How to clean your stomach||Here are the 5 ways to clean your stomach at home.

Stomach is one of the most important organ in human body. It digests foods and absorbs nutrients from foods. It is the most important part of the digestive system. A clean colon system performs better in food digestion and nutrient absorption.

Stomach upset, acidity, gas problems, indigestion, heartburn, vomiting, and colon cancer are the common symptoms of an uncleaned stomach and colon system.

But don’t worry. You can clean your stomach and colon system naturally at your home with some home ingredients. A clean stomach keeps your body healthy by properly digesting foods and absorbing maximum nutrients from the foods.

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Do you need to clean your stomach?

You can ask me, I am fine, having no above-mentioned issues. Do I need cleaning my stomach?

The answer is yes. There are many problems caused by an uncleaned stomach which are not limited to the above problems.

Or you may clean your stomach naturally with foods that you are not aware of it. A clean stomach and colon system also show an impact on your mood.

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Here are 5 natural ways to clean your stomach at home

When we search how to clean stomach we prefer natural ways and at a low cost. Here in this article, I have shared 5 effective ways to clean your stomach with home remedies at no cost.

So, stay with this article and at the end, I have shared how you can maintain your stomach clean for your whole life.

1. Water Reflux

A women drinking water to get fair skin

Water reflux is the simplest but the most effective process of cleaning your stomach. It may sound technical.

Water reflux is nothing but drinking plenty of water to wash out junk from stomach. Drinking 3-4 liters of water effectively cleans your stomach.

Drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach is more beneficial for cleaning your stomach. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice to the water to get better results.

Eating high water content foods like watermelon, tomatoes, and cucumber not only works in stomach cleaning but also keep your body well hydrated and maintain electrolyte level in your blood.

2. Eat Fiber-rich foods


When it comes to gut-friendly foods then fiber and antioxidant-rich foods are the best. Fiber-rich foods help in food digestion and reduce constipation problems.

Fiber keeps your stomach full and prevents you from putting too much load on your stomach by eating too much junk food. Thus fiber-rich foods help in maintain body weight.

Fiber is an essential component of food present in whole grains and vegetables that keep your colon smooth and healthy.

Add fruits like apples, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, and vegetables like cabbage, green leaves, and spinach, with nuts and seeds to your diet to get the most benefits.

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3. Add probiotics to your foods

Probiotics are the good bacteria that keep our gut healthy and clean. Also, probiotics strengthen our immune system.

Probiotics clean the stomach and colon by fighting against harmful pathogens present in our digestive system.

Foods like curd, kimchi, pickles are great sources of probiotics. You cal also buy probiotic foods online.

Probiotic foods not only clean your stomach also protect your body from inflammation. You can drink Apple cider vinegar as a probiotic drink.

4. Drink Herbal juice

Green tea toner a homemade skin toner

Herbal juice is another home remedy that works like medicine in stomach cleaning.

You can drink herbal tea, tulsi juice, neem juice, corolla juice, aloe vera, juice as well as fruit juice also.

These herbal drinks are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are the natural cleanser that fluxes out all the junk from your stomach.

Antioxidants not only clean your stomach. It also purifies blood and prevents fatal diseases like cancer, helps fat burn, and keeps skin and heart healthy.

You can make a drink by boiling water with ginger, neem, tulsi, mint, aloe vera leaves. keep this herbal drink in a bottle. Drink it in the morning or afternoon. You will get the result within a week.

5. Do Exercise

Girl cycling and doing strengthening training
Exercise regularly to get lean muscle skin that looks better.

Exercise is an integral part of life. You may know an active people live quality and longer than a physically inactive person.

Physical exercise put natural pressure on your stomach to work. When you do physical exercise every part of your body becomes active.

You know our body is interlinkage with every part. When every part of your body works your stomach also digests at a regular rate and reduces junk from stomach.

You can try basic physical exercises like walking, running, situp, stretching, standup-sitdown, etc.

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How to keep your stomach clean forever

Cleaning your stomach and keeping it clean forever is a different thing. You can clean your stomach within 15 days by following these home remedies.

But if you want to keep your stomach clean then you have to build some healthy habits and continuously follow these tips.

Here are 3 tips that you have to follow to keep your digestive system clean.

1. Avoid Junk and Spice foods

You may not know that junk and spice food is the main enemy of your stomach. These foods contain too much fat with oil and masala.

To digest these foods your stomach has to work hard and have to secret too much gastric juice. Gastric juice is acid and its pH is low nearly 1to 3.

Too much acid present in the stomach causes acid reflux. These foods are also hard to absorb by the colon and cause gastric problems.

2. Avoid Drinking alcohol and soda water

Don't smoke and drink

Drinking carbonated water and alcohol is the second most cause of stomach upset. Drinking alcohol such out all the water from your stomach and left your stomach dry. Dry stomachs struggle to digest foods.

Alcohol is strong enough to destroy the layer of your stomach and colon and causes ulcers. Drinking alcohol on empty stomach increases the risk of cancer to a high extent.

The same thing happened with your stomach when you drink soda water. Carbonated water is nothing but sugar water with a high amount of carbonic acid. This acid damage your stomach and ultimately causes stomach upset.

3. Don’t skip the meal

Most people these days suffer from gastric problems. The root cause of this problem is skipping breakfast or eating unhealthy foods at breakfast.

Our stomachs release acids to digest foods from time to time. You may miss the breakfast or skip a meal but your stomach does not forget to secret gastric juice.

Now when gastric juice is secret an empty stomach your stomach layer started to destroy. This is also a cause of stomach sone or colon stone.

4. Chew foods properly in your mouth

It is said that half of the digestion should be made in our mouth. Teeth are present there for this work. Chewing foods properly reduces the workload on your stomach.

The more the food is digested it will absorb better the colon. So, take time to eat food.

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After reading this article you may understand what you have to do and what you don’t. Living a healthy life is too easy and cost-effective that every person can afford it.

Just you have to choose the nutrients natural foods. Following these natural home remedies, you can clean your stomach and keep it healthy.

It is important to keep digestive system healthy. Because what we eat is digested by the stomach and absorbs the nutrients that are essential for healthy living.

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