How to Improve Your Night Vision||6 best and easy way to improve low light vision

You will definitely miss the beauty of night if you have a night vision problem. when we get old our vision power slowly reduce and we face many problems like driving, reading in low light condition. the eye is one of the most important organs in the human body. like other parts of our body, you have to take care of your eyes regularly to maintain your eyesight healthy. In this article, I am going to discuss the six greatest way to improve your night vision.

Do you ever see the eye of a cat or dog at night! they can easily see any object at night. which humans can’t .does your mind ever stick how can they see any object in dark and why we can’t. in this lesson, I will discuss all the points related to our night vision. also, you will know, can we improve our night vision to the next level where dogs and cats belong!

To improve your night vision you have to know the cause of deficiency of night vision called night blindness. If you know the cause behind the problem you can easily uproot the problem from the root. so at first, I will discuss the cause of vision problem and also I will provide solutions with it. here will be some bonus points at the end of this lesson. so read it till the end.

Ways to Improve your night vision

There are multiple causes to develop night blindness. the possible causes are deficiency of vitamins and minerals, diabetes, unhealthy lifestyle, some bad habits, Laser eye surgery complications, genetics problems, and so on.

how to deal with this problems to maintain your night vision healthy

1. Eat healthy

eat healthy to improve your night vision
eat healthy and stay healthy

It is all about the problem-solving way if you take a healthy diet. you can control your eyesight damage by 90% living with healthy food. it is found that most of the people who live with eye problems are deficiency of vitamin-A, and minerals like zinc, selenium. there are also many vitamins and minerals which can help to improve your eyesight.

Vitamin-A vitamin-A helps to make rod cells in the retina. eyes have two cell rod and cone. rod cells are important to see in low light conditions. and cones are effective in high light. vitamin-a protect your cornea and help to absorb light in your retina to see in low light condition

Some good sources of vitamin-a are yellow vegetables,milk,egg,liver,tomatoes, carrots, etc.

Vitamin-C – vitamin-c makes collagen which maintains your eyes shape. vitamin-c boost your immune system and reduce the risk of inflammation in the eye. it helps to prevent cataracts. it is a water-soluble vitamin. so it does not store in our body.

some source of vitamin-c are sour fruit like orange,lemons,tomatoes, pineapple,and cabbage,capsicums, milk, breast milk and many more

Vitamin-E – vitamin-e also helps to improve your night vision. it protects you from the free radical to damage your eye cell. it also delays your age-related cataracts. some sources are seeds oil, nuts, liver, fish oil, milk, etc.

There are more vitamins which also help to improve your vision power like Vitamins B complex, Niacin, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Riboflavin. some minerals like zinc, selenium also help to maintain the good health of the eye. zinc helps to absorb vitamin-a.

2. Wash your eye properly in every morning

washing your eye everyday to protect eye from inflammation
wash your eye every morning properly

After leaving the bed, go to the washroom. first, fill your mouth with water. it helps to expand your eye musal. now wash your eye gently with cold water.

After wash your eye takes two drops of rose water in your both eye. it washes your eye properly. rose water help to prevent any inflammation in your eye which is also a cause of night vision problem.

3. Do some exercises and eye massage

exercises help to increase blood circulation in your body. it indirectly helps your eye to improve vision. gently massage your eye at least 10 seconds to adjust better in low light.

4. Stop bad habits

cut down all your bad habits like smoking,masturbate, screen time. these are also bad for your eye health.

Smoking- nicotine reduces to produce rhodopsin which damages your eye. it can also cause many eye diseases. so avoid smoking to improve your eyesight.

Masturbate- masturbation also reduces your vision power. it has no direct connection to the eye but it affects your brain and others like concentration and leads to eye problems.

Screen time- reduce your screen time to get a good result in vision. rest your eye for sometime when you work in front of the screen. this time you can also perform some eye massage.

Sleep well- you must think that what is the connection between sleep and eye! it has! if you do not sleep sufficient time your brain and body can’t work properly. and if you continuously do it for a long time, it will lead you to serious health problems. also, it affects your vision, especially at low light.

5. Avoid looking bright object

This is the last tip of this lesson to improve your night vision. Bright objects like sun eject some harmful rays which can seriously damage our eye cell. so avoid direct looking like this type of is advice to wear a sunglass to protect from high light. other bright objects like a computer screen, mobile screens also damage your night vision slowly. it is suggested to reduce your screen brightness in low light conditions. when you enter a dark place close your eye for some time. it will help your eye to adjust in dark.

do not look at bright object in nacked eye

6. Contact with your doctor

If you thought you need some treatment, you can visit an eye specialist. your doctor will suggest to you what to do and what not.mind it that eye is your one of the most sensitive area so do not apply or eat medicine without doctors’ permission. it is treatable. if you suffer night blindness visit your nearest doctor. your doctor will diagnose you. mind it that there are other such diseases like diabetes that lead night blindness.

At the beginning of this lesson I ask you can we improve our night vision like dogs have! the simple answer is no. because the rod cell is responsible for night vision. sadly dogs add cats have more rod cells than humans.

Here are some bonus tips. 1. make a past of small almond and black pepper. to make it a drink add some milk. you can add some sugar for sweetening your drink. take it every morning in an empty stomach. it will surely improve your low light vision

2. before going to bed take some oil and massage your feet and palm. it help to improve your night vision.

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This is the all you have done. now wait some day to get a good result. Stay Healthy

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