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Every parent wants to provide their kids a better healthy life. A healthy life means a brunch of healthy habits. So, why do not start from the early age of your child?

Early age of kids is known as the growth phase of kids, physically as well as mentally.

Healthy habits start from home. Feeding the right nutrients food with the right amount and encourage kids to eat healthy helps your child grow properly and faster.

When it comes to healthy eating every parent’s mind strike one thing that is Health drink for kids.

Yes, health drinks for kids provide your child a package of nutrients. They are tasty and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

Before we jump to the list of best health drink for child let’s talk about the benefits of health drinks for kids.

Benefits of Health Drink

Drinking health drinks has huge benefits physically and mentally. As I say early kids are in the growth phase and in this phase kids need some extra care of nutrients.

Children’s health drink care it and provide the same nutrients that your kid needs.

1. Provides a package of nutrients

Health drink for kids is famous for providing most of the nutrients together as a package.

I know you thought that these nutrients are available in various food so why buy health drink for kids?

Yes, you are right. And you know very well that no food contains each and every nutrient. So, to get the all essential nutrients you have to feed a lot of various food to your kid.

Eating a lot of food is very bad for kids. It leads to gain overweight. Also, kids are unreluctant to eat food.

So, feeding your kid will be a challenge to you. If somehow you manage to feed them then what’s about the taste of foods.

Each and every food comes with its own taste. Some are good and some are bad to your kid.

In the end, your kid will fill his/her stomach with tasty and unhealthy food. And i am sure you do not want this.

So, choosing health drink for kids will be a good decision for every parent.

2. Boost Immunity Power

Immunity means the ability to fight against harmful foreign particles and destroy them. Having a powerful immunity means less falls in sick.

Each health drink made for kids is loaded natural antioxidants. Antioxidants remove toxic from the body and purify blood thus boost immunity power.

Some specific vitamins and minerals are more effective to boost immunity. And health drinks focus on these nutrients. A strong immune system means better growth of your child.

3. Help Brain development

Iodine, zinc, iron and vitamin D is the key nutrients to develop the brain. Health drink contains these nutrients thus help brain development.

Actually, health drinks not only help brain development but also boost the memory power of kids.

4. Strengthen Bones

Bones make the structure of the body. Having strong bones means a strong body. Means your kid will be more powerful.

Calcium, potassium, phosphate is the main nutrients that make bones healthy and strong. Basically, bones are made of phosphorus and calcium.

Most of the health drink contains milk powder as an ingredient. You already know milk is a rich and powerful source of calcium and phosphorus.

5. Easy to absorb in gut

Liquid foods are easy to digest and easy to absorb in the gut. Newborn babies are feeding only breast milk because it is liquid, easy to absorb and most nutritious.

Solid foods are less easy to digest. Our stomach feels pressure to digest solid food also solid foods are less absorbable than liquid food.

6. Health drinks are tasty

Tasty is not a benefit. But the behind cause of making health drink tasty is very beneficial.

Health drinks for kids are really tasty. Although to make it tasty some extra sugar and flavour are mixed to it. But they are not harmful.

Kids love tasty food. What will be good than a tasty as well as healthy food which kids love to eat. You do not have to worry to feed your kid.

Some other benefits of kids health drink are-

  • Help weight loss.
  • Keep stomach fill.
  • Prevent dehydration.
  • Improve skin health.

Types of health Drink

In the market, you will find two types of health drinks.

  1. Kids health drink
  2. Adult health drink

Here in this article, we will talk about Kids’ health drinks only. Child health drinks again divided into parts according to the age group.

Types of kids health drink on the basis of age group

List of 7 best health drink for kids according to the age group

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacPediaSureAge limit: 2+ and 7+ years
Check Price
backpacJunior HorlicksAge limit: 2-3 and 4-6 years
Check Price
cordlessblowerComplanAge limit: 2+years
Check Price
Boost vs Bournvita which is better health drink Groviva Child Nutrition Age limit: 2-12 yearsCheck Price
Sanfe skin lightening cream Himalaya Quista KidzAge limit: 3-6 yearsCheck Price
darmatouch skin lightening creamGritzo SuperMilkAge limit: 8-12 and 13+yearsCheck Price
Melaglow creamNestle NANGROW Nutritious Milk Drink Age limit: 3+ yearsCheck Price

1. Pediasure

You may have heard the brand name Abbott one of the famous pharmaceutical company. Pediasure is made by this company. And Pediasure is the number one health drink brand in the world.

