10 Healthy and tasty Fish to eat in India

India is the second-largest populated country with more than 30 plus ethnic groups. Each group has its own choice of healthy and tasty fish. With the separate recipe, they all cook fish delicious.

If you are an Indian you already know the taste of Bengali-cooked fish. If you are a foreigner visiting India then you should visit Kolkata to taste the most healthy and tasty fish in India.

Although you will find healthy and tasty fish recipe all over India but Bengal is the source of most kind of the nutrients and delicious fishes.

Since long long years ago when river was the center of civilization fishes had been a part of humans healthy and tasty food.

Fishes are the protein-rich delicious food for animals with several nutrients like omega fatty acid, vitamins and minerals.

Wild fish like sea fishes are more nutritious with unique flavor than freshwater fish like pond, lake and river fishes.

What will be more beneficial for your health than a plate of healthy and tasty fish?

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Types of Fishes

Depending on the water of living fishes are two types-

a) Fresh Water Fish-

These fish are also called sweet water fish. These types of fish bread in freshwater. You will find these fishes in ponds, lakes, and rivers.

Sweet water fishes are tasty and nutritious but they do not have any noticeable flavor.

In India, these fishes are widely consumed by all ages people from kids to old age person.

Some freshwater fishes are Rohu, Katla, Mrigal, Tilapia(rani), etc.

b) Salt Water Fish-

Saltwater fish also knows as sea fish or wild fish. Fishes grew in saltwater are known as sea fish.

Saltwater fishes are more nutritious and have some amazing flavor. Sea fish meet the demand of fish all over the world due to their flavor and nutrition.

Most of the Indian do not like sea fish due to the flavor.

Although marine fishes are filled with omega 3 fatty acids and rich in minerals there is a fear of contamination of heavy metals like Mercury.

Here is the list of 10 healthy and tasty fish available in India

In Indian market, you will find a huge variety of fish from small to large, and sweet water fish to saltwater fish.

Here in this article, we pick the 10 most famous and healthy fish. That does not mean that other fishes are not healthy or tasty or they do not famous.

We have the number limit. I advise you to eat whatever is on your plate. All the fishes contain several nutrients and they are healthy too.

Let’s come to the list of healthy and tasty fish-

1. Catla (the bengal carp)

Catla fish
Most tasty sweetwater fish

Catla is the tastiest freshwater fish available in India. This fish is born in Bengal and grown in sweet water. This fish is an oily fish and a good source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

A fully grown Katla can weight from 2-5 kg depending on the breed. You do not have fear of the mercury level of this fish.

This fish is very nutritious and consumable for kids to old age person. Katla comes with a big head.

Here is the nutritional information of Catla per 100g

In Bengal, you will find different types of cooked vegetables with the head of Katla. Like macher matha dia muri ghonto, macher matha dia moog-er dal etc. And surprisingly all the foods are too tasty you will say more.

I think, if you want to taste Katla you must try Bengal food. Because Bengali ethnic groups foods are the tastiest than any other food in the world.

2. Rohu(carp)

Rohu fish

After Katla rohu is the most famous and tasty sweet water fish in India. You will find rohu fish all over the Indian restaurant.

This is the most consumed sweet water fish in India. One fully grown fish can weight from 1.5 to 2.5 kg depending on the breed.

Rohu is nutritious and tasty too. It also contains a decent amount of fatty acids.

3. Tuna

Tuna fish

Tuna is a saltwater fish. It is one of the best nutrients sea fish available in coastal Indian cities.

You will find various types of tuna in India. Some types come from Bay of Bengal, some from Arabian sea.

Tuna is very nutritious. It contains omega fatty acids, vitamin-D, B6, C, sodium, potassium, iron, iodine and many other important nutrients.

Tuna has its own flavor. Due to its nutrients and taste, I personally love to eat tuna. This is the most affordable healthy and tasty sea fish.

4. Rani

Pink parse fish

Rani is known as pink pearch a tasty and nutritious sweet water fish. This fish is popular in Westbengal.

Rani is called lean fish as it contains less fat. Bengal’s doctors advise old age people to eat this fish.

The pink color of this fish makes it “rani” of all fish. It is so beautiful to see that known as rani.

5. Pomfret

Pomfret fish
porfret fish

This is the most popular sea fish in India. This fish is white in color and small in size.

Don’t underestimate pomfret as it is a small fish. Pomfret is a very nutritious and tasty sea fish.

This sea fish do not contain fat. It is almost completely lean and fat-free. Pomfret is the house of nutrients.

This silver-white color fish is found in Indian ocean. Pomfret is costly in Indian market.

6. Ilish

Ilish fish

ilish the most famous Bengal sea-fish is also known as hilsa, hilsa herring, or hilsa shad.

Ilish is specially found in the estuary of Ganga and Padma river in West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi hilsa is the world-famous hilsa and exported to the western country.

Ilish is a good source of omega-3 & 6 fatty acids. Due to the healthy and tasty fish hilsa is costly in Indian market.

7. Shrimp


Although foreigners do not recognize shrimp as a fish but we Indians consume shrimp as a healthy and tasty fish.

Shrimp are decapod crustaceans with elongated bodies and a primarily swimming mode of locomotion.

You will find various types of shrimp. Some are bred in sweet water some in saltwater. Some are small in size and some are large.

Galda, pabda, prawn are the types of shrimp. They are covered by a hardcover. Into the hardcover, a soft muscle is present which is edible. This part is too tasty that the price is too high in Indian market.

8. Bangda

Bagda fish
bangda fish

Bangda is a saltwater fish available in India. Bangda is rich in Omega 3 and Selenium which is great for your cardiovascular health.

This healthy and tasty sea fish helps lower blood pressure and enhances eyesight. It helps to reduce weight.

Bangda is affordable for lower-middle-class people. Its mercury level is also under control. You can enjoy bangda on your food plate.

9. Sardine

sardin fish
sardin fish

Sardine is a saltwater small fish. Although it is small in size but high in nutrition. 100g of sardine contains 25g of protein and 1650mg of omega-3 fatty acid.

10. Rawas(Indian Salmon)

Rawas is known as Indian salmon. It gives you the nutrients like salmon. We all know salmon is not available in India widely. But Rawas takes its place in Indian market.

Rawas is a saltwater fatty fish. This healthy and tasty fish is a good source of vitamin-D, Vitamin-A and Omega-3 fatty acids.


You are here which means you have read the full lengthy article about healthy and tasty fish.

At the bottom, I want to give you an advice which is given me to my parent. Not only my parent but all the Indian parent give this advice to their sons/daughters.

Stop discriminating amongst food. Just eat whatever is on your plate.

Being healthy has nothing to do with eating the healthiest fish in India or the world. it is with eating right in time. Our body needs almost all types of food so eating all combination nutrients is better for health.

Some fish are good in omega fatty acids, Some are good for vitamin-D. some increase your blood flow. So eat all the fish with enjoy.

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