Horlicks health drink- Benefits, Review, Ingredients, side effect & Use

Horlicks is a popular health drink among children. Parents thought without Horlicks their child’s nutrition becomes incomplete. There is a monopoly of Horlicks in the child health drink section.

No, doubt horlicks provides an extra balanced neutration. So, drinking horlicks as a health drink is a good choice.

Here in this article, I am going to dig ingredients of Horlicks and tell you the benefits, side effects. Also, tell you how to use or how much amount of Horlicks your kid should drink.

Before going to the ingredients, I want to clear what is Horlicks and why Horlicks?

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What is Horlicks

Horlicks is a health drink. It is specially formulated for growing child and old age people. Horlicks is a powder-based health product. Horlicks add some extra nutrients to the child’s diet. For children, growth Horlicks add some good value.

Why Horlicks

As you know Horlicks are the most popular child health drinks. Horlicks provide a balanced mixture of protein, carbohydrates, fat and most of the vitamins and minerals that are essential for growing children.

Mainly three types of Horlicks are available in market. Junior Horlicks for under 6 years age child, Mother Horlicks for pregnant women and normal Horlicks for all other types consumers. Horlicks comes in multiple flavors and they are tasty too.

Horlicks Ingredients

Before going to the horlicks benefis lets look at the ingredients that made horlicks-

Now you can see that both Horlicks use almost the same ingredients but junior Horlicks contains some extra ingredients. Now I want to show you the nutrients that Horlicks provides.

Now I am going to show you the nutrients and the amount of nutrients that Horlicks provides. Below are the two pictures which show you the nutritional value of Horlicks according to the brand.

As you can see that normal Horlicks and junior Horlicks both contain same nutrients but the amount of nutrients is slightly higher than normal Horlicks.

Now come to the main point, benefits of drinking horlicks health drink-

Horlicks Benefits

Horlicks provide multiple health benefits due to the presence of multiple healthy nutrients. I talk about the health benefits of these ingredients. Here is the list of six health benefits of Horlicks.

1. Helps Physical Growth & Development

Protein and mineral is the key of physical growth and body development with some carbohydrate and fat. Each body parts from hair to nail all are made with protein. Protein actively helps to grow muscle.

  • Horlicks contain 12 g of protein in 100g. Along with protein Horlicks contains 833mg of calcium, 8mcg of vitamin-D, 13mcg of vitamin-K, 450mg of potassium. All of them help to grow muscle and develop overall body.

2. Keep Child Energetic & Boost Metabolism

  • The main source of energy in the human body is carbohydrate and fat. Horlicks contains 75g of carbohydrate per 100g of powder. Out of that 5g is sucrose which decomposes into double glucose and provides instant energy. It also contains 2-4g of fat and overall gives 380kcal of energy.
  • Horlicks is loaded with natural vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, biotin. Vitamin B-complex is known as the energy vitamin. These vitamins help to release energy from food and keep children energetic throughout the day.
  • The combination of Pantothenic acid and b-complex boosts metabolic rate and keeps gut healthy.

3. Helps Brain Development and Brain Function

  • Carbohydrate is the main food of brain. Horlicks gives 75g of carb and out of that 13g is sugar. So, your child does not suffer from lack of carb.
  • Apart from that some vitamins and minerals also essential for proper brain function. Horlicks contains these vitamins and minerals like vitamin b6, b12, folic acid, iodine, chlorine, zinc helps healthy brain function of kids.

4. Makes Immunity System Healthy

  • Horlicks contains vitamin-A, E, copper, selenium, zinc. The presence of them boosts the immune system.
  • Vitamin-C, E and iron provide healthy blood vessels. Thus Horlicks boost immune system.

5. Makes Bones Healthy & Strong

Bones are the most strong things in our body. Bones provides body structure and contains our body weight. Without strong bones child become week day by day.

  • Horlicks is loaded with Vitamin-D, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium. These are the main vitamin and minerals that make bones healthy and strong.

6. Helps in Electrolyte Balance in Body

  • Horlicks is a good source of sodium, potassium and chloride. Drinking horlicks help to balance the body fluids and maintain electrolyte balance. So, that kids do not suffer from dehydration.

Now lets talk about the side effect. Do you think drinking Horlicks has any side effect?

Is there any side effect of drinking Horlicks

No, Drinking horlicks is safe. No side effect is notice. It is safe for your kid.

If your child continuously drink Horlicks for a long long time then he/she can addict to sugar. Horlicks contains much amount of sugar than other health drinks. Taking huge amount of sugar is bad for skin. Sugar combine with colagen and brak them and prevent new colagen production.

If you are an old person having blood sugar problem then it is always better to keep away from taking Horlicks. Taking Horlicks can increase your insulin spike.

Use of Horlicks

Horlicks is a health drink. It comes in powder form. Kids can take Horlicks with water as well as milk.

To make your drink more tasty and more healthy add milk with it.

Here is a picture that show you how to ready horlicks for drink.

How to prepare Horlicks health drink
Process of making Horlicks health drink


So, after reading the article till here you probably understand the ultimate use, benefits and side effect of Horlicks. Horlicks gives kids some extra benefits.

So, you can consider Horlicks as a good health drink for your child along with a proper diet. Mind it Horlicks alone is not sufficient to supply the demand of all nutrients. For proper nutrition, kids must have to take a properly balanced diet.

Focus your child’s diet first then choose a health drink. For proper growth, foods are most important than health drinks like Horlicks. If your kid does not like Horlicks then do not force to drink it. Instead, focus on your kid’s daily diet.

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