Want to get fair skin- Follow 8 simple tips

Skin color is genetic. You can’t change your skin color by applying skin whitening cream from outside of skin. Instead, it will harm your skin in long run.

So, what do you do? Is it impossible to change skin color and get fair skin?

Yes, it is possible. For that, you have to go through a treatment zen therapy which is very costly.

Is there no other cost-effective way to change skin color and get fair skin? The answer is yes, and it is time-consuming. You can’t change your skin color from dark to light overnight.

Instead, try to get better version of your skin that is clean and healthy with glow.

Here in this article, I am going to share seven simple but powerful rules to get fair skin.

Not only fair, if you follow these tips you will definitely achieve healthy, glowing and clear skin which is more important than fair skin.

Which types of skin you have?

Before we go over the rules you must have to know about your skin. I mean which types of skin do you have? Different types of skin react differently when treated in the same way.

Knowing your skin type will definitely help you out in treating your skin to get fair and healthy skin.

Types of skin

The mejor skin tyoes are-

  1. Normal skin
  2. Oily skin
  3. Dry skin
  4. Combination skin
  5. Sensetive skin

Most of the people in this world have these 5 types of skin.

Do you not know which types of skin you have then read this article.

Let’s come to the seven tips to get fair skin-

1. Drink sufficient water

A women drinking water to get fair skin
Drinking water helps to get fair skin

Want to look fair and glow? This is the first golden rule to get fair skin. There is no alternative to drinking water when it comes to skin health.

60% of human body is made of water and blood contains 97% of water. So, take advantage of drinking water.

An adult human should drink an average of 3-liter water every day. For athletes, it is roughly 5 liter.

Water wipes out all the toxic from your body and keeps skin clean. Water maintains pH balance which is beneficial for skin health.

Drinking sufficient water reduce wrinkles, prevent pimple and acne, improve skin elasticity and overall makes skin hydrated. Clen and hydrated skin look more fair than dry skin.

Do not drink water over

To get more benefits do not drink water excessively. Drinking water excessively may disbalance the level of the electrolytes (sodium and potassium). Also, it may cause intoxication or disruption of brain function.

2. Removes Toxins from your Body

After drinking sufficient water your next focus should be removing toxins from body. What do you think? I am not saying you for any medical treatment?

Removing toxins from your body is not easy but also not hard. Consume food having antioxidants.

Antioxidants help protects skin’s surface from oxidative damage caused by free radicals and environmental aggressors like UV and pollution.

Antioxidants boost collagen production removes toxins from blood and cells thus keep skin clean, fair, mark-free and healthy.

Want to know more about the benefits of antioxidants to skin read this article.

Food, Fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidents

  1. Lemon
  2. Tomato
  3. Yogurt
  4. Papaya
  5. Coconut water
  6. Carrot
  7. Avocado
  8. Aloe vera
  9. Cucumber
  10. Blueberries
  11. Broccoli
  12. Dark chocolate

3. Clean your skin properly

Little boy bathing with soap to get fair skin
Clean skin with soap to get fair skin

Cleaning is the basic and important part of skincare routine to get fair skin. Every time you came back home from outdoor wash your face, neck, hand, leg and other body parts which were uncovered.

Dust and pollution when contact with the skin block skin pores which is the cause of acne. Also, dust and pollution irritate skin and make skin dull if touch with skin for a long time.

Take shower every day and take care of grooming. Specially beard and body hair.

What should you do?

  • After coming back home wash your uncovered area with soap or face wash.
  • Take shower everyday and tream your beard and unwanted hair.
  • Apply moisturizer to the whole body.

After washing your body with soap all the moisturise wash out. To regain skin moisture apply moisturizer on skin. Mind it moistirizer creat a protecive layer on your skin. Moisturized skin look healthy, glow and fair.

4. Eat healthy food

Healthy food
Eat healthy to get healthy, fair and glowing skin.

Your skin reflects what you consume? Eating healthy food definitely. Eating healthy food fulfills the nutrients deficiency to your body and makes body healthy. Eating healthy is a part of getting fair skin.

A healthy body can keep the glow of skin. Eat protein, carb, fat, vitamins and minerals. You can eat egg, fish, chicken, milk, peanuts, green vegetables to fulfill the nutrients level.

5. Exercise regularly

Girl cycling and doing strengthening training
Exercise regularly to get lean muscle skin that looks better.

To get fair skin you need to keep your body active. Regular exercise help to lose fat and gain muscle.

A lean muscle body looks better than a fat body. Also, exercise increases the blood flow on skin and helps to get skin clean and fair.

Exercise improves blood circulation on skin which delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. 

Delivering the right amount of oxygen and nutrients keeps skin healthy, promotes collagen production, and new skin cells generation thus you will get fair skin that looks glowing and is also helpful for anti-aging.

6. Exfoliate Skin

Exfoliation is another great way to get fair skin. Exfoliation means to wipe out the dead cell from the upper layer of skin.

Outer skin cells damage quickly due to pollution. This dead skin cell makes a layer on your skin and skin looks dull.

How to exfoliate your skin to get fair skin

Exfoliation is an easy way to remove dead skin cells. You can exfoliate your skin once a week at your home or visiting a parlor. Here is the way you can exfoliate skin at home.

  1. Apply scurb on your face.
  2. Gently rub on the skin with three finger.
  3. Rub in small, circular motions.
  4. Rinse skin with lukewarm water.

Do you want to know more about skin exfoliating? Read How do you exfoliate your face?

Choose the right scurb to exfoliate skin. Prefer scurb which suits your skin types.

7. Removes excess oil from skin

Excess oil is a big problem for oily skin people. When skin produces excess oil it attracts dust and pollution. Thus, excess oil makes skin dull and damage.

Oily skin is more prone to acne. If you can control excess oil on skin you will get fair skin.

How to treat oily skin to control excess oil

Controlling excess oil on oily skin is not easy. It is not an overnight treatment? You have to treat your skin continuously for long time to get control excess oil in oily skin. Here is a process to control excess oil-

  1. Buy a block of Multani mitti and make it power.
  2. Add one tea spoon of turmeric(haldi).
  3. Add few drops of lemon juice.
  4. Add few drops of water if needed.
  5. Creat a paste like mixture.
  6. Apply a thin layer on your face.
  7. Let it dry of.
  8. Wash your face throughly with cold water.
Boy applying mixture of multany mitti, turteric and lemmon juice to suck out excess oil

Here turmeric is an antiseptic and lemon glows your face and Multani mitti sucks out excess oil from skin.

Do not keep this mixture more than 20 minutes on your skin. Also, do not use this mixture more than twice a week. Using more than twice a week your skin responce it by secreting more oil.

8. Say no to sugar

Too much carbohydrate is bad for skin. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate. It instantly increases blood glucose levels that increase insulin spick.

Collagen makes skin smooth, lively and fair. Sugar combines with collagen under the skin and destroys collagen. Destroying collagen makes skin dull, dry and skin loses its lively impression.

So, stay away from simple carbs like sugar which produce two molecules of glucose when break.


If you follow these tips you will definitely get fair skin. Don’t expect results overnight. Getting fair skin naturally is a long-term process. Keep patient and stay away from harmful chemicals and cosmetics which promise to give fair skin quickly.

Skin whitening creams contain chemicals like Hydroquinone, Mercury, Carcinogens, Alcohol, Steroids. These chemicals are harmful for skin in long term.

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