5 Way to Reduce Breast Size

Brest enhances the attractiveness of women. But too big breast is awkward. It can cause pack pain, discomfort and others.

Big breasts are not a problem for every woman. It is the personal choice of each woman that what to do with their breast.

Breasts are made up of two types of cells. adipose and glandular. Adipose tissue store the fat and make the breast soft and large. Whereas glandular tissue is responsible for producing milk. Glandular cells make breast heavy and dense.

There are many disadvantages of large boobs. If you are facing some of these issues then you should reconsider your breast size.

  • Discomfort.
  • Neck and Back pain.
  • Wearing some specific cloths.
  • Brest feeding.

But what’s are the cause of large breasts. And how to reduce your breast size naturally without surgery?

Stay with this article, I have described all of them one by one. So, let’s start from the cause of big breast size-

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What are the cause of big breast

You may dislike big boobs that’s why you are here. There are many causes of large boobs. Some are permanent and some are temporary. Here are the top 5 reasons for big boobs.

1. Obesity

Obesity is the main cause of big breasts. As I say early adipose tissue is responsible for it. When your body stores excess energy it is converted into fat. And adipose cells gather fat into your breast. That’s why breasts become large and spread.

Bue to the excess fat stored in the breast your breast loses its shape. Obesity is the permanent cause of big breasts. You have to lose your overall weight to reduce breast size.

2. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the cause of big breast

Pregnancy is the second big cause of increased breast size. It is not permanent. After giving birth to a new baby your breast increases a little extra due to the milk store in breast.

There is a critical role of female hormones estrogen and progesterone in increasing size of your breast.

3. Specific Medication

There are some specific medications that also support big breasts. The good thing is that it is temporary. It will top when you stop these specific medications.

4. Genetics

It is the permanent cause of big boobs. You can’t manage it. Some women have a genetic character of big breasts. In that case, surgery is the only way to reduce breast size.

5. Breast Infection

Breast infection or breast cancer can be a cause of big size of breasts. If your breast has a lump in your breast or around your breast then your boobs can be large in size.

5 Way to reduce your breast size

There are many natural and surgical way to reduce breast size. Here I have covered most of them.

1. Reduce your excessive weight

Reduce body fat

Reducing your excessive fat not only reduces your breast size also gets back your breast shape.

As I have said early breast is made up of fat tissue. So, reducing your body weight helps you to reduce breast size.

You can follow low calorie, high protein with fibre rich diet to reduce your overall body fat.

Eat antioxidants foods that wipe out all the toxic from your body and boost your weight loss.

Add fruits, vegetables, fish, egg white to balance nutrients. Stay away from red meat, fast foods and other junk foods.

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2. Do Regular Exercise

Exercise is the second-best way to reduce breast size as well as body fat. By exercise, you can control your fat loss from some specific body part.

Focus on aerobic, cardio, shoulder shrugs, front and side raise, pushup and other high-intensity exercises to reduce your breast size.

Here is the video of chest and arm exercises to reduce breast size.

Reduce breast size by exercise

3. Choose the fited cloth

way to reduce breast size is wearing bra

Binding your boobs tightly in another way to look small in size. Although wearing tight cloth or bra or binding your boobs does not reduce their size but they look small in size or feel you comfortable.

Also, wearing right bra prevent neck and back pain. So, start wearing fitted inner cloth to bind your boobs.

4. Controling Hormons

Estrogen is the primary hormone in female body that is responsible for big boobs. It helps in developing breast tissue.

The other hormone progesterone also helps increase breast size.

Medication or some disease stimulates organs to produce these hormones. This effect usually goes away as soon as you stop taking the medication.

Consult with your doctor if you are going through such types of medication or suffering such types of disease.

5. Surgery

Surgery is the best way to reduce breast size
Final way to reduce breast size

This is the last and surgical way to reduce breast size. If one patient does not respond above treatment or wants to reduce breast size quickly then surgery is the only way to do that.

In surgery, they remove excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin from your breast. In this way, you will get your breast size and shape what you want.

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Some women want big boobs some wants medium in size and some wants small breast. It is their personal choice and I respect their choice.

But, if you are in trouble with your big breast then you can follow these tips to reduce your breast size.

Always consult with a doctor before going to take any stape to reduce breast size.

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