Horlicks vs Complan vs Bournvita which health drink is better for your child

Horlicks Vs Complan Vs Bournvita which is better health drink for kids

Nowadays all parents want their children become healthy and grow fast. And here health drinks play a crucial role in every parent’s mind. They thought with food their child needs some health drink to become healthy, strong and tall. This is actually true that health drinks boost child growth physically as well as mentally.

There is 3 major company who dominates the child health drink market Horlicks, Complan, and Bournvita. Parents always confuse about which health drink they should choose for their child.

The upper class or financially rich parents visit doctor or health consultant pay fees and take advice about child health drink. But middle class or financially week parents Can’t. They ask their neighbor which health drink among Horlicks, Complan and Bournvita their neighbor feed their kids.

You know nutritional value is the main key that decides the effectiveness of any child’s health drink. In this article, I am going to compare Horlicks vs Complan Vs Bournvita according to their nutritional value. After reading this article your doubt will clear about choosing the best health drink for your kid.

Horlicks vs Complan vs Bournvita which is better health drink for kids.

First, I will show you ingredients and nutritional value of horlicks, complan and bournvita. Then compare them according nutritional value they provide.

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1. Horlicks

No doubt Horlicks is the most popular health drink among kids as well as old age people. There are various flavors of Horlicks available in the market like chocolate, caramel, classic malt. Here is the list of ingredients Horlicks use-

Ingredients horlicks use for making their health drink

And here is the nutritional value of Horlicks-

Nutritional value of Horlicks health drink

2. Complan

Complan is also popular health drink among children. Complan comes with four flavor kesar badam, creamy classic, royale chocolate and pista badam. Here is the list of ingredients complan use-

Ingredients that complan use for making health drink

Here is the nutritional value of complan-

Nutritional value of  complan

3. Bournvita

Bournvita is recently dominate Horlicks and complan in the child health drink market. Now parents like bournvita more than the other two health drinks although its price is something high than Horlicks.

Here is the ingredients that bounvita use-

Ingredients of bourn vita

Here is the nutritional value bournvita provides-

nutritional value of boun vita

Now compare horlicks vs complan vs bournvita one by one

ImageProtein per100gSource of ProteinType of proteinAmount of Sugar(100g)Vitamin and Minerals
Horlicks10gWheat & nutsNot a first class protein37gContain most of the vitamins and minerals
Complan18g MilkFirst class protein26gContain less vitamins and minerals
Bourn Vita7g Nuts and wheatNot a first class protein37gContains most of the minerals & vitamins
  • The main source of protein in horlicks and bournvita is wheat that means grain is the main source of protein. But in complan the main source of protein is milk as they use milk solid 52%. The milk protein is a complete protein which is far better than wheat protein. That means you will get all the essential amino acids from complan, not from horlicks or bournvita.
  • Also, You will get 18g of protein in complan compare to horlicks 10g and bournvita 7g of protein.
  • All of them use sugar. But complan use less sugar(26g) than horlicks and Bournvita which uses 37g of sugar. And you know how sugar is dangerous for our health.
  • All of them use vitamins and minerals. And all of them provide an almost equal value of vitamins and minerals. So, at this point, all are almost equal.
  • Now come to the chemical or synthetic ingredients. All of them use artificial flavor but horlicks use more synthetic ingredients than the other two health drinks.
  • Finally, come to the price. You will get 1kg of horlicks for 400 rupees and 1kg of complan for 450rupees and the same amount of bounvita for 400 rupees.

Now it is your decision which health drink you prefer for your kid. If you ask me then I will say you go with complan rather than horlicks or bournvita. Although price of complan is 50 rupees high than horlicks and bournvita. It will give your kid more benefits than the other two.

Here is my preference of health drink-


In this article, I have tried to clear your confusion about Horlicks vs complan vs bournvita. I am not saying that any of them are very poor quality. But yes complan is much better than horlicks and bournvita for your kid.

Actually your kid may not need any health drink if he eat proper food. Food like milk, grain, fish, meat, rice and some multi vitamin are best choice than a health drinks. But if your kid do not want to eat them then a health drink like complan will become a alternative for healthy growth of your kid. It does not necessary to feed health drink to your kid if he eat proper meal.

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