Makhai Onion Shampoo Review | A anti Hairfall shampoo

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Makhai red onion hair shampoo review

Our Overall Recommendation

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Makhai Onion shampoo is an ANTI HAIR FALL SHAMPOO. It is a mild cleanser shampoo that reduces hair-fall significantly for its mildness. It also removes lice and makes your hair soft. It contains vitamin b5, onion extract, and anti-fungus ingredients neem, tulsi makes this shampoo special. This is a good product in this price range. Even I also used 2 bottles of this shampoo.

It was my college duration when I start losing my hair. My college was so far from Calcutta and I had to went kali ghat for coaching. I rose up 4 am and went for coaching and came back at 12 pm. Due to pollution and not taking care of my hair, it was started to fall.

And now I am a man who loses thick hair volume. Now I Use a shampoo recommended by my doctor. But before I use the prescribed shampoo I had used 4 bottles of makhai onion shampoo.

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Here are our detail review and rating of makhai onion shampoo

effective ness

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It is not so effective to control hair fall. Can’t clean the scalp effectively.

price of makhai onion shampoo

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The price of this onion shampoo is so attractive. I was brought it in offer with minimum price.

easy to use
Easy to use

Rating: 3 out of 5.

You have to use much amount of shampoo to get lather.


  • Reduce hair fall
  • Make your hair smooth & soft
  • Less use of chemicals
  • Price is very attractive
  • Contain anti-fungus ingredients


  • Can’t clean scalp effectively & do not produce sufficient leather
  • Hair color may fade
  • Can’t control dandruff

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Effectiveness of Makhai Onion Shampoo

Overall this shampoo is good. If you have a hair fall problem then you can use this shampoo 3 times in a weak. I also used this shampoo before, and trust me it reduces your hair fall during bath.

As Makhai onion shampoo is an onion rich shampoo it contains sulfur. When scalp absorbs sulfur, support strong and thick hair from the root. Thus sulfur prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. Sulfur also enhances the production of collagen and collagen helps to make follicles.

You already know the ingredients that makhai onion shampoo use. But you may be unknown about the effectiveness of these ingredients. Here I will tell you how the ingredients work-


makhai onion shampoo ingredients
  • Here vitamin B5 help to rebuild the damaged follicles and help to hair regrow.
  • Tulsi, ginger and neem help to increase blood circulation on the scalp and reduce scalp itchy and dandruff.
  • Tea tree oil removes the dead cells on scalp, increases oxygen and nutrition supply to hair follicles and protecting the scalp from infections.
  • Soya protein makes hair hydrated and looks shiny & healthy.

Here is some review of amazon customer who buy this makhai onion shampoo

Screenshot 5
from amazon
Screenshot 6
from amazon
Screenshot 7

Here is the proof of buying this product last time from amazon.

makhai onion shampoo buying proof

Hope Your doubt is clear about the effectiveness of this shampoo. Is it clear now ? Move forward-

Who The Product Is For

This product is not recommended for everyone. This is only best choice for the person who has hair fall problem. Because this is a mild cleaning shampoo.

Although the company says it removes dandruff but actually it fail to remove dandruff. It also fail to produce sufficient lather.

You may be impressed by its smell but trust me you may not impress by its clean quality. With these ingredients, this shampoo will become a best one but not. I am a chemist and from my experience, I can tell you that it is not for normal people who need deep clean and dandruff problems. If you want to use it you have to use another one deep cleansing shampoo with it.

But it is exactly made for the person who needs mild cleansing shampoo and has a hair loss problem. If you have hair fall problem without dandruff then I strongly suggest you go with makhai onion shampoo.

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The printed price of this product is 599 Indian rupees and it is quite high. But don’t worry, You will get it amazon at less than half of its printed price.

You do not believe it if I tell you the price when I brought it!! Do you want to know the price???

139, Yes!! you heard right. I brought it 139 rupees including delivery charge 40 rupees. And I was brought it from amazon during a sell offer.

If you want to buy it at such a low price then wait for a sell on amazon. Otherwise, you can buy it at the regular price of 250 rupees. It is always referred to buy it at a regular price because you will save money again but you will not get your losses hair again.

Here is the proof of Buying price-

buying proof

How to use Makhai Onion shampoo

Here is the guide of use this shampoo-

use of makhai onion shampoo


Overall this is a good but not best shampoo for reducing hair fall. You can absolutely try it for one time. This is not a paid promotion. I say you again that it is a mild cleansing shampoo and does not produce sufficient leather. But still it works.

It is good for reducing hair fall and also somewhat it also promotes hair growth. But if you have dandruff on your scalp then makhai onion shampoo will not be effective for you. Then you need a deep cleansing shampoo which can help you to control dandruff.

If you have a hair loss problem with dandruff then before use makhai onion shampoo consult your doctor. Your doctor will give you the best suggestion.

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