How to take care of your kids health

Taking care of kids health is not easy. It is one of the most difficult tasks which goes on for a long time until your kid becomes an adult.

But I say taking care of your kids’ health is a lifetime task that never ends for parents. No matter your child’s age. Childs are always children in parents’ eyes.

Do you notice closely why your kid falls sick often? Or do you think how your kid can avoid falling sick often?

I know you thought about it. Not only you even every parent thought about how to take care of their kids’ health so that their kids do not fall sick often.

Even my parent gives me some advice till now when I go out of home to take care of my health, although I am a young man(chemist) who know how to take care of own health.

Do you want to take care of your kids health? But do not know how to start? In this article, I am going to give some advice on how to take care of your kid’s health better than before.

I am not saying that if you follow these advice your kid will not fall in sick future but will not fall in sick so often.

So, let’s start-

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1. Build Healthy Habits

First things first. when it comes to taking care of your kids health you have to build some healthy habits in your kid’s mind. If you are success in it then you completed 90% of your job.

By building healthy habits you can take care of your kids health. And this way of approach will be long-lasting but not easy.

Now the biggest question is how to build some good habits in kids’ mind?? Here 90% of parents fail.

Parents fail it is not because that they do not try it but the reason for failure is that they approach the wrong way to do it.

I know, Now your question is going to be, How to take care of your kids health? How to approach the right way to build good habits so that your kid stays healthy.

How to build Healthy habits in your kid

You can’t teach your kid by threatening, prohibiting, or showing fear? Yes, initially you can get some success but whats happens when your kid is not on your eye!!

The above said ways can be dangerous for your kid as well as you? So, what do you do?

You should teach your kid why it is important? What your kid will get if he/she adopts good habits.

In short, you have to awake his/her instance from mind to build healthy habits. You have to understand your kid that if he/she obeys this advice he/she can achieve something that he/she wants.

Sometimes the above method does not effective? So what do you do?

Kids always follow elders and want to do the same what elders do. So do the same things that you want to teach your kid.

Here are some healthy habits that you should build in your kid

Habits do not achieve in one day. It takes many days even months.

If you want that your kid grows healthy then teach these habits. Not only teach kids but also start accepting these healthy habits on your own. Because kids copy elders(mother).

  1. Wash hand with soap before eating.
  2. Wash hands and legs after playing.
  3. Rise early in the morning.
  4. Lisen to elders.
  5. Limit Screen time.
  6. Clean teeth regularly.

2. Encourage kid to play outdoor games

Healthy kids are playing
Kids are playing

Regular physical activity should be present on the must-to-do list for your kid. To keep body healthy and fit there is no alternative to physical activity.

Take your kid to garden or playground and let kid choose his likable activity. Allow your kid to play with other kids.

Playing outdoor games is good for physical as well as mental health.

3. Teach kid to eat healthy

There is huge unhealthy and testy food in market that attracts kids. It is natural. Food companies target kids with proper research. So, there is no way to keep your kid stay away from these alluring foods.

Rather, show your kid whats happen to the other kid who eat these types of food. Say no to these foods. Also, as a parent stay away from these kinds of foods.

Provide some healthy and tasty food to your kid instead of unhealthy food. Ask your kid what he/she want to become a doctor or a nurse or engineer or any other. And say if doctor/engineer do not eat these foods.

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Some food habits that you should teach your kid for healthy life

  1. Do not skip breakfast.
  2. Enjoy food.
  3. Eat slowly.
  4. Do not over eat.
  5. Avoid street food.
  6. Eat fruits instead of fast food.
  7. Drink water before and after eating food.

4. Sleep suficient time

Sleeping Kid
Proper sleep keep kid healthy

Our body is like a machine. Like a machine, our body also needs rest at a certain time of interval.

Sleep is the main and long rest time that usually takes at night. Teach your kid to sleep timely and rise morning like the sun.

When we sleep our body recovers from stress, injury and many other things. Taking 7-9 hours of sleep is best for kids.

Kids are growing physically in between the sleep. So, encourage your kid to sleep on time and sleep sufficient hours.

Day sleep is always not bad. So, allow your kid to sleep in daytime if your kid is tired.

5. Encourage your kid to Read

Kids reading book
Encourage kid to read

Along with physical growth, kids need to grow mentally. Reading books help kids grow mentally. Reading stories, hearing stories increase the power of thought of kids.

Yes, I know, It is a difficult task to agree on reading books to kids. Don’t put pressure on kids. Instead, read books yourself in your free time instead of watching TV or playing with your mobile phone.

Kids follow parents. So, after some time your kid will develop this habit.

6. Teach your kid to be honest at any situation

Honesty is a great habit that you must teach your kid. For that, you have to be honest at home first.

Although, it does not affect health directly but affect indirectly to mental health. An honest and open-minded kid is more helpful and preferred by other kids.

7. Teach your kid to drink water often

Say your kid the benefits of drinking water. Drinking sufficient water will keep your kid hydrated and keep active all the day.

Say your kid to drink water often in small amounts although he/she is not thrusty. For a healthy body with healthy mind sufficient amount of water is very crucial.

How much water a kid should drink depends on the weight of the kid. In general, kids should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound they weigh, every day.

8. No smoking, drinking and Drug consuming

no smoking at home
Do not smoke at home

Generally, it is not a thinks that you have to teach your kid. These materials are already out of children.

But, These bad materials are the most likable things to the parents. Do not drink or smoke or take drugs in front of kids.

I have already said kids copy things quicker than you thought. Also, the smoke will harm your kid and other family members.

So, as an ideal parent, you should stay away from these things.

9. Teach your kid to take shower daily

Kids bathing
Kids bathing with soap

Shower cleans our body. Taking bath with soap removes germs that occur due to sweating.

Taking bath daily removes bad odor and keeps us active. Teach your kid the benefits of taking shower every day.

Don’t forget to teach kids to wash out every part of body with soap like leg, hair, hands, private parts.

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10. Teach your kid how to behave and win friends

Healthy kids with friends
Kids easily make friends

This is the last tip on how to take care of your kids health but not least.

Human is social animal. Teach your kid how to behave with elders and friends.

Say your kid to become helpful. And start it from the home.

Allow kids to win friends and take his/her friends to your home and play together.

It improves your kid’s social empire. Which benefits your kids mental health.


As I say at the beginning of the article taking care of kids health is not easy. If you want to take care of your kids health then parents need to be like doctor and nurse. No, you do not need to do a course on it.

But, have to take care of your kid like a doctor and nurse treat a patient. Don’t expect behavior from your kid like an adult and keep patient.

Kids are like a ball of soft soil. You can give shape what you want. Make your kid a good heart person with good health.

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