Pediasure health drink for kids
The number-1 health drink for kids in the world.

Pediasure provides 37 essential nutrients that are needed for kid’s growth. PediaSure is a nutritional supplement that provides complete, balanced nutrition for children.

PediaSure is scientifically formulated to provide 100% of the recommended Macronutrients & micronutrients that are required for growth and development.

Highlighted points

  • Provides 37 vital macro and micro nutrients.
  • Visible Growth In 90 Days.
  • Boost Immunity power.
  • Supports brain development.

Read the review of Pediasure

2. Junior Horlicks

Horlicks is the most popular kids health drink for kids. It is also one of the best health drink in india.

Best health drink for kids
Most popular health drink for kids

Junior Horlicks is designed to provide age-appropriate nutrition for your child. Junior Horlicks has two-stage Stage 1 and stage 2.

Stage 1 helps fussy toddlers by providing nutrients that help in weight gain.

Whereas stage 2 assists in healthy immune function, helping in the overall development of your child.

Highlighted Features

  • Specialized nutrition food for fussy toddlers.
  • Develop Brain.
  • Help weight Gain.

Read the review of Horlicks health drink.

3. Complan

Complan health drink for kids

Gives your child the power of milk with tasty flavor. Complan is a very nutritious drink with 100% milk protein.

Complan is clinically proven to promote 2x faster growth. It contains 34 vital nutrients which together help children gain the right height and weight.

Also, complan supports brain development, helps to keep body hydrated, boosts immunity and makes bones stronger.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides 2X faster growth(clinically proven)
  • High quality protein(milk protein, 1st class protein)
  • Improve Memory power.
  • Provides 34 essential nutrients.

Read the comparison Horlicks vs complan vs bournvita which is a better health drink.

4. Groviva Child Nutritional Drink

Groviva child health drink

Highlighted Features

  • Scientifically developed for overall growth and development of child.
  • Provides 38 Key Nutrients that are need to child growth.
  • Contains highest DHA for enhancing your child’s cognitive functions and brain development.
  • Meets ICMR Guidelines.

Know more about Growvita- benefits, pros and cons.

5. Himalaya Quista Kidz

Himalaya quista kidz health drink
Number 1 health drink in India.

Highlighted Features

  • Triple benefits for all-round development in children.
  • Supports active growth.
  • Helps strengthen immunity.
  • Helps improve learning and memory in children.

Read the full details of Himalaya quista kidz- Hilmalaya quista kidz- Benefits, pros, cons, contains nutrients.

6. Gritzo SuperMilk

Gritzo is the best health drink for 8 to 12 years young athletics children. Gritzo is specially formulated for young athletic & sporty kids to help meet their daily nutrition needs to enhance their growth & development.

Gritzo health drink for kid

Gritzo super milk health drink is best health drink for active kids. I mean kids who play outdoor games more.

Highlighted Features

  • Powerhouse of protein, i,e, provides high amount of protein each surve.
  • Personalized for girls.
  • Provides 21 essential nutrients.
  • Backed by science.

Want to know more read gritzo super milk benefits, pros, cons, nutritional information.

7. Nestle NANGROW Nutritious Milk Drink

Nestle NANGROW Nutritious Milk Drink for kids

Nangrow kids health drink is the last health drink for kids on our list. This health drink is produced by the world-famous company nestle.

Nangrow is the combo mixture of milk solids, demineralized whey, Soybean Oil, Corn oil, Crypthecodinium cohnii oil, Antioxidant, Sequestrant, vitamins and minerals.

It provides your kid high-quality protein and vitamins. Makes kids strong and boosts immunity system.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains 50% RDA protein help support normal physical growth.
  • Provides high quality protein and probiotics that easy to digest.
  • Support Brain development.
  • Support immuno function.


You may find bournvita and boost in this list. But unfortunately, they both contain low-quality protein and a high amount of sugar. Although they both are popular health drinks for kids but we do not include them here.

If you want to read the comparison between the above health drink then read Horlicks vs complan vs bournvita also, you can read the comparison between boost and bournvita.

If you have any questions or concerns comment below. We will reply to you back quickly.

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