St. D’Vence Winter Edition Moisturizer Review

Our Overall View

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

St. D’vence winter edition moisturizer is an oil-based ultra-moisturizer that leaves your skin moderately moisturized for 24 hours. It absorbs on skin pretty well and does not leave skin sticky. This moisturizer is paraben & mineral oil-free and loaded with all the essential oil. Applying this moisturizer keep skin smooth and restore skin micro damages.

St. D'VENCE winter edition body lotion with tea tree oil

Here is Our Detail Review & Rating of St. D’Vence winter edition moisturizer with Tea tree oil & Shea butter

Effectiveness Of this product

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This body moisturizer is effective on skin and long durable. This oil based creamy moisturizer keep your skin moisturized up to 36 hours.

Texture & Absorption
Texture & Absorption

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Texture of this moisturizer is thick but it absorb on skin very oil without making skin sticky.

Fragrance of St. D'vence winter moisturizer
Fragrance of this product

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This moisturizer smell amazing and lost lasting. It’s London’s classic fragrance magically attract you to fall in love with it.

Value for money
Value for money Product

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Overall it is a value for money product. Although its printed price is bit high but you will get it on around 270 rupees for 300ml.

Effectiveness of St. D’Vence winter edition moisturizer

St. D’vence produces quality products in India with the initiative of the Make In India mission. They provide world-class products with keeping in mind Indian winter’s harsh weather.

This winter edition moisturizer made in several essential oils and some natural moisturizing agents. Ingredients of this oil-based moisturizer make this moisturizer special.

The moisturizer is free from parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, PEG & PG. Also, it is free from any other harmful ingredients. Generally, you will not get such kind of moisturizer even from big premium brand also.

Ingredients of this moisturizer is given below-

Ingredients of st. d'vence winter edition moisturizer

This moisturizer is moderately effective for dry to normal skin type. This moisturizer goes deep into skin and maintains smoothness of skin. It lasts long. Repairs & heal rashes, fight skin microdamage and protect skin. It greatly works for me although i have normal skin.

In my case, it gives me smooth skin with a good moisturizing effect. It keeps my skin moisturized for a long time. And i only use this moisturizer once a day in Winter.

Texture and Absorption

As i say early this is a natural oil based moisturizer. So its texture is creamy type.

Thik texture of St. D'vence winter edition moisturizer

Although its texture is thick it absorbs on skin easily. I do not have any concern with its absorption. Also, it does not make skin sticky like other oil-based moisturizers. Here are some pictures of this texture and you will not believe how smoothly it absorbs on skin.

Texture when applied thickly on skin
gently rub on skin to spread moisturizer on skin
It does not sticky on skin and absorb smoothly
After Applied

Fragrance of St. D’vence winter edition moisturizer

In one word its London classic smell is heavenly and long lasting too. If you keep the other part side then you will surely fall in love with its smell.

Actually, i am also love it for its amazing smell and durablity.


Packaging of any skin product plays an exclusive role. If the product is package improperly then after using first time your product will become damaged or pour from bottle.

This moisturizer comes with a plastic bottle with a pumping cap. This package is user friendly when you use it at home. But unfortunately, it is not a travel-friendly pack, also the package is bulky to carry.

But overall if you use it at home also it is leak proof. So that your product does not damage or do not have calamity to pour from the bottle.

Is the product suitable for you?

Before judging any product suitable for you, need to know your skin type. All the mystery is hidden behind your skin type. If your skin does not suit some types of product, it will not work on your skin no matter how expensive that type of product is.

This moisturizer is an oil-based moisturizer and perfect for dry skin. Also, it works well for normal skin too.

But if you have oily skin then this product is not for you. Do not buy this product it will make your skin more oily. But you can try it at pick winter on your body only. Don’t try it on your face although you have dry or normal skin.

I have normal skin and this moisturizer work best for me.

Is It value for money product

Absolutely, No doubt it is a vale for money product. Although, its printed price is quite high but gives you the result for what you pay.

Its printed price is 399 rupees for 300ml. But you will get it for around 270 rupees on amazon. I also brought it from amazon. Here is a screenshot of the buying price from amazon-

Value for money product. And reasonable price
see the total price for 2 package.


St. D’vence winter edition body moisturizer is a good choice for dry and normal skin people. If you have dry or normal skin then go for it blindly. And i am sure after using it you will thank me for recommendation.

But if you have oily skin then try Avon natural milk and honey body lotion. It is one of the best body lotions for oily skin at an affordable price range.

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