Top 10 most popular chocolate brands in India

Chocolates are one of the most popular dairy products loved by all ages people from child to old. Now chocolates are available everywhere from a small city to a small village. Even various kinds of chocolates are available online like BigBasket, Amazon, Flipkart.

There are hundreds of chocolate brands in the Indian market. But out of them, some are most popular among Indian youth.

Eating chocolate is healthy for life. Chocolate has multiple health benefits. Dark chocolates are good for heart and blood circulation. Chocolates help to reduce cholesterol, chance of stroke and help to keep skin healthy. Also, chocolates help to relax your mind and reduce stress.

In this article, I have told you the top 10 most popular chocolate brands in India. Here is the shortlist of best chocolate in India that people love most.

NumberName of chocolate
1 Cadbury
2 Nestle
4 Ketofy
5 Mars
6 Mahak
7 Ferrero
8 Lindt
9 Hershey
10 Lotus
Top 10 best chocolate brands in India

Here are the top 10 most popular chocolate brands in India

1. Cadbury

Cadbury dairy milk silk chocolate

Cadbury is the leading chocolate brand in Indian chocolate market. It is a British chocolate brand established in 1824 by john Cadbury.

In 1948 Cadbury comes to India and from then to now they sell billions of chocolate bars. Cadbury has various types of chocolates like Cadbury celebration packs, Cadbury bars, Cadbury gift packs and many more.

Among all the variant Cadbury dairy milk and dairy milk silk is the most popular chocolate bar in India. Cadbury sells their chocolates from 10 rupees to 1000 rupees depending on their package, weight and flavor.

In summary, Cadbury is a well-known chocolate brand that provides tasty chocolates with a reasonable price range. You should try once to feel its taste.

The other chocolates of Cadbury are-

  • 5 star and 5 star 3D
  • Perk
  • Fuse
  • Bournville
  • Eclairs
  • Gems

2. Nestle

Nestle one of the best and most popular chocolate brands in India

Nestle is the 2-nd largest and one of the best chocolate brands in India. This is a swiss company founded in 1866 by Henri Nestle. In the early days, nestle was known as Anglo-Swiss condensed milk company. But in 1905 it was rebranded, ‘Nestle’.

In 1961 nestle comes India. And now they sell multiple products in the Indian market. Like-Baby food, coffee, dairy products, breakfast cereals, confectionery, bottled water, ice cream, pet foods and many more.

Nestle serves mainly 4 types of chocolates Barone, Kitkat, Munch and Milkybar. Among them, KitKat is the most famous chocolate in India.

Nestle provides chocolates from Rs-5 to 100 rupees depending on weight. Nestle is a trusted brand that provides the best quality products.

3. Amul

Amul is one of the best chocolate brand in India

Amul, an Indian Brand is most famous for its dairy products and ice cream. But in the section of chocolate, Amul is not so popular among Indian youth.

This Indian brand establishes in Gujarat,1946. And now it is the biggest dairy brand in India. Amul exports dairy products and chocolates to our neighbor country extensively.

Amul has several types of chocolates. And they are tasty too. The quality of Amul’s chocolates are trustable. Amul milk chocolate is the most famous and highest-selling chocolate of the Amul brand.

Name of other chocolates of Amul

  • Tropical Orange Chocolate
  • Amul Mystic Mocha
  • Amul Fruit N Nut
  • Amul dark chocolate
  • Amul almond bar Chocolate

4. Ketofy

catofy tasty chocoate in India

Ketofy is a brand innovation of Wellversed Health. Ketofy is a food manufacturing company. This is a world-famous brand that produces customized clinical food for their customers.

Ketofy is the 1st and the best company that produces diet chocolate in the world as well as India. Not only chocolates but they also manufacture several snacks and diet foods for customers on demand of customers.

Ketofy is a premium brand. Their chocolates are low in curb and high quality. They produce multiple flavor chocolates and other types of food like snacks and diet food.

Ketofy manufactures more than10 types of chocolates. Among them, keto cookies and keto bars are the most famous in India.

Other products manufactured by Kitofy are-

  • Keto Featured
  • Keto Staples
  • Keto Namkeens
  • Keto Supplements
  • Combos & Gift Packs
  • Keto Beverages
  • Keto Sauces
  • Keto Chocolates

5. Mars

Mars has various types of best chocolate in India

No, I am not talking about the 4-th planet of our galaxy. I am talking about mars bar. One of the best chocolate brand in India. Mars is a British chocolate brand founded in 1932 by Forrest Mars.

