7 ways to reduce body heat- Keep your body cool in summer

We all experience body heat in summer. Excessive body heat makes you unstable, unfocused and causes pimples, premature gray hair, hair fall, stomach upset and many others.

There are many causes of increasing body heat. It can be some medical reason like infection, weakness, dehydration, having some other medical issue or wrong lifestyle like bad habits, unhealthy food.

When you are feeling uncomfortable for body heat someone working with focus. How!!!

Do you have any reply? I have.

Now I am going to share 7 tips to reduce your body heat naturally and keep yourself cool in hot summer. so, let’s read the full article to know every possible natural way to reduce body heat.

Here is the 7 tips on How to Reduce Body Heat in Summer

Keeping yourself cool in the hot season is not easy. But it is not too hard that you can’t do it. Just you have to follow a healthy lifestyle and cut down some bad habits. So, start with the first tips-

1. Keep yourself hydrated

drink sufficient water for hydrated yourself in summer

Hydration is the key point to keeping yourself cool. Among liquids, water has the highest heat-absorbing power.

Drinking more water will absorb heat from your body and keep you cool. The hot water is then released as urine.

In hot season sweats come out from skin to help you to maintain your body temperature. when sweat evaporates it absorbs latent heat from our body. Thus sweat manages body temprature.

Due to excessive sweating, your body will run out of water. So, drink some extra water. A normally active person can drink 3.5 to 4.5 lit of water in hot season. And if you are athletic then you need more water.

Don’t drink too much water. Drinking too much water will dilute the electrolyte balance in your body. As electrolytes remove through urine.

2. Eat healthy and lite

Healthy food
Eat healthy to get healthy, fair and glowing skin.

The second most important thing is eating. What you eat is reflected in your body. Food is the fuel of human-machine.

If you want to keep your body cool then eat more vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are nutritious and light to digest. Vegetarian foods will help you to reduce body heat.

Nonveg foods are heavy and spicy. It takes time to digest and is heavy to digest. Nonveg foods release more heat when digested and make your body hot.

The same theory applies to spicy foods too. You may notice that when you eat spicy food your body temperature increases. Even during eating spicy food some people experience sweetening.

Always eat light. Loading too much applies a high load on the stomach. When stomach faces heavy load it will speed up the justice juice release process. It also, increase body temperature.

You should also avoid junk foods. Fast foods are spicy and release excess energy quickly on the body. When your body stores too much energy you will feel uncomfortable.

3. Avoid Alcohol, Caffeinr, Smocking

Don't smoke and drink

Taking drugs in the hot season can be dangerous. Drugs increase body heat.

Alcohol is a water absorber. Dinking alcohol absorbs too much water from your body and left body dehydrated. Consuming alcohol increases internal heat release and increases the risk of heat stocks.

Caffeine is another drug present in coffee. Drinking too much coffee heat up your body. Caffeine also causes sleep disruption.

Smoking heat up your body. It can cause headache and high blood pressure. So avoid smoking to reduce body heat.

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4. Bath your feet in cold water

This is the first tips that help reduce body heat from outside of your body.

Do you know if your feet is coll then your overall body feel comfortable. Beacuse feet is directly connected to brain by nurvs.

Take some ice cuibes on a big pot. Pour some water and deep your leg into the cold water. Weight for 10 munites.

Cold water quickly started to absorb heat from your feet as well as water will clean up your feet and open skin pores.

5. Take cold bath

Take a cold bath to reduce body heat

What will be more pleasure than a cold bath in summer. A cold bath will reduce your body heat by many times from all over your body.

Taking bath also clean your skin. Cleaning skin open skin pores that is good for skin breathning.

You can take bath two times a day.

But don’t take shower after coming from outdoor. It will loose your skin.

6. Wear light and comfortable cloth

Cloth is another factor for heating your body. Tight cloth do not allow air to pass. That’s why you can feel warm.

Wear comfortable cotton cloth. Wearing light and loose fited cloth will give you comfortness. Also, loose cloth allow air to pass.

7. Take rest and sleep well

Rest and sleep is most important part of a healthy lifestyle. Take rest in between the work. It will recover your energy level and during rest your body will release excess heat.

Quality sleep is important for your brain. You will feel more pleasure, comfortable after a deep sleep. Having a unsleep night will increase your body temparature.


There are many causes of heating up your body. Also, there are many way to reduce body temprature and keep yourself cool.

Apart from these tips you can drink healthy summer cool drinks like coconut oil, buttermilk and fruit juice, sugarcan juice, water mellon to keep yourself cool.

At the end i will advice you to follow healthy life style and follow some these tips to reduce your body heat.

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