Review Of LA Organo Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask|Should you buy it?

Do you spend a lot of time outside of your house? Do you live in a pollutant city? Or do you travel with two-wheeler or any public transport? Then you already know how pollutant our world is. After coming back from your work you take a bath or rines your uncovered area with water.

But is it sufficient for your face to remove all the dart? You will say I use face wash for washing my face and neck. But what about pores that are clod by dart? These pores can cause acne. so, to clear your pores as well as your face you should use a charcoal peel-off mask.

In this blog, I will review La organo activated charcoal peel off mask and explain why you should buy it? Now your mind strike, is it for men or women? Yes, la organo company says that it is for men and women both and it is written in the label of the tube too.

La organo charcoal peel off mask comes with 100g of the tube and its printed price is 499 rupees. But don’t panic you will get it around 29o rupees from la organo store or amazon and many other e-commerce stores. Do not think it is a paid review.

About the brand La Organo

La Organo is the leading brand of the charcoal peel of mask in the face mask market. La organo product is the highest selling product in amazon in the beauty category last year. La organo seller rank nearly 5000 in amazon.

The seller rank is given by amazon by the positive review of the buyer within one month of purchase. So, you can trust la organo as well as la organo activated charcoal peel off mask.

Ingredients of La Organo activated charcoal peel off mask.

Ingredients of La organo charcoal peel off mask are wide. ingredients that are reflected on the label of the tube are as follows-

 ingredients of la organo activated charcoal peel off mask

Normally you will get most of the ingredients in all the cheap charcoal peel of mask. But vitamin C, Tea tree extract, and Sulphate & paraben free make the mask special and different from other cheap charcoal masks.

paraben andsulphate free face mask

What you can expect from La Organo activated charcoal peel-off mask

The company says you will get the following benefits after use this charcoal peel of mask-

  1. Instant glow
  2. Deep cleansing
  3. Removes blackheads
  4. Detoxify & Revitalized skin

What you can actually get after use La organo activated charcoal peel off mask

Most other Charcoal peel of masks do not work as they say. But you will become completely satisfied after purchasing this product. I have a good experience with it and I used it for the last two years. And I am completely happy with this charcoal peel off mask. You will get the same result as they promise. So, what you actually get-

1. Detoxifies your Skin

La organo activated charcoal peel off mask gently remove dirt,oil, and toxic from your skin and make your pores clean and small.

2. Give you a better glowing skin

It keeps your skin smooth. Remove acne and give you a clear and bright and over time you will get a glowing skin. Here vitamin C works to give glowing skin.

3. Remove blackheads

This mask consists of porous molecules and strong adsorption power which removes both blackheads and whiteheads.

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4. Give you an Instant glow look

La organo activated charcoal peel off mask is paraben-free and it has Tea tree extract and vitamin c which soak all the dirt and oil from your skin and give you an instant glow look.

Cons of La organo activated charcoal peel off mask

The only one cons of this product are its price. The price of this product is too high is nearly 300 rupees. But it does not matter for genuine good quality mask lovers. I do not find any other cons of this mask. You can easily get a cheap quality mask in 100 rupees.


How to use La organo activated charcoal peel off mask

There is a complete guide on how to use this charcoal peel off mask. For your better knowledge, I am going to tell you how to use this product step by step-

  1. Wash your face and neck with any mild face wash.
  2. Give some time to dry your face.
  3. Apply the mask gently on your face and neck( avoid contacting with eye, eyebrow, and lips).
  4. Left it for 15-25 minutes for dry(it depends on how thick you apply the mask).
  5. Remove the peel gently( wash your face with water if needed)
  6. Use this mask 2-3 times a week for better results.
Use of La organo activated charcoal peel off mask

The finishing touch(recommendation)

La organo activated charcoal peel off mask is really good for you. It does not matter you are a man or a woman. Although the price is too high compare to other cheap peel off mask available in the market. Paraben-free with vitamin C and tea tree extract make it special and I can tell you that it will not disappoint you in quality. You will get the right product for which you pay.

I always request you to buy a good quality skincare product so that in the long term it does not harm you. It is not a paid review or paid promotional content. So you can trust this review and can go with this product. It is recommended to buy this product if you have a budget and want to buy a good charcoal peel off mask. Enjoy your day. Stay healthy, Stay safe...

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