10 Easy & Healthy Evening Snacks without cooking

Snacks are an important part of our healthy diet plan no matter it is in the morning or evening. Even it is more important in the evening because we eat breakfast in morning but evening we take only snacks.

Taking healthy evening snacks helps weight loss, maintains your energy level and helps the body recovery after a long day of work. So, start from basic. What is snacks and why you should take snacks in evening?

What is snack

Basically, a snack is a small amount of food that is eaten between two meals. Snack can be liquid, dry or cooked food.

Why you need to eat snack between two meal

The straight answer is to neutralize your hunger for a few minutes. After eating the launch you are busy with some work and launch food supplying energy to you. But after 3-5 hours your fuel is finished and your stomach feels empty.

At that time you can’t eat a meal because you are busy in a work or you are on the way. So, what you do? Do you ignore the call of your stomach? No, never thought this. Because it can cause acidity, gas or many other complex problems in the long run.

Here snacks come into your work. You can eat snacks with a short break even on the way without standing. Also, snacks give you some energy to stay focused on your work.

Here are some benefits of taking healthy snacks in evening

  • Snacks maintain your energy level and help you stay engaged with your work.
  • Taking snacks with a short break in a long duration work reduce mental pressure.
  • Healthy snacks provides nutrients that keep body healthy.
  • Keep your stomach fill and help weight loss if you takes healthy snacks.
  • Snacks improve your quality of healthy life.

In this article, I am going to give you a list of healthy evening snacks that are very easy and super quick to prepare and no need to cook. So, let’s come to the list-

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Easy, super quick healthy evening snacks without cooking

1. Mixture of dry nuts

Mixture of nuts
Dry nut mixture is a great evening snack

Yes, mixture of various types of dry nuts can be a great evening snacks. It is dry, portable, don’t have a chance to rot and tasty to eat.

Nuts contain many nutrients, provides energy and keep you energetically active. It can be your healthy evening snacks if you are on the road or no time to take a tiny break from your work.

You can eat nuts with stay focused on your work. This healthy evening snack reduces your hungriness, fills your stomach and helps weight loss by preventing overeating in dinner. Try it on your next evening.

2. Bread with peanut butter

Bread and peanut butter combination is a tasty evening snacks
Brown bread and peanut butter is very tasty and healthy evening snacks

If you are at home or hanging out with your friends and you all are feeling empty then you all can try bread and peanut butter as evening snacks. It is tasty and healthy too.

Care about choosing the bread. Brown bread is more healthy than white bread.

Simply apply the peanut butter on both sides of your bread with a knife or finger and taste it. I am sure your friends will thank you for feeding them such a tasty and healthy snack.

3. Protein shake and banana

Protein shake and banana is one of the best healthy evening snacks
Protein shake and banana is a good combination of healthy evening snacks that fill you till the dinner.

After a long journey of work eating a protein shake help recover your body and give you energy. Protein shake is a healthy evening snack for athletics after a workout in the afternoon.

It is also a good decision to eat protein snacks after come back to the playground. It helps mascle recovery also provides some essential amino acids which are really needed for body.

Whereas bananas fill stomach and neutralized hungriness. Banana is rich in fiber, potassium, iron and other nutrients that help maintain healthy body and promote weight loss.

Eating a big size of banana with one glass of protein shake is enough as an evening snack. Eating too many bananas in a day or in evening can lead to weight gain.

4. Any whole fruit

Whole fruit is a good evening snack
Eating any whole fruit as a evening snack is a healthy choice.

Whole fruits are always healthy than fruit juice. Fruits are dry, easy to carry even you will get every where on the way.

Whole fruits are always healthy. No matter what fruit you are eating. Eating fruit at evening snack reduces your hungriness as well as provides nutrients and energy too.

You can eat fruit at your office or on public transport and everywhere you want. But aware of your blood sugar level because fruits contain simple carbohydrate that increases insulin spike.

That does not mean that you can’t eat fruit. One whole fruit in a day keep you safe from blood glucose spike.

5. Boiled Egg

Boiled egg as a healthy evening snacks
Boiled egg is protein rich evening snack

Have you some time in your hand. No, it will not taking more than 10 minutes from you valuable time. Boiled eggs are always super healthy evening snack.

Every boiled egg contains 6g of protein with many nutrients like Vitamin D, E, A, B2, B5 and iron. So eating egg not only feel you fill but provides nutrition also.

