintain healthy body weight.

6. Eating chicken promote eye health

Eating chicken promote eye health

You know vitamin-A(retinol), alpha and beta carotin help to make rod cells in retina. And both are found in chicken.

Eyes have two cell rod and cone. Rod cells are important to see in low light and cones are effective in high light. Vitamin-A protects the cornea and helps to absorb light in retina to see in different light conditions. On the other hand, beta-carotin helps to produce collagen and protect the eye.

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7. Promote heart health

Yes, you read right, Eating chicken promote your heart health. You may hear that doctor advice to not eat chicken to the old man has cardiovascular disease. Yes, doctor advice for an old person, not a young person.

Chicken is a source of 1-st class protein that contains all the essential amino acids, that reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Also, protein helps to lose fat that also reduces heart problems.

Chicken contains potassium that reduces the effect of sodium and maintains healthy blood pressure. So, eating chicken overall beneficial for your heart health.

8. Reduce the stress level

There are 4-types of hormones that reduce stress level and make you feel happy. These kinds of hormones are called happy hormones. The hormones are dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin.

Eating chicken boosts the secretion of dopamine and serotonin hormones. Dopamine helps to feel you pleasure and motivational and serotonin works as a mood stabilizer and makes you feel happy.

So, after a long working day a chicken diner can completely refresh your mood and will make you happy and pleasure.

9. Source of multivitamins, Amino-acids, and minerals

This is the last but not the least health benefits of chicken. Chicken is a good source of vitamin B-complex also it contains a small amount of vitamin-E.

Among B-complex, it contains vitamin-B3(niacin), Vitamin-B6,vitamin-B5. B-complex vitamin controls metabolic rate and sugar levels in the body. Also, it maintain healthy cell.

Vitamin-E makes collagen and keeps your skin smooth, hydrated. Vitamin-E work as an antioxidant. Vitamin-E present in chicken also benefits for your skin too.

Chicken is a first-class protein so, it contains all the essential amino acids that are very essential for our body.

Chicken is a good source of minerals. It contains almost all the essential micro and macro elements such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, calcium and many more.

Potassium, magnesium and sodium control blood pressure and maintain heart health. Whereas calcium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium strengthen bones and zinc control blood glucose level and mental health.

Other health benefits of chicken

  • Niacin present in chicken reduces the risk of developing cancer.
  • Eating chicken reduces the damage of DNA.
  • Vitamin-B2(riboflavin) present in chicken liver reduces the skin problem and helps to keep your skin smooth and moisture.

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So, now it is clear that how chicken promotes your overall health and you may not have any question about the health benefits of chicken. so, go and add chicken in your meal/diet from now to get these amazing health benefits.

I know, Still, now you have some questions about the health benefits and side effects of eating chicken. And now I will clear all your doubt by the following questions-

Is chicken healthy to eat every day?

The answer is it depends. All the food have some good and bad effect. If the good effect dominate bad effect then you should consume it.

It depends on man to man. If you are athletics and need a high amount of protein compare to normal people then it is good for you to eat chicken every day in a certain amount.

But if you are not an athletics and suffer from any cardiovascular disease then it will become danger for you to eat chicken every day.

What is the bad effect/side effect of eating too much chicken?

Chicken is a good source of protein and other minerals. If you eat too much chicken at night it disturbs your sleep.

Chicken contains vitamin-B-complex and B-complex is known as energy vitamin. So, produce too much energy surely disturb your sleep.

Normally an adult human body needed 45-60g of protein daily. But consume too much protein can damage your kidney also it can cause bone lose.

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