This brand sold its chocolates more than 10 biggest countries and many small countries too in the world. Mars launch its chocolate bars in different countries with different chocolate variants. And now in Australia, they sold the highest chocolates with more than 12 variants.

The 1st chocolate version in England was the bar consisted of caramel and nougat coated with milk chocolate. Mars comes to India in 2012 with Snickers chocolate bars. And now they started to manufacture snickers in India locally.

And now in 2020 Snickers bar is the most popular and highest selling chocolate bar of Mars brand in India. Mars launches various chocolate bars in India and they are tasty too.

The other chocolate bars of Mars in Indian market is-

  • Galaxy
  • Minis
  • Bounty
  • M&Ms
  • Milky Way

6. Lotus

lotus is one of the most testy chocolate in India

Lotus is an Indian chocolate brand established in the early ’90s, Hyderabad. This is a flagship Indian brand that wins the heart of young age people in India with its tasty chocolates.

Lotus manufactures three types of chocolates in India. one is consumer product, 2nd one is a gift product and the third type of product is an industrial product.

Their most famous chocolate is Chuckles. Chuckles come in two yummy flavors – Chocolate and Strawberry. Chuckles is goodness of milk chocolate and taste is so good. This chocolate brand is most popular in the south Indian side of India.

The other chocolates available in India are-

  • Superr Carr
  • On & On
  • Kajoos
  • Milky Punch
  • Tango

7. Hershey

Hershey company is an American chocolate brand. This is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world. This brand is known as Hershey’s in India as well as over the world.

Hershey was founded in 1894 by Milton S. Hershey. After the failure of the other two company Hershey successfully establish this chocolate brand. Now in 2020, this company serves chocolates in 60 countries and they have more than 20 modern manufacturing hubs.

Hershey is more careful to their employ. They established a manufacturing hub without windows. So that their employer does not disturb.

Hershey produces more than 16 types of chocolates. Among them, Hershey’s Kisses,  Peanut Butter Cups and milk chocolate bara are the most famous chocolates in India.

8. Mahak

Mahak is the biggest jar chocolate brand in India

Mahak is a New Delhi-based chocolate brand. This is the largest jelly manufacturing brand in India. This brand provides pure chocolates.

This brand provides the highest number of varieties of chocolate jars. They have 48 different types of chocolate jars. Among them, coconut and jelly chocolates are the most famous chocolates in India.

I am sure you must eat their chocolate in past. Because they provide chocolate jars. One chocolate jar contains 100 chocolates and sells 1 rupee per piece. Although their chocolates are cheap it does not mean that the quality of their chocolates are also cheap.

Their chocolates are tasty and most popular among children in India.

 They have a huge distribution channel. Probably they are the highest-selling jar chocolate brand in India. They have 85 super stockists, 1450 stockists and a retailer base of above 300000 all over India.

Other chocolates of Mahak are-

  • Pop on lolopop
  • Mint chocon
  • Frugurt cup
  • Fruit jel filled jelly
  • Candies
  • Toffees

9. Ferrero

Ferrero is an Italian chocolate brand. This brand was introduced in the European market in 1982.

This is a premium chocolate brand. Their chocolates are so tasty. Also, their chocolates are overpriced like apple mobile phones.

You can find this brand’s chocolates in big supermarkets only. Also, these chocolates are not available in some big cities like Kolkata because of the small quantities of sales.

10. Lindt

lindt is popular chocolate brand in India

Lindt is a Swisserland based chocolate company. Lindt was found in 1845 by David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his son. This is one of the oldest chocolate brand in the world.

As the oldest chocolate brand, they have more than100 years of experience in chocolate manufacturing. This experience may differ from their chocolate in taste. You will not get this type of taste without their chocolates.

Lindt takes late entry in India. They came in 2014 to India. And still, now they have no manufacturing hub in India. All the chocolates sold in the Indian market are imported by Lindt.

They sold more than 40 types of chocolates all over the world. In India Lindt cocoa dark chocolate and milk chocolates are more famous.


Chocolates are safe to eat. It does not mean that you eat dozens of chocolates every day. Eating too many chocolates every day can cause health complications like gaining overweight, diabetes, etc.

The list of 10 chocolate brands mentioned above are the most popular and best chocolate brands in India. Apart from them, there are many state base chocolate brands in India. You will get several forms of chocolates like chocolate powder, chocolate bar, candies and many more.

Also, some brands mention above sell hot chocolates. Hot chocolates are used to make snakes better in taste. You should try hot chocolate of Cadbury which is far better than other hot chocolates.

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