Lakme Peach Milk Moisturiser review- Is it a good moisturiser

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Our Overall View

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Lakme peach milk moisturiser is a fantastic mild moisturizer with a good smell of peach and milk mixture. Moisturizer is lightweight, non-greasy, absorbs fast on skin without leaving skin greasy. It lasts pretty long and keeps skin soft, well moisturized, smooth also provides glowing skin.

Lakme peach milk moisturiser

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I am using it for the past 3 years. And I am satisfied with its quality and price.

Lakme is a famous Indian beauty brand which produces world-class beauty products since 65 years before. It was the Indian first beauty brand. You will get a world-class experience with Lakme’s beauty products.

Here is this article we will review Lakme peach milk moisturiser and tell you what you will actually get from this moisturiser. We will focus on four major parts of Lakme peach milk moisturiser.

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Texture & Absorbtion
  3. Fragrance
  4. Value for money

Also, we will talk about the packaging, ingredients, and show you how my skin looks after applying this lotion. And finally, I will tell you where you will get the product at a discount price.

Here are our detailed review and rating of Lakme peach milk moisturiser

effectiveness of lakme peach milk body lotion

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This peach milk moisturiser is very effective. It does its job well. Keeps skin soft moisturise up to 6 hours.

Texture & Absorption
Texture & Absorption

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Texture of this body lotion is neither so thick nor so liquide type. Absorb preety good on skin without leaving skin oily.

Fragrance of St. D'vence winter moisturizer

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Goodness of peach milk makes you fall in love with its fragrance. You will get an amazing sweet & milk smell from it.

Value for money
Value for money

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Price of this product is something high but you will get a good experience with it.

Effectiveness of Lakme peach milk moisturiser

Lakme peach milk moisturiser is very effective. It absorbs on skin quickly and keeps skin hydrated. The key ingredients of this moisturiser are peach and milk. Both the ingredients are famous for treating skin.

Peach is full of antioxidants and vitamin C. It helps skin tightening and skin glowing. On the other hand, Milk has lactic acidvitamins A, D, E that makes milk a good skincare product. Milk helps to keep a soft, smooth and wrinkle-free skin.

Here is the ingredients that are used to make lakme peach milk moisturiser.

ingredients are used to make lakme peach milk moisturiser
Ingredients of Lakme peach milk moisturizer

Here you can see that various ingredients are used to form this peach milk moisturiser. But I think there are some more ingredients that the company hides from us.

So, lets talk about the ingredients-

  • Demineralised Water- Demineralised water is one type of water that is free from ions. This type of water is produced from ion exchange process. Water is the base of any moisturiser. Ion free water is best to produce any cosmetic.
  • Mineral Oil- Mineral oil has a high ability to protect water loss from skin. It helps to retain skin moisturised. That’s why mineral oil is extensively used in baby lotions, cosmetics and moisturizers.
  • Glycerine- Glycerine keeps skin moisture, increases skin hydration and makes skin soft and smooth.
  • Alcohols- Lakme peach milk moisturiser used some kind of alcohol. Although alcohol is not good for skin it is used to make moisturiser light, help moisturiser to go deep into skin layer. It is also used as a preservative in some cosmetics.
  • Sulfates-Sulfites are used as a cleansing agent in cosmetics. But here sulfate is used to form a thin oily layer on skin. Although sulfate is bad for sensitive skin.
  • Perfumes- Perfumes are chemicals that used to make moisturiser smell better. Chemical perfumes are bad for skin.
  • Parabens- Lakme peach milk moisturiser uses methyl paraben like other moisturisers. Parabens are highly effective in preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi that makes cream spoil. So, paraben is used here as a preservative. But parabens can cause skin irritation.
  • Other ingredients- Apart from these ingredients this moisturiser used other some ingredients. They have also some good and bad sides.

The chemicals used in this moisturiser is not so dangerous for our skin. You can consider this moisturiser for your winter skin care.

Texture & Absorption of Lakme peach milk moisturiser

Texture of Lakme peach milk moisturiser is mud-like. It is neither so thick nor so liquid type. You can see the texture of this moisturiser below.

Texture of lakme peach milk moisturiser
Mud like texture

It is a lightweight moisturiser. So, it absorbs on skin pretty well and fast and does not make skin greasy. It is fully absorbed on skin after a few seconds of applying this moisturiser. You can apply this moisturiser 2-5 minutes before going outdoor.

Here I show you how fast it absorbs on skin without leaving skin greasy. And you can see the skin difference between before and after applying the moisturiser.

Texture of lakme peach milk moisturiser when applying on skin
How it looks when applying on skin
How skin look after applied the lakme peach milk moisturiser
skin after applied the moisturiser

Fragrance of Lakme peach milk moisturiser

Fragrance of Lakme peach milk moisturiser is amazing. It smells like something milk. I like the smell very much. If may not love the product for any other cause but you will surely love the product for its sweet & amazing smell.

Wearing this moisturiser you will surely impress your colleagues or friends with its fragrance.

Packaging of Lakme peach milk moisturiser

Packaging of this moisturiser is very compact, leakproof and travel friendly. I love this moisturiser to carry during my journey.

travel-friendly packaging of lakme peach milk moisturiser
Flip-flop cap

It comes with a flip-flop cap that is right for me. Also, it provides you leak-proof packaging. Lakme peach milk moisturiser is compact in size and a good one for carrying on your pocket or hand bag.

Is Lakme peach milk moisturiser a value for money product?

Price of lakme peach milk moisturiser is 100 rupees for 60 ml.

You will get other moisturisers with a big pack in this price range. But they do not provide you quality like this moisturiser provides. Lakme is the Indian first and one of the biggest, reputed beauty brand. And you will get the best quality from Lakme in this price range.

According to me although its price is something high but you will get the quality for what you pay. From my openion it is value for money product from the well known lakme brand.

Where you will get the Lakme peach milk moisturiser at a discount price

Generally, in markets, you will not get the product at a discount price. The small packs of this product do not sell at a discounted price. For buying it at a discount price you have to buy a big pack in online like amazon, flipcart, shopcluse or any other site.

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