6 Health Benefits of Lassi

Lassi is a cool drink available all over India. Specially in the summer season, you will find lassi in every restaurant even in street shops.

A glass of lassi after a long journey is enough to reduce your tiredness. Lassi helps your body cool down in summer as well as provides some health benefits also.

Lassi is made with various fruits, reams, ice, and flavors, curd, milk and many more. So you will get the benefits of the combo pack with a colling effect.

Lassi drink for summer

Here I am going to tell you six benefits of drinking lassi in summer. Let’s start with the first one-

6 Benefits of Drinking Lassi in Summer

It is not mandatory to drink lassi in summer. You can try other cool drinks in summer. They also give you the same benefits.

But yes if you love lassi you can drink it any season and enjoy its taste with some health benefits. Here is the list of six health benefits of lassi.

1. Keep you cool during hot summer day

Who does not want a cooling feeling on a hot summer day? Lassi can give you this feeling. Not only does feeling lassi really keep your body cool.

Lassi is made with ice, fruits, curd and flavors. So, your inner body parts will get some relief when you drink cold lassi.

2. Lassi Keep you Hydrated

Most of the medical problems in summer start with dehydration. What is good for hydration rather than water and curd. Lassi is full of ice-cold water with curd or buttermilk.

On summer days our body dehydrates quickly when water comes from the body as sweet. So, we need to keep ourselves hydrated. And here lassi plays a good job.

3. Keep bones strong

Lassi makes bones strong
Calcium makes bones denser and stronger

What needs for strong bones? It’s calcium. Lassi is made with curd or buttermilk or fresh milk.

What is a better source of calcium than milk and its products? Drinking lassi provides your body sufficient calcium to make your body structure strong.

4. Source of Probiotic

Curd Present in lassi is a good source of probiotics. Probiotics are crucial for your gut health.

probiotics help to clean your gut and remove harmful bacteria from the gut. Thus keep your gut healthy.

5. Help in digestion

Lassi soothes your digestive system. When we eat junk foods our gut struggle to digest them.

When lassi is mixed with these foods they become soft to digest. Junk foods cause acidity. Lassi reduces the acid reflux in your stomach. And keep your digestion system well function.

Otherhand lassi containing Dahi promotes gut health by reducing the pressure of the gut.

6. Lassi help to boost immuno system

Lassi contains milk or milk products with dry fruits. Milk and dry fruits are rich in probiotics, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Probiotics help to reduce bad bacteria, vitamins and minerals reduce the risk of vitamin deficiency. Antioxidants reflux your body and remove toxins from body.

Thus this combo pack helps your body to boost immunity syatem.

Last Line

Lassi has many other benefits depending on the dry fruits it present. Most of the time it presents coconut, nuts, cherry, strawberry and other fruits to enhance its taste and flavor.

Lassi is good for health. You can drink lassi in summer as well as other seasons. If you do not like lassi then go for other cool drinks.

The vitamins, minerals, curd, milk, calcium and other nutrients present in lassi are not sufficient for your daily need. So, be conscious. Don’t skip proper meals.

Also, drink some extra water in summer to keep electrolyte balance in your body.

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