10 Powerful Detox Water for Weight Loss

Detox water for weight loss

Detox water is a very simple but powerful water mixture in the weight loss plan. Do you know water itself can reduce 20% of your body weight if drinking right amount at the right time? By adding some flavor, fruits, vegetables or herbs you can make water not only delicious but it also increases the … Read more

6 Best Health Drinks for Women

Two women drinking health drink

Those days had gone when brands produce health drinks only for kids. Now, people are more aware of health. And brands started to produce health drinks for women also. Women do thousands of household work with their two hands. But eat at the end. Most of the village housewives suffer malnutrition. We all want a … Read more

10 Health Benefits of Multivitamin

Benefits of multivitamin

Vitamins and minerals are the most important coworker food ingredients that keep our body healthy. Shortage of vitamins and minerals for a long time can develop several severe illness. Our body needs 13 vitamins and 18 minerals to run smoothly. We get these vitamins and minerals from foods. Sometimes foods are not sufficient to supply … Read more

15 Testosterone Boosting Food| Increase T-level Naturally

Men eating testosterone boosting food

Testosterone is a very important hormone in male body. This male sex hormone is responsible for regular sex drive, muscle building, fat distribution, bones health, sperm production and many others. Having a high level of testosterone shows the muscularity of male body. Research shows that men age over 30 has a higher chance of low … Read more

13 Best Multivitamin for Men in 2021

Vitamins and Minerals are the essential nutrients to run our body smoothly. They are the servitor food ingredients that improve immunity power, help brain development and many more. Men and women both need all the essential vitamins and minerals. But men need some vitamins like folic acid, iron, calcium in less amount than women. So, … Read more

7 Best Kids Multivitamin Syrup in India

Vitamins and Minerals are very important for kids natural growth. Vitamins and minerals are the supportive ingredients that keep body healthy. Kids do not know about healthy food they love tasty food. No matter how healthy or unhealthy foods are. So, why do not give your kid a tasty and healthy syrup which is full … Read more

7 Best protein powder for Child in India

Mother feeding her child healthy food

A good balanced nutritional meal is essential for child to grow physically and mentally. Some kids skip meals several time a day and some are not reluctant to eat food. To maintain the overall nutrition parents consider protein powder for child. Protein powder for child help to fulfill the need of protein to kids body. … Read more

10 Healthy and tasty Fish to eat in India

Healthy and tasty fish available in india

India is the second-largest populated country with more than 30 plus ethnic groups. Each group has its own choice of healthy and tasty fish. With the separate recipe, they all cook fish delicious. If you are an Indian you already know the taste of Bengali-cooked fish. If you are a foreigner visiting India then you … Read more

How to take care of your kids health

How to take care of your kids health

Taking care of kids health is not easy. It is one of the most difficult tasks which goes on for a long time until your kid becomes an adult. But I say taking care of your kids’ health is a lifetime task that never ends for parents. No matter your child’s age. Childs are always … Read more