I know you thought that I break my promise as I say that you do not need to cook. Although boiling egg is fall under cooking but It is super easy if you know how to on gas stove or microwave.

Take some water on a pot, placed the number of egg you want to eat and put the pot on the high flame for 5 minutes. Make sure eggs are under water level.

6. Chana Mixture

Chana is a healthy evening snack
Mixture of sprouted green gram, onion and few drop of lemon juice (called chana) is a healthy and tasty evening snack

Chana mixture is a mixture of sprouted green gram, onion, chili, few drops of lemon, coriander leaf and some masala.

Chana masala is very tasty and sells on local trains, buses, footpaths in India. It can be your favorite evening snack. I know some people who eat chana masala as a healthy evening snack.

Chana contains iron, protein, onion contains sulfur, lemon juice has antioxidant properties. I,e, this mixture is a perfect healthy snack. Also adding some spicy masala increases its taste to the next level.

7. Oats

Oats are healthy in morning and evening snacks
Oats are healthy as a morning breakfast or a evening snacks.

If you are bored, eating the same snacks every day and have a little bit of knowledge about cooking then you can try oats. It can be eaten in breakfast as well as a healthy evening snack.

Oats are rich in nutrients and fibers. Fibers keep your stomach fill for a long time. Also you will get the goodness of all nutrients present in Oats.

Generally, oats are boiled with milk. You can boil oats with water or keep oats under water or under milk to soak the milk or water on oats. add some sugar, raisin, cherry if you want to make it better taste.

8. Coffee and Dark Chocolate

Coffee and dark chocolate togather a good evening snacks
Combination of dark chocolate and coffee makes your mood to enjoy the evening.

Coffee and dark chocolate are a killer combination of any snacks. Enjoying coffee and dark chocolate with your loved one or family member or close friends feel you better.

If you are planning to go outdoor in evening then try it once. Coffee will help you stay alert and active after a long day of office work. On the other hand, dark chocolate provides you instant energy.

Research shows that drinking coffee after a long working period reduce tress level and caffeine present on it keep you alert. Whereas Dark chocolate help to secret feel-good hormone and feel you happy.

Not only this Dark chocolate has other benefits too. Dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants. It reduces the risk of heart disease by controlling blood pressure. Protect skin from sun damage and improve brain function.

So, try this combination as a healthy evening snack when you at outdoor with your girlfriend.

9. Slice of Various Fruits

Mixture of verious fruit slice is a good evening snacks
Slice of various fruit is very nutritious evening snacks.

Not satisfied with one whole fruit or want to taste more than one fruit or want to prepare snacks for your family. Then slice of various fruit mixture will be your favorite choice as an evening snack.

You know how nutritious fruit is. Even eating three to four slices of every fruit is more nutritious than a whole fruit.

Slice fruits with a knife and serve. Make sure you do not remove the skin of the fruit. Fruit skin is a rich source of fiber, antioxidant, even protein and vitamins.

To eat the slice fruit with skin wash each fruit properly before cut it down. And yes be aware when you slice the fruit so that your knife do not cut your fingers.

10. Protein Bar

Protein Bar is a healthy evening snack
High protein healthy evening snack you can eat it on the way.

This is the number 10-th snack on my list. And are favorite for travelers.

If you are traveling in public transport or tracking in the Himalayas trail then a protein bar will be your best companion to keep your stomach fill. It is compact, dry and easy to carry.

Protein bar is a powerful source of protein. You know how protein is important for our body and for the moment when you are walking continuously in difficult terrain. You can eat protein bar without fall behind your company.

Although protein bar does not give you energy instantly but provides energy for a long time and keeps stomach full. At a high altitude, you can’t eat a full meal because it causes vomiting. So, a protein bar will be a great snack for you.

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Apart from this 10 healthy evening snacks there are many snacks ready to eat form in market. You can choose them. But before eating them make sure then are healthy. Because at the end your body will get the result from what you eats.

If you have some basic knowledge of cooking then you can try some quick and easy evening snacks recipe. They also healthy for you if cooked properly with healthy ingredients.

And don’t forget to comment if you try any of them before. Also, you can give me any suggestions.

Some FAQs related to healthy evening snacks

What should I eat for evening snack?

Try new new healthy food as evening snack. And eat light, snack means light food. Here are some evening snacks you can try-
1. Mixture of dry nuts.
2. A whole fruit.
3. Protein bar.
4. Coffee and Dark Chocolate
5. Chana Mixture.
6. Protein shake and banana.
7. Bread with peanut butter.

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