Mortein Vs Goodknight Vs Allout which is better mosquito repellent

Now winter is going slowly and summer is coming soon. Mosquito is the biggest problem in the Summer season. Mosquito biting can cause dengue, malaria, chikungunya, and many other diseases.

So, You need a good mosquito repellent at your home to relieve from mosquito biting and keep safe your loved one from these diseases. At present time in Indian market three big brands Mortein, Goodknight and Allout exist in liquid form.

There are many mosquito repellents in Indian market in the form of solid, liquid spray, ointment, roll-on and others. But here we only talk about the liquid vaporize form of mosquito repellent.

So, in this article i will compare the effectiveness, fragrance and price of Goodknight, Allout, Mortein also talk about which is more adverse for our health.

Mortein vs Goodknight vs Allout which is better mosquito repellent


Mortein, The best mosquito repellent

Mortein is one of the well-known mosquito-repelling material. They have solid and liquid products. But their solid product is most effective. But the smoke generated from it is worst for health.

Some years ago in 1011 to 13 Mortein was the number one mosquito repellent. But now in 2021, they lose their popularity. But they are still effective in mosquito repellent. It kills some mosquitoes too.


Goodknight. Most popular mosquito repellent

Now in 2021 Goodknight has the highest market share. Goodknight beat the monopoly of Mortein in 2015 and become the number one mosquito-repelling brand in India. Goodknight is very effective in repelling the mosquito.

Goodknight has a good fragrance. Now it comes with power active which is twice powerful. Sometimes it kills the mosquito.



Allout is also a well-known mosquito repellent. It also effective in mosquito repellent. But not as effective as Goodknight. It also comes with double power. Its fragrance is good.

Now compare one by one Mortein vs Goodknight vs Allout

1. Effectiveness

I have personally used these mosquito repellents. And I think all are very effective in mosquito repellent. But the effectiveness of Mortein is high than Goodknight and All out. Sometimes Mortein and Goodknight kill mosquitoes but I do not see all-out kill the mosquito.

So, our preferance is Mortein>Goodknight>Allout in terms of effectiveness.

2. Smell

Goodnight and all-out both use fragrance but mortein do not use fragrance. In my case, i like the fragrance of Goodknight than all out.

If you do not like fragrance then go with mortein. Otherwise, choose all out or Goodknight.

3. Harmfulness

All of them use natural oil with chemicals. But they are not so harmful. You can use them without any hesitation. The chemicals they use are slightly harmful for mamals.

Mortein uses more powerful chemicals. Sometimes it uses kerosene oil. So, it is most harmful than the other two. Goodknight is less harmful than all out as it uses less concentrated chemicals. Here is the list of chemical they use-

3. Price

Price of all of them are nearly equal. But Goodknight is more expensive than other two.

Here is the video you can see


Now in the last part, I will tell you that all three Goodknight, Mortein and All Out are very effective for mosquito repellent. You can choose any of them according to your past experience. Then all use chemicals. But they are slightly harmful to humans even for your child. If you ask me then I will refer you to Goodknight followed by Mortein and All Out.

Take some preventive measures when using them

  • Keep them out of children.
  • Keep your door and window open before on the switch.
  • Keep food covered when they are on.
  • Do not use them in a closed room.

What is the price of All Out

All Out mosquito repellent

Do you want to buy whole all out or only refill oil box? If you want to buy an all-out machine with one refill of 45ml then you have to pay 89 rupees only. But if you need only a refill then spend 72 rupees for each 45ml refill. Yes, I understand your mind. The machine is only 17 rupees but it is not available separately